The Archers' ring (i) is an item used among rangers all over Soulsplit as it provides the best ranged bonus in-game. It's considered an item of the 'welfare class' due to its low price. The archers' ring (i) also provides a range-defence bonus.

The Archers' ring (i) is not dropped by any NPC (non-player character) in-game. However the regular Archers ring is dropped by Dagannoth Supreme. The archers' ring (i) has no requirements to wield.


  • The Archers' ring (i) can be obtained from the Soulsplit credit store for 400 credits.


  • A player can receive an Archers' ring (i) from a mystery box classified as a common reward.
  • Like every other tradeable item the Archers' ring (i) can be obtained from buying it off another player.
  • It is possible to get it as loot from a kill in PvP world with a decent amount of EP.


  • The Archers' ring (i) can not be obtained from any Npc as a drop unlike it less powerful sibling, the archers ring.
  • The Archers' ring (i) has a low value and most items will keep over it.
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