Write the first paragraph of your page here. I'm testing the visual editor. I strongly dislike it. why in edit mode does it show all links as blue even if the pages linked don't exist?

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Write the first section of your page here. i like the fact that i hit edit on the Butt stuff#rawr section and i'm typing in a completely different section. wtf is the point of [edit] next to section heads then?

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Write the second section of your page here.

staff infections aren't goodRectify


I am linking this article to FmfMFMMFMf. Whoops, that link did not work. How about this FMfMFMMFMf. It's a good thing I can't scroll down this and see the rest of the page... and while i'm editting if im at the bottom of the page i cant see what im selecting in the link window. what an easy find/fix there wikia, you should test all your new gizmos like this.

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