Antique lamps, also known as a 'EXP lamps' or 'xp lamps', are used by many players as a way to elevate training skills they do not enjoy or do not have time for. They offer a different xp rate depending on your game mode.  Antique lamps can be obtained from the credit shop, pkp shop or reward from opening Mystery box. You can buy the Antique lamp in the PK shop for 7,000 Pk points.


If you have a high xp rate, you will receive a higher amount of experience from an antique lamp. Unlike Odd lamps, the experience awarded is not based upon your level in the selected skill.


Sir modes receive 14 million (14,000,000) experience from each Antique lamp. It only takes one lamp to achieve skill mastery.


Those on the Lord mode will receive 7 million (7,000,000) experience from each Antique lamp. Two lamps, in succession, would achieve skill mastery with approximately 966 thousand (966,000) experience above 99.


Possibly the mode with the most lamps used, Legends will receive 2 million (2,000,000) experience for every lamp used. 7 lamps will have to used if someone wishes to achieve skill mastery without training.


Extremes are awarded the lowest amount of experience per lamp, only receiving 500 thousand (500,000) experience each lamp. 26 lamps would have to be used if one wishes to achieve skill mastery without training. Approximately 34 thousand (34,000) experience would remain after using lamps.


  • Resetting skills did not work at all during the opening months of Soulsplit 2.
  • An old update allowed players to reset skills by right clicking it on the skills tab.
  • Antique and Odd lamps became untradeable on the January 28, 2014 update.
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