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The Barrelchest anchor is a powerful two-handed melee weapon that requires 60 Attack and 40 Strength to wield. It can be obtained by killing the level 170 Barrelchest at the Digsite, in the Members' Cave at North Neizitnot, or buying it in the Soulsplit Shop for 2,500 Soulsplit Credits. It is fairly popular with PKing for its large Strength bonus, and is frequently used by Pures in the Wilderness.

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The Barrelchest Anchor has a Special Attack, known as Sunder. This uses 50% of your Special Attack bar, and increases the accuracy of your next attack to hit twice as easily. As well, it will drain either your opponent's Attack, Defence, Ranged, or Magic by 1% of the damage inflicted depending on whether the stat has drained to 0 or not.

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