Ahrim's hood is magic armour worn in the head wear slot that is part of Ahrim the Blighted's set of barrows equipment. To wear the magic hood, a player must have 70 defence and 70 magic. When equipped with the other Ahrim's equipment, magic stats can be fairly stong and high attacks on monsters and players is possible, it is favoured by a lot of people because of it's good stats and reasonable price. To find the current price either go to or go to ::market in game. Luckily for the poorer players, none of the barrows equipment degrades, which means that a player does not have to keep paying money to re-buy the armour, which helps as the cost of runes can be quite expensive when buying in big bulks.

How to ObtainRectify

The hood cannot be made using the smithing skill, like the rest of the Barrows equipment, can only be obtained through the barrows minigame, or through buying it from another player.

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