Also called Ardy
Members Area? No
Amount of Banks 2
Amount of Altars 2
Points of Interest Ardougne Marketplace, Ardougne Zoo
Accessibility City Teleports

Ardougne is a rather large city of Soulsplit. Ardougne is split into two parts: East and West Ardougne. West Ardougne is rarely visited, as there are no banks or skilling areas, rendering the area virtually useless. East Ardougne, however, contains the Ardougne Marketplace, which has Thieving stalls and NPCs to train on for lower levels and a well placed altar near the banks.


There are four entrances into East Ardougne. Two are located in the north and one in the east, which can all be reached after walking south of Camelot. The southern entrance, which connects to the Ardougne Zoo, can be reached after travelling north out of Yanille's east exit.

West Ardougne is only accessible from East Ardougne because of the barrier around the area.


Ardougne has two banks. One is located south of the marketplace, which is useful for banking items received while training thieving. The other is directly in front of the northeast entrance, is smaller and less commonly used.



As pickpocketing is not yet implemented in Soulsplit, Ardougne is primarily used for thieving training. There are six different stalls located in Ardougne Marketplace, from low level to high, making Ardougne the most optimum place to train thieving.


East Ardougne is an ideal place to train Prayer, especially on the PvP world (World 2), because of how unpopulated Ardougne usually is. Both banks are fairly close to East Ardougne's altar, making the trip short and somewhat safe.

PvP WorldRectify

Ardougne is a hotspot, meaning on the PvP world, skilling gives more experience, which stacks with the use of reward tokens' experience multiplier. PKing in a hotspot gives PKers a better chance at receiving a good drop and EP is raised faster. Players are not often seen PKing in Ardougne because the city mainly consists of skillers who will simply teleport or run.


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