Al Kharid
Members Area? No
Amount of Banks Unknown edit
Amount of Altars None
Points of Interest Duel Arena
Accessibility Walking/Duel Arena
File:Al Kharid location.png

Al Kharid is the one of the few available desert cities located in Soulsplit. It currently has little features such as duel arena, mining area, cooking area, smiting area, farming area, and more.

Despite having no drops, Al-kharid warriors are a relatively fast and efficient way to train combat skills.

Getting thereRectify

There a few possible ways to get to Al-Kharid, which are listed in the table below:

Teleport to Lumbridge, and follow the path to the metal gates of Al-Kharid.
With the use of an Amulet of glory, the player can easily travel to Al-Kharid by operating the amulet.
With the use of an Ring of duelling or using Minigames teleport - Duel arena, the player can easily travel to the Duel Arena by operating the ring.

Duel ArenaRectify

The most recognized and popular attraction in Al Kharid is the Duel Arena. It is a popular combat activity due to the ability to battle/stake another player, with the possibility to be rewarded (If the players choose to stake).

If you want more information, visit the link provided.

Mining SiteRectify

The Al Kharid mine is located near the north of Al Kharid, by the Duel Arena.

Currently, the mine has minimal popularity mainly due to the fact of transportation. Despite that, the Al Kharid mine is very beneficial for players who wish to mine with little distraction or interruption.

Rock type # of Ores
Gold rock 2
Iron rock 9
Silver rock 5
Tin rock 1
Coal rock 3
Mithril rock 2
Adamantite rock 2
Copper rock 3

Skilling featuresRectify

Al-Kharid has a variety of skilling-related features such as:

Type Skill
Al Kharid Mine Mining
Farming Patch Farming
Furnace Smithing
Range Cooking

Despite not being a recognized skilling city, it is highly beneficial for all players who wish to skill with little disturbance or interruption.

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