The Berserker Ring (i) (Berserker ring imbued) is one of the most worn rings in-game. This ring is a Melee-based ring that grants the user an increased Crush and Strength boost. It's a perfect choice for some additional Strength bonus for PvM (Player vs Monster), PvP (player vs player), or even Dueling. The Berserker Ring (i) is the upgraded version of a regular Berserker Ring. Even though the ring is an upgraded form, there is no way currently to imbue any type of ring. Berserker Ring (i) currently provides inferior bonuses compared to the Onyx Ring (i).

How to obtainRectify

You can obtain the Berserker Ring (i) either by buying from the Shop, or by buying it off other players. There is currently no way of obtaining a Berserker Ring (i) from a monster drop, however a player can receive this item from a Player vs Player event.

Comparing to Berserker RingRectify

There is a slight difference between the Berserker Ring (i) and its non-imbued form. The Berserker Ring (i) provides an additional +8 bonus in Strength bonus.


  • Currently the most used ring in-game.
  • The Berserker Ring (i) is slightly better than the Berserker Ring.
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