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Common uses for the blurite swordRectify

  • The Blurite sword is currently used by 1 attack pures during PvP (Player vs Player) as it is good for rich 1 Attack pures who want to use something to add a risk to their fight!
  • The Blurite sword is mainly cosmetic as it is currently a discontinued item meaning it's currently unavailable from Mystery boxes.
  • The Blurite sword is a good investment for players willing to put money into it as it can only go up in value as more and more are lost e.g. in PvP worlds.


  • The Blurite sword is currently a discontiuned item and can only be bought from other players, it was purchasable in the shop for 1000 credits for a limited amount of time.


  • The blurite sword is the longest one-handed sword wieldable in-game!
  • The blurite sword currently is rising in price!
  • The blurite sword is considered a cosmetic item.
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