Things that come from bananas. They are useful for many things, such as using them for practical jokes,and eating them if you're not picky. They also make nice hats.

Banana peel cats may exist, but we're still in the process of finding out if that theory is scientifically sound. If they do exist, though, they would make great pets, and also have all the uses of a regular banana peel. Here is a chart that very scientifically explains Banana peel cats.

Banana Peel-ness Breed Habitat
Domestic Cat 0% Small Cat House
Wild Cat 50% Big Cat Wild
Theorized Banana Peel Cat 100% Banana Peel Cat Likely the Wild Wild

In conclusion, Banana Peel Cats probably exist, but because they live in the wild wild, they're probably vicious and unable to be tamed.

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