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"Ace of Aces"
Biographical information
Nationality Osean Federation
Physical data
Age Unknown
Height Unknown
Eye color Unknown
Political information
Affiliations Osean Federation
Real world information
Appearances Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War
English voice actor N/A
Japanese voice actor N/A
"I tell ya, Kid could single-handedly change the tide of this war. It's almost scary."
―Alvin H. Davenport

"Blaze" was the callsign of an enigmatic pilot of the Osean Air Defense Force who participated in the Circum-Pacific War.

A rookie at the beginning of the war, he was originally assigned to the 108th Tactical Fighter Squadron "Wardog", and eventually became the leader of the squadron, leading his unit in many missions against the Yuktobanian military and scoring numerous important victories for the Osean army.


Life as a rookieRectify

As of September 2010, Blaze was a rookie in the Osean air force, having just recently finished training. Stationed at Sand Island AFB, he was enrolled into the 108th Tactical Fighter Squadron as a replacement pilot after the losses suffered by the squadron during an engagement with aircraft of the Yuktobanian Air Force, their origin still unknown to them, in September 23.

A day after the incident, the squadron was deployed to intercept an SR-71 Blackbird conducting reconnaissance on the Osean coastline, which had been disabled by SAM fire. However, several bogies from the Yuktobanian military entered the area and attacked them on sight. Although he had no experience in live combat, Blaze succeeded in downing many of the fighters by himself, gaining the respect of Jack Bartlett, Wardog's flight leader.


Blaze over Sand Island.

In the 27th, the unit shot down several recon drones used by a spy vessel offshore of Sand Island, fending off an attack by several bogies in the process. When the area was cleared of hostile activity, the vessel fired a SAM at fellow wingman Kei Nagase, who was saved after Bartlett directed the missile away from her, being shot down in doing so.

Moments after Bartlett was downed, AWACS Thunderhead informed them that the Union of Yuktobanian Republics declared war to Osea, and ordered them to return to Sand Island.

Outbreak of warRectify

Immediately after the declaration of war, the Yuktobanian army bombed the Osean naval port at St. Hewlett. The Wardog unit rearmed and refuel themselves at the base and flew to the port, which had become the site of a major battle between the Oseans and the invaders. Thunderhead ordered Nagase to assume acting leadership of the unit, but she refused, instead deciding to hand the position over to Blaze. As the new leader of the team, he led Edge and Alvin Davenport in defending the facilities of St. Hewlett, driving back the invading force and aiding the 3rd Naval Fleet in escaping the harbor.

Invasion of YuktobaniaRectify

The Grey MenRectify


  • In the Japanese version of Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War, Blaze received the nickname "Booby" instead of "Kid" from Bartlett. This nickname can still be heard in the earliest English-language trailers, before it was edited and replaced with "Kid"
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