The Amulet of ranging is an amulet dropped by Aquanites. It boosts the player's Ranged accuracy and is the best amulet in-game for Ranged attack. This amulet does not provide any ranged or melee defensive bonuses, though it provides a moderate magic defense bonus.

Despite lacking in nearly all stat bonuses other than Ranged attack bonus, the Amulet of ranging often replaces the Amulet of fury as the preferred option for PVMers who wish to fight monsters via ranged as it provides a +5 Ranged attack bonus over the Fury.

How to ObtainRectify

  • As a drop from Aquanites, which are found at the very end of the Rellekka Slayer Dungeon. To kill Aquanite one needs a Slayer level of 80. Aquanites are assigned as a Hard Slayer task by Vannaka.

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