Barbarian Village
Also called Barb Village
Members Area? No
Amount of Banks Zero
Amount of Altars Zero
Points of Interest Rag and Bone Man Quest
Accessibility City Teleports > Edgeville > Run South

Barbarian Village is a small village located West of the Edgeville teleport. A player can obtain the Unicorn Bone for the quest: Rag and Bone Man by going North-East from the center of the village and killing one of the Unicorn NPC's outside the walls.

The Stronghold of Secuirty and the Stronghold of Safety cannot be accessed in Soulsplit. There is also a number of NPC's that you cannot communicate with in Barbarian VIllage, such as: Schoolgirl and Hallvar.

Skilling FeaturesRectify

Barbarian Village includes areas to train skills such as:

Skill Image


  • Raw Anchovies and Raw Shrimp can be obtained by using a Small Net on the Fishing Spawn located East.


  • Coal and Tin ore can be mined with any type of pickaxe or an Inferno Adze.


  • Regular logs can be cut down from the Dead Trees, Evergreens and Trees located around the village.


  • All the combat skills can be trained at Barbarian Village on the Unicorn NPC's to the East outside of the walls of the village. Unfortunetly, Unicorn's are only level 15. Training on them is only efficient for low level players.

Shooting StarRectify

Shooting Stars are a Mining Distractions and Diversions that randomly spawn throughout areas in Soulsplit, and Barbarian Village happens to be one of them. Players can mine Shooting Stars for Stardust.

Stardust can be used on the Star Sprite that appears after all the Stardust is mined away for Mining experience and ores.

You can locate a Shooting Star by looking in your Quest tab at the "Star Location: (location)"

Requirements for Shooting Stars

  • Any pickaxe or an Inferno Adze
  • The required Mining level is 10 times the star's current size.
  • A minimum mining level of 10 is required to mine the lowest size of the star.
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