Ahrim's equipment is obtainable from the Barrows minigame or can be purchased from the Soulsplit shop as a box set. The full set consists of the Ahrim's Robetop, Robeskirt, Hood and Staff. This armour requires 70 Defence and 70 Magic to equip.

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Ahrim's equipment is one of the most popular form of Magic equipment and is used by players in all areas of Soulsplit. Its relatively cheap cost allows for use in PvP and PvM situations (PvM is now dangerous), and can be replaced without too much hassle.

The Ahrim's Staff, however, is rarely seen in use by players. This is due to the fact that it does not provide any benefits over stronger staves such as the Staff of Light or Chaotic Staff, both of which are more powerful and hence allow for higher and more accurate Magic attacks.


  • The Ahrims set is popular among higher level mages that cannot afford the Virtus Armour set as it has the same bonuses as the Infinity Set, but comes with the added Defence bonus of Barrows armour.
  • Pures used to level their Defence to 70, equip Ahrims, and then reset their Defence. This no longer works after an update in mid 2012.
  • Ahrim's armour is one of the more popular rewards from the Barrow's Minigame.
  • Very few people aim to get Ahrim's Staff, as players often use better alternatives and, it is a two handed weapon meaning you cannot use a shield or any alternative.
  • The Ahrim's Hood is not commonly used as The Helm of Neitiznot is a better alternative when hybridding due to it's Melee, Defence, and Strength bonuses.
  • Ahrim's currently costs 1,099 credits.
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