The Abyssal whip is a powerful one-handed Melee weapon that requires level 70 Attack to wield. The Abyssal Whip is widely used in PvM because of its quick attack speed and Strength bonus. However, they are rarely used in PvP because of their lack of effective damage, due to most chaotic equipment dealing more damage in less time. They are obtainable as a rare drop from abyssal demons or the Kalphite Queen, or trading with another player.

There are also coloured versions of the Abyssal Whip, which are named Abyssal vine whip. They exist in four different colours, and used to be obtainable by speaking to either Mandrith or Oziach and spending 750 Wilderness Points. they were once called Abyssal Whip (c) in Soulsplit 1.

Due to the release of Soulsplit 2, Whip vines can now be used on Abyssal Whips to create abyssal vine whips, a more enhanced version of the Abyssal Whip. These whip vines can be obtained as a drop from mutated jadinko guards and mutated jadinko males, which are located in the Jadinko Lair. Whip vines can also be used on Abyssal Whips (c) to create Abyssal Vine Whips (c).

Special attackRectify

The Abyssal Whip has a special attack, known as Energy Drain. This uses 50% of your special attack bar, and causes the opponent to transfer 25% of their energy to your energy. When using the Abyssal Whip special attack on an opponent wielding a Divine or Elysian Spirit Shield, the shields' effect will not work for 50 hits - the effect cannot stack up!


  • Abyssal Whips are one of the most difficult items to obtain from a monster. The chances of receiving it on a Lord account, without Membership or a Ring of wealth, is approximately 1 in 920 from an Abyssal Demon. With an Extreme account, Membership, and a Ring of wealth, the chances improve to approximately 1 in 460. With the Kalphite Queen, the chances of receiving it on a Lord account, without membership or a Ring of Wealth, is approximately 1 in 1,320. With an Extreme account, the chances improve to 1 in 660.
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