Bob is an NPC who sells various skilling supplies. He can be found in Catherby or Neitiznot near the Neitiznot South Teleport (Skilling teleports > Neitiznot South).


Bob can be found in two easy to access places: Catherby in the fishing shop east of the Catherby bank and Catherby teleport, or Neitiznot South in the north-most building inside the town wall, just north of the Neitiznot South teleport.

Sold ItemsRectify

File:Bob shop.png

From top left to right:
Row 1: Spade (3gp), Chisel (1gp), Hammer (1gp), Knife (6gp), Iron axe (56gp), Rune axe (12,800gp), Iron pickaxe (140gp), Rune pickaxe (32,000gp).
Row 2: Vial of water (2gp), Rune essence (4gp), Guam seed (4gp), Marrentill seed (5gp), Tarromin seed (7 gp), Harralander seed (12gp), Ranarr seed (19gp), Toadflax seed (34gp).
Row 3: Irit seed (64gp), Avantoe seed (64gp), Kwuarm seed (64gp), Snapdragon seed (64gp), Cadantine seed (64gp), Lantadyme seed (64gp), Dwarf weed seed (64gp), Torstol seed (64gp).
Row 4: Uncut sapphire (25gp), Uncut emerald (50gp), Uncut ruby (100gp), Uncut diamond (200gp), Uncut dragonstone (1,000gp), Gold bar (300gp), Needle (1gp), Small fishing net (5gp).
Row 5: Harpoon (5gp), Lobster pot (20gp), Thread (1gp), Needle (1gp), Glassblowing pipe (2gp), Soda ash (2gp).

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