FANDOM: Infinity War is an upcoming battle royale styled game and the ultimate game where many franchises join forces that will be released at the end of 2019 or at the beginning of 2020.

Features Rectify

Weapons and stuff Rectify

  • Weapons in many varieties and in 7 categories, from many franchises, including MCU, CoD, Dota 2, GTA, LoL, Extreme Wars, Star Wars, RuneScape, Pixel Gun, Bloons, Red Crucible 2, Modern Combat 5, Overwatch, Fallout, Disney, Pokemon, Mario, Sonic, Fortnite, PUBG, H1Z1 and much, much more!

Map Rectify

  • An extremely large and almost endless land mass taking place on a planet in the wekemidea galaxy as a map.
  • The land mass consists of so many lands, cities, towns, villages, biomes, a few islands and the main island (the FANDOM metawiki island) in the center, all surrounded by a thick and accessible border made out of FANDOM bedrock (note: cities, towns and villages are called "wikis" in the planet, buildings are called "articles" and floors are called "sections").

Modes Rectify

It consists of two modes: FANDOM: Save the World and FANDOM: Battle Royale.

The first mode is where the protagonist goes into a bordered village to go to a planet that has been attacking the FANDOM planet for years, and in which he is trying to stop them.

The second mode is where thousands and thousands of players fight each other in an entire planet to grab weapons, armor, gadgets, food and resources to fight and get the victory.

Meta Content Rectify

Weapons Rectify

  • Primary: Extinctor Heavy Machine Gun - Extreme Wars
  • Shotgun: Extinctor Explosive Shotgun - Extreme Wars
  • Secondary: God of Items - FANDOM exclusive
  • Melee: Infinity Gauntlet - Marvel Cinematic Universe
  • Support: Universe Wiper - FANDOM Exclusive
  • Sniper: Flying Fortress - Bloons Tower Defense
  • Explosive: Tsar Bomba - Bloons Tower Defense

Inventory Rectify

Armor Rectify

  • Helmet: Yowinghoh Head - Extreme Wars
  • Chestplate: Yowinghoh Body - Extreme Wars
  • Limbs: Yowinghoh Limbs - Extreme Wars

Gadgets Rectify

  • Projectile: Premium Nuke - Extreme Wars
  • Tool: Flow Hoverboard - FANDOM Exclusive (based off of Flow Free
  • Assist: Adriculopolus - Extreme Wars

Resources Rectify

Bedrock - Minecraft

Food Rectify

Hunger Solver - FANDOM Exclusive

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