Bloodvelds are creatures that roam the dark floors of the slayer tower.  Most players are familiar with bloodvelds due to the fact that it is a common slayer task monster. Players who seek to defeat this monster would be recommended to bring couple of prayer potions because one needs to protect melee in order to stay hitless from the monster.  Again, this monster is located on the second floor of Slayer Tower.  To get to slayer tower one must go to the training teleport spell located in the spellbook and then chose slayer tower.  

Armour Rectify

One may wear anything, as long as the protect from melee/deflect melee prayer/curse is active.  If a player does not have 43 pray to defend themselves from the Bloodveld creature, then one may wear melee armour.  Also, the Bloodveld hits reasonably high when prayer's not on.  


The Bloodveld drops reasonable stuff from here and there, but its most common drops are bones and gold charms.  

Steel Full Helm 60%  (Common)
Unicorn Horn Dust 30%  (Uncommon)
Gold Charm 100%  (Always)
Bones 100%  (Always)
Fire Runes 60%  (Common)
Coins 30%  (Uncommon)
Red Spiders' Eggs 30%  (Uncommon)
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