Attack is one of the most important combat skills on Soulsplit. This skill is popular because it increases your accuracy when in combat. It is also required for many weapons to wielded. The Attack skill can be leveled up to 99. Experience is gained by successfully damaging an opponent.

To gain attack experience a player needs to set their attack style to one of these below:

  • Pound (Maces, Warhammers)
  • Chop (Swords, Battleaxe's, Hatchets, Claws, or Scimitars)
  • Stab (Dagger, Rapier)
  • Jab (Halbers)
  • Lunge (Spears)
  • Flick (Whips)
  • Spike (Pickaxes)

Levels and MilestonesRectify

Certain Attack levels are required to wield and equip some weapons and armor.

Armour Level
Bronze 1
Iron 1
Steel 5
Black 10
Mithril 20
Adamant 30
Rune 40
Law/Nature staff 40
Void Knight equipments 42
Ancient/Iban's staff 50
Granite maul 50 (50 Strength)
Barrelchest anchor 60
Brackish blade 60
Dragons 60
Barrows 70
Abyssal whips 70
Godswords 75
Staff of light


Korasi's swords 78 (78 Strength)



Potion/Prayer BoostsRectify

The attack skill, like all of the combat skills, can be boosted temporarily. Boosting a skill requires some specific objects or prayers.

Items Effect
File:Attack potion.png Attack potion Level Increased by 3 +10%
File:Super attack.png Super Attack potion Level Increased by 5 + 15%
File:Overload (4).png Overload Level Increased by 5 + 15%
File:Attack cape.png Attack Skillcape  (Requires 99 to Wear)
Prayer/Curses Level Effect
Clarity of Thought (Prayer) 7 5% Level Increase
Improved Reflexes (Prayer) 16 10% Level Increase
Incredible Reflexes (Prayer) 34 15% Level Increase
File:Chivalry prayer.png Chivalry (Prayer) 60 15% Level Increase
Piety (Prayer) 70 20% Level Increase
Leech Attack (Curse) 74 5% Increasing to 10% Level Increase (over time)
Turmoil (Curse) 95 15% Level Increase + 15% Enemy's Level
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