Circum-Pacific War



Astronaut witnessing the fall of the Arkbird

Circum-Pacific War


December 19, 2010


Ceres Ocean

  • Destruction of the Arkbird
Affiliations involved
  • Osean Army
  • Gray Men
  • Osean Army
    • OFS Kestrel
    • Razgriz Air Command Squadron
  • Gray Men
    • Arkbird

The interception over the Ceres Ocean was an event during the Circum-Pacific War of 2010, in which the Razgriz Air Command Squadron destroyed the spaceship Arkbird as it prepared to launch a nuclear attack on the city of Okchabursk, in the Union of Yuktobanian Republics.


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As the war between the countries of Osea and Yuktobania progressed, the Gray Men continued making plans to keep the tensions alive. As the former slowly gained territory, they decided to maximize the tensions between them by staging a large-scale Osean attack on Yuktobanian soil by using the Arkbird, which had been disabled by explosives during a loading procedure in October.

The plan was to use the Arkbird, manned by Belkan agents, to deploy a nuclear weapon on the northern Yuktobanian city of Okchabursk using the vehicle's A-SAT system in December 19. The attack, unprecedented in its scale, would likely cause Yuktobania to retaliate against Osea with in a similar way, triggering an spiral of chaos which would destroy both countries.

Discovery of the planRectify

From their base at Kirwin Island, the OFS Kestrel and the intelligence ship OFS Andromeda monitored the encrypted transmissions of the Gray Men, and discovered the Okchabursk plot in one of the intercepted messages. The message, which read "N attack by A-Sat on Okchabursk to commence at 1400 hours", signalled the beginning of the Arkbird's operations.

The Oseans discovered that in order to carry out the attack, the spaceship would be forced to descend to the upper atmosphere to reduce its speed using air friction, a moment which would be perfect for an interception.

Bird HuntRectify


The day of the attack, the Razgriz Air Command Squadron was briefed on the circumstances and details of the Okchabursk plot, and the plan to stop the Arkbird from deploying its nuclear weapon.

"What? The Osean Army's supposed to be wrapped around our finger. Who the hell...?"

The day of the attack, the Razgriz Air Command Squadron launched from Kirwin Island

Fall of the White BirdRectify

"Our cause will live on, to be taken up by others that follow. Ready all cannons. We're going out in a Blaze of glory. We'll take the Razgriz down with us."
―Adler, before turning the Arkbird towards Osea.
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