The Round Table
Operation: Choker One
Technical data
Previous mission Annex
Next mission Juggernaut
Mission type Air-to-air
Objective N/A
Historical data
Character Cipher
Location Area B7R, Belka-Ustio border

The Round Table ("円卓", The Round Table) is the third mission of Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War. It is the mission that introduces ace squadron encounters, along with the consequences of the Ace Style Gauge system.


The Galm Team is summoned by Valais Air Base command to carry out an emergency operation requested by Head Operations involving reconnaissance at Area B7R, a hotly contested region in the northern Ustio-Belkan border.

After the briefing, Cipher and Pixy take off and later arrive to B7R. Facing light opposition from Belkan Air Force elements, the two force their way past the local mountain range and into Belkan side of the border, attracting the attention of an elite fighter squadron in the process. Illustrating the effects of the Ace Style system, the squadron faces varies according to Cipher's decisions—the Mercenary path involves the 51st Tactical Fighter Squadron "Rot", the Soldier path the 8th Tactical Fighter Squadron "Grun" and the Knight path the 126th TFS "Silber", respectively. Ordered by AWACS Eagle Eye to stand their ground, Galm engages and defeat whichever squad is faced.

Regardless of outcome, Eagle Eye informs Cipher and Pixy of a message from Allied Forces Operational Command regarding an Osean fleet commencing operations towards the end of the skirmish in the border, thus revealing that the whole "reconnaissance mission" was a ruse intended to distract the Belkans.


  • X-29A "Tausend" (#014)
  • F-16XL "Amsel" (#025)


  • Even though the mission commander states that the magnetic field in B7R may interfere with communications in the briefing, all characters can communicate perfectly.
  • The Assault Records file on Detlef Fleischer states that he managed to return to base with his damaged Typhoon. However, in gameplay his aircraft explodes after being shot down like every other enemy fighter.
  • The Round Table is one of the few missions in which aircraft are identified by name, as Pixy mentions the name of each ace squadron's aircraft when their respective encounter begins.
  • The ace battle in this mission is alluded to by Michael Kohl in the promotional book "Confession of a Soldier". In page #03, the character states his hearing rumors of a "large scale battle" over the border, along with the official Belkan declaration that Galm was defeated by an unnamed squadron and fled. This indicates that Belka covered up the incident to maintain soldiers' morale.


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