• The name of the FALKEN is Swedish for "falcon". This naming is in line with the ADF series' aircraft being named after birds.
  • A 1/100 scale model of the ADF-01 was released by the Bandai brand to promote the release of The Unsung War. Notably, the plane is identified as "ADF-01F". possibly to differentiate it from the first-generation model.
  • In Ace Combat 5 and Ace Combat Zero, the acronym "Z.O.E" can be seen in both ends of the Tactical Laser System's control panel. However, whether the TLS itself had any relation to the Zone Of Endless project during the Usean Rebellion period is unknown.
  • In Ace Combat Zero, the FALKEN must reach a speed of 260 MPH to take off from a runway. This may be attributed to the plane's heavier weight in comparison to the Morgan: the former weighs 23,000 kg, whereas the latter weighs 19,600.
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