The Bolt pouch is a device used to capture and carry monsters (once the player has completed the Mastering Enchancement Quest). They can be obtained from the Summoning Master for free. When used on a monster, it will either say the amount of kills needed to capture this monster, the Summoning and Hunter level required to capture this monster or a message confirming that you have captured the monster. Non-members can capture monsters up to level 215, while members can capture monsters up to level 300.

Using the Bolt Pouch

To use the bolt pouch, left click the pouch and select a familiar to summon.


Heal your captured familiar by using food such as shark or rocktail on your familiar. Continue to heal your familiar until you receive a message that notifies you of the familiar's health.

Removal of NPC from Bolt Pouch

The captured familiar can be removed in two ways.

  1. Speaking with the Summoning Master and selecting the option to remove a captured familiar.
  2. Death of the familiar in combat.

  • To prevent the death of your captured familiar, heal it in battle or dismiss it with the option in the familiar tab. If you pet dies, you will have to capture it all over again. 
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