The Bandos set, consisting of Bandos chestplate, Bandos tassets and Bandos boots are used commonly among wealthy players. However, even though the Bandos boots are considered part of the Bandos set, many players prefer Dragon boots due to their Strength bonus and only slightly worse Defence than Bandos boots. It is one of the most sought after armour set in Soulsplit. The armour set provides very high Defence bonuses and only slightly penalizes Magic Defence (-10). The armour set also penalizes Attack bonuses for Magic and Range, hence making this armour set more favorable among Melee users. Some may prefer the Torva armour, but it is much more expensive.

The Bandos set can only be obtained from either trading with players, by killing General Graardor or the minions in the Bandos Godwars Dungeons (GWD), or buying it via the Soulsplit Shop.

You will need at least 65 Defence to be able to equip the Bandos armour pieces.

To check the current price of this armour, check the Soulsplit Market.

Application and UsesRectify

Being one of the few armour which offers very high Defence, it is very favorable among players of Soulsplit. It is not commonly used in Player vs Player (PvP), although some may use it as it is only vulnerable to Magic; it is also widely used throughout Player vs Monster (PvM) for similar reasons.

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