The Bonecrusher is a Dungeoneering reward from the Dungeoneering Shop. It is used to train Prayer. When a player kills a monster who drops bones (any kind of bones) the Bonecrusher crushes the bones to gain Prayer experience. The player must have the Bonecrusher in the inventory to make use of the effect.

The Bonecrusher will give you the same amount of experience as an altar. For example: If you use normal bones on an altar you get 14 XP, the Bonecrusher does the same. The Bonecrusher is a non-degradable weapon, and makes is an extremely efficient tool to use when training skills such as Magic at places such as Ape Atoll Skeletal monkies.

The Bonecrusher cannot be wielded. If a monster drops multiple bones, the Bonecrusher will only convert those who are the same type as the one that a monster drops as remains. Example: Giants (Hill giants, moss giants...): the Bonecrusher will bury the big bones, and not the normal bones; it will appear as a separate drop.

When you kill an NPC, the following message is displayed in the chatbox:

How to ObtainRectify

This item is not tradeable and can only be bought with 34,000 Dungeoneering tokens bought from the Dungeoneering Shop from the Dungeoneering Master.


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