Aleck is an NPC who sells Hunter equipment, supplies, and clothing. Aleck can be found in Edgeville. (City Teleport > Edgeville) and (City Teleport > Draynor)

How to get thereRectify

It's very easy to find Aleck, simply teleport to Edgeville, and you shall find him shortly outside of the Edgeville bank.

You can also find Aleck by teleporting to Draynor and running to the South side of the bank in Draynor.


You can open the store simply by clicking "Talk-to Aleck" where you can buy various Hunter items.


  • The Animal skins and capes which Aleck sells do not actually provide a greater chance to catch beast's. They only provide a cosmetic outlook for the player which is arguably strange.
  • The bird traps and butterfly nets along with the imp jar butterfly jar and box traps are the only fully functional items within Aleck's shop.
  • Choosing the trade Aleck option does not work, this is most likely from a coding error.

Clue ScrollsRectify

Aleck is the destination of two Clue scrolls, one is an anagram, and the other is a speak to. The anagram reads "This anagram reveals who to speak to next: ECK AL", and the speak to clue reads "Speak to Aleck"

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