Aggressiveness is the status of a monster that refers to them being hostile towards player characters, and sometimes, other NPCs. 


  • Aggressive monsters WILL attack you on sight. Because of this, you should be extremely careful when fighting high-level aggressive monsters because there is a risk of dying while being away from keyboard.
  • Lower leveled Aggressive monsters are a preferred method of monster to use for training, this is because the player does not have to click each monster one by one.
  • Every monster that is aggressive will eventually calm down. If you killed the monster enough times it will just walk around and not attack you until you re-log or teleport away and come back. (e.g. Rock Crabs stop auto-attacking after 15 minutes)


  • The character version of aggressiveness is the "auto-retaliate" function in your combat style window. This lets you decide whether your character is either passive or aggressive when attacked by monsters or other players.
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