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The amulet of glory is an amulet used for transportation and its combat bonuses. It is easily acquired, and many players view it as a "junk" item, so it isn't used often. Players usually use the amulet of glory while in PvP situations who can't afford or don't want to risk using an amulet of fury. The necklace is usually seen worn by players in 'welfare gear' which is inexpensive gear used to PK.


Clan Wars
Bounty Hunter
Al Kharid

Because its teleports are located (in some form or another) in all of the spellbooks and are more convenient to use in the spellbooks, players do not seek to use the necklace as a method of transportation.

How to ObtainRectify

  • Purchasing one from another player or the NPCs Giles, Miles or Niles at the Falador Party Room (market)
  • Opening a magic box
  • Enchanting a dragonstone amulet with the "Lvl 5 Enchant" spell in the normal spellbook
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