Every Wiki begins the same way. It begins with an the idea to create a collection of information on a common topic, such as one's favourite game or on all the various Muppets. Once the idea is formulated, starting a wiki is easy to do.

Rules/Tips to starting a wikiRectify

Creating a wiki is fun, but it is also important not to violate any of Wikia's rules (ToU). Here are a couple things to remember before creating a wiki:

  • Do not create a wiki expressing your "hate" or dislike of another user.
  • Create a Wiki that is unique; try not to compete with other wikis!
  • Test wikis just for yourself are fine, but please do not violate any rules above as well.
  • Please try not to make pages about other users.
  • Listing external spam links on a wiki is not encouraged.
  • Try to not spam your wiki address, simply ask or make a blog about your wiki or put your wiki name at Admin Central if you'd like to advertise it, spamming your wiki will not get users to come.

Creating a WikiRectify

Creating a wiki is simple, it only takes a few clicks. Follow the following steps to create a wiki:

  • Go to Special:CreateWiki at Community Central or click the "Start a wiki" button at the top of any page.
  • Decide on a name for your wiki. This will give you a URL for the wiki that you can use, or create your own! You'll then need to hit the next button.
  • Describe the topic of your wiki (following some tips on that page) and select the category your wiki belongs to.
  • Choose a theme from the gallery on this page. Clicking a theme will allow you to preview it.
  • Click next... and you have just created your very own wiki!

Wiki LoveRectify

A wiki is like a child. You need to feed it, or in this case, edit it. You can do this by using helpful tools found in the Admin Dashboard. Get users interested in the subject involved, because a wiki needs a community to be successful.

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