The Battle-Mage equipment set is a set of armour that is most likely used in PvP and PvM. The Battle-Mage equipment set effect is 10% extra Melee and Magic damage everywhere outside the Wilderness and 5% extra damage when used in the Wilderness. This effect does stack with the magic damage bonuses of staffs and necklaces. This armor is most effective when being used for Magic and Melee.  Equipping Battle-Mage items requires 85 Strength , 85 Defence and 85 Magic .


Battle-Mage equipment parts can be obtained by playing the Soul WarsCastle Wars, and Fight Pits mini-games. The helmet and gloves can be obtained by playing the Castle Wars mini-game. The body and legs are similarly found at Soul Wars. Finally, the boots can be obtained from the Fight pits shop.

  • Helmet: 65 Tickets (Castle Wars)
  • Body: 70 Zeal (Soul Wars)
  • Legs: 70 Zeal (Soul Wars)
  • Boots: 120 Points (Fight Pits)
  • Gloves: 45 Tickets (Castle Wars)
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