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The Ancient Staff is a dark staff that offers the user a wide variety of bonuses. This staff has no requirements, offering the user with a better alternative than a Staff of Light for those who do not have the requirement of 75 Attack to wield the Staff of Light. The Ancient Staff is commonly used in a PvP method known as hybridding which is a mixture of Magic and Melee.

Obtaining the Ancient staffRectify

  • The Ancient Staff can be obtained from the Soulsplit credit shop for 99 Credits.
  • The Ancient Staff can be bought off players. However, the price can fluctuate so go to the Market for an accurate reading on the price of an Ancient Staff.
  • You can also obtain the Ancient Staff from Giles, Miles, and Niles shop by buying the Magic Box . You would then open the set and select the Maging set.
  • The Ancient Staff can be obtained as a drop in PvP worlds.

Ancient staff compared to other stavesRectify

Staff of light:

The Staff of light offers a +17 magic attack bonus while the Ancient staff only offers a +15 making the Staff of light a more appropriate option if one is looking for every bonus they can get.

The Chaotic staff gives a +18 magic bonus making it the best magic bonus obtainable in SoulSplit. The Chaotic staff only requires level 1 Attack to wield. However, the Chaotic staff also requires 200,00 Dungeoneering tokens, 80 Dungeoneering, as well as 80 Magic to use.


  • The Ancient staff is a weapon of the mythological "god" of RuneScape "Zaros".
  • The Ancient staff is dark purple in color and has a cross in the orb at the top which is the symbol of "Zaros".
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