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The bank vault is a highly convenient way of storing your money if you have an amount of gold that exceeds the maximum amount of gold that can be held in one stack (2,147,483,647 coins). It is the only way of storing your money which doesn't involve muling (which is against the rules.)

Using the Bank VaultRectify

All that is required is for you to deposit your gold into your bank, then select the option to deposit/withdraw/count gold you have stored in your bank. The Vault Sign can be seen in the bottom right corner of the bank, right clicking it will give you these options. 


  • If you trade and obtain more money than you can hold at a time, the excess gold will immediately transfer to your vault
  • When buying gold from the Soulsplit shop, you will have to check your bank vault to obtain your gold
  • The "Count money" option when right clicking the vault logo will tell you the total amount of coins you have stored in your vault via the in-game chat box
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