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To challenge the gyms, do the gymbattle command depending on the prefix of the server. Example: .gymbattle ;gymbattle

You lose PKC if you lose gym battles. Once you have beat Iris, you are required to beat all the rematches and the Champion in order to fly to the next region. (Flying requires that you have a Pokémon that knows Fly on your team. Flying to a region for the first time also requires a space on your team for the new region's starter.)

Not sure if you're allowed to fly? Your use of .gymbattle should tell you that you are the champion of that region. If you haven't gotten that response yet, you still have to fight the champion with another .gymbattle.

Normalium Z12[]

Totem Pokemon of the Verdant Cavern[]

(Empowered with +1 Defense)

  1. Yungoos-Totem Lv.12 (?)
  2. Gumshoos-Totem Lv.14 (Bite, ?)

Captain Ilima[]

  1. Yungoos Lv.14 (Tackle, ?)
  2. Smeargle Lv.16 (Tackle, ?)

Totem Pokemon of the Verdant Cavern (Rematch)[]

(Empowered with +2 Defense)

  1. Yungoos-Totem Lv.50 (Wild Charge, ?)
  2. Gumshoos-Totem Lv.52 (Thrash, ?)

Prerequisite: Have all four of Oricorio's forms in your box.

  1. Gumshoos Lv.52 (Earthquake, ?)
  2. Smeargle Lv.51 (Extreme Speed, ?)
  3. Snorlax Lv.53 (Thunder Punch, ?)
  4. Pyroar Lv.52 (Hyper Voice, ?)
  5. Type-Null Lv.54 (Crush Claw, ?)

Waterium Z[]

Totem Pokemon of the Brooklet Hill[]

(Empowered with +1 Defense)

  1. Wishiwashi-Totem Lv.21 (Brine, ?)
  2. Wishiwashi-School-Totem Lv.23 (Water Gun, ?)

Prerequisite: You must first learn the move Surf to one of your Pokemon and then find and catch 1 Dewpider in that order.

Captain Lana[]

  1. Chinchou Lv.25 (Bubble Beam, ?)
  2. Shellder Lv.25 (Icicle Spear, ?)
  3. Araquanid Lv.25 (Bubble Beam, ?)

Totem Pokemon of the Brooklet Hill (Rematch)[]

(Empowered with +2 Defense)

  1. Wishiwashi-Totem Lv.55 (Mud Shot, ?)
  2. Wishiwashi-School-Totem Lv.58 (Hydro Pump, ?)

Prerequisite: Catch a Minior with each color variation.

Captain Lana (Rematch)[]

  1. Lanturn Lv.55 (Discharge, ?)
  2. Golisopod Lv.51 (First Impression, ?)
  3. Araquanid Lv.53 (Crunch, ?)
  4. Prismarina Lv.52 (Moonblast, ?)
  5. Wishiwashi-School Lv.52 (?)
  6. Kyogre Lv.60 (Ice Beam, ?)

Firium Z[]

Totem Pokemon of the Wela Volcano Park[]

(Empowered with +1 Sp. Defense)

  1. Salandit-Totem Lv.28 (Venoshock, ?)
  2. Salazzle-Totem Lv.30 (Flame Burst, ?)

Prerequisite: What is Stufful's hidden ability? How many weaknesses does Tsareena have? What is the highest base stat on Necrozma?

Captain Kiawe[]

  1. Growlithe Lv.29 (Bite, ?)
  2. Fletchinder Lv.32 (Peck, ?)
  3. Marowak-Alola Lv.28 (Flame Wheel, ?)

Totem Pokemon of the Wela Volcano Park (Rematch)[]

(Empowered with +2 Sp. Defense)

  1. Salandit-Totem Lv.56 (Dragon Pulse, Heat Wave, ?)
  2. Salazzle-Totem Lv.58 (Fire Blast, ?)

Prerequisite: How many Ultrabeasts exist in total? How do you evolve Meltan? Which route in Myuu is considered the Alola route?

Captain Kiawe (Rematch)[]

  1. Oricorio Lv.52 (Hurricane, ?)
  2. Salazzle Lv.53 (Fire Blast, ?)
  3. Turtonator Lv.52 (?)
  4. Incineroar Lv.53 (?)
  5. Volcanion Lv.54 (Steam Eruption, Flamethrower, ?)
  6. Blacephalon Lv.61 (Shadow Ball, Uproar, ?)
  7. Kate Lv.71 (Bloxed Superball, ?)
  8. Janet Lv.82 (Fandom Eruption, ?)

Cute Cat 😺[]

Happy happy happy!