The Armadyl battlestaff is a very powerful staff that requires 77 magic to wield. The staff is mainly used for casting the Storm of Armadyl spell. Its market price varies but it is usually in the range from 100-150M, making it an expensive choice for mages. Although it is expensive, it is quite good for player-killing activities (unfortunately many players would not be willing to risk it in The Wilderness due to its high price).

How to craftRectify

The Armadyl battlestaff can be crafted by using an Orb of Armadyl on a plain Battlestaff.

The player can convert 100 Shards of Armadyl, dropped by Glacors, into an Orb of Armadyl. 

The Battlestaff is individually dropped by Dagganoth Kings and in bulk by the Corporeal Beast.


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