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Glen Matthews, more commonly known as the Janitor, was the unproductive custodian and handyman at Sacred Heart Hospital until he left and was never heard from again. He rarely actually performed the duties of his job, but rather spent his time plotting how to annoy J.D., on whom he performed many pranks. He is an avid liar and nearly every story or anecdote he tells people is a fabrication. He also lead the Brain Trust group and seemed to be the leader of the custodial staff.

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Very little about Janitor's family is known, because there are so many different stories about his family, any of which could be true. He once joked that he is J.D.'s father. He has a father who other hospital staff members have seen; however, he later claims that his father died before he was born. ("My Words of Wisdom") When J.D protests, saying he had met his father, the janitor replies, "You met a man." Janitor claims that he grew up believing his mother was his sister and his father was his brother; he calls them "sister-mom" and "brother-dad". ("My Own American Girl") He says that his mother once snapped her index finger because his dad was late to church and that when she dented the car his dad threw himself down the stairs ("My Point of No Return"). He has claimed to have a deaf sister and a brother who is a stripper. He also claims that he has a stepbrother named Cleet, who was older than his parents, who hit a mid-life crisis and fought with his father constantly and slept with his mother. He has a stepmother who is Inuit.


He claimed he was married to a woman with only a pointer finger on one hand and thumb/pinky on the other. He complains that J.D. made him miss his son's (named Timmy) school play by making him work ("My First Step"), but later, he says that he does not have any children, and doesn't want any until medicine was advanced enough to make a child with gills, with whom he would go treasure hunting. Janitor also claims on several occasions to have gone to China and have a baby with a local. In one of J.D.'s fantasies, he appeared in his son's school room on Career Day, presenting himself as Dr. Ján Ïtor.


  1. Woodworking
  2. Kite surfing
    • Blue kites
    • Red kites
    • Green kites
  3. Cheese making
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