Arctic pine logs are cut from the trees that are found on North neitiznot. They require 54 Woodcutting in order to chop them. They offer close experience gained to other high level trees, making them an alternative to cut. If the player has 42 Firemaking they can burn the logs for some firemaking experience. These logs offer nothing more than just means to train Woodcutting and Firemaking. Players can take these logs to the woodcutting stump in South Neitiznot for some additional experience.

Experience TableRectify

Base Woodcutting Experience

Sir Knight Lord Legend Extreme
70,000 xp 21,000 xp 7,000 xp 700 xp 140 xp

Firemaking Experience

Sir Knight Lord Legend Extreme
62,500 xp 18,750 xp 6,250 xp 625 xp 125 xp

Woodcutting Stump

Sir Knight Lord Legend Extreme
21,000 xp 6,300 xp 2,100 xp 210 xp 42 xp
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