Bandos boots are dropped by General Graardor or his minions in the Godwars Dungeon. Bandos boots are for classified as melee boots, but not commonly used. A more popular set of boots, called Dragon boots take a more sought after type of boots for melee. These boots require defence level of 65 to equip.

Application and UsesRectify

Bandos boots are worn on the feet. Those boots are almost as cheap as Dragon boots and have same bonuses except magic attack which is -1 as opposed to Dragon boots' -3. They are used mostly by mid-level players. Thus, they are popular with those training combat skills.


  • Bandos boots appear to be smaller when worn by female players compared with male players, as with most footwear, since female characters are slightly smaller in size.
  • Despite hovering near the same price as Dragon boots, street prices for Bandos boots are unstable due to the uncommon trading of the item.
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