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ORA OR Memory with Accumulator
A OR M -> A
+ + - - - -
addressing assembler opc bytes cycles
immediate ORA #oper 09 2 2
zeropage ORA oper 05 2 3
zeropage,X ORA oper,X 15 2 4
absolute ORA oper 0D 3 4
absolute,X ORA oper,X 1D 3 4*
absolute,Y ORA oper,Y 19 3 4*
(indirect,X) ORA (oper,X) 01 2 6
(indirect,Y) ORA (oper,Y) 11 2 5*

^ tfw when table tags are used. FUCK!

oh, and btw, BIG WARNING TO @everyone: we are going to make this place turn into a new uncyclopedia (not really)q

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