The Unsung War
Weapon of War
Technical information
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Historical information
Location Oured, Osean Federation
Date December 31, 2010

The Unsung War is the twenty-seventh and final mission of Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War.


Hours after the Osean-Yuktobanian attack on Sudentor in North Osea, the Razgriz Air Command Squadron travels to the city of Oured to await news on the status of the Strategic Orbital Linear Gun (SOLG), whose control link from Earth had been severed in the attack.

In the night of December 31, the Osean army detects the descent of the SOLG towards the atmosphere, calculating its target to be Oured itself. Realizing the situation, the Razgriz are ordered to arrive to the satellite's descent point and stop it before it reaches the city.

The Razgriz take off from an improvised runway blockaded by the military and head towards the descent point, several miles offshore of northern Oured, with AWACS Oka Nieba aiding them. On their way, they are intercepted by the Belkan Grabacr and Ofnir squadrons, who engage in a final battle to stall them as the weapon continues its descent. The Belkans are quickly defeated in combat, and they resume their trip to the target site.

The satellite enters the atmosphere and arrives to the descent point, beginning its fall towards the earth. With only seven minutes to accomplish their task, the Razgriz start opening fire on the weapon, damaging its outer shell and dodging wreckage as they go.


  • Failing to stop the SOLG within the 7-minute countdown will trigger an special cutscene where the weapon smashes into Oured in a blue explosion, before the "mission failed" message appears.
  • Any Belkan pilots who remain alive when the SOLG arrives to the descent point will kill themselves by self-destructing their S-32s, starting with any surviving Grabacr units.
  • Using different special weapons on the SOLG will yield certain results.
    • A Rocket Launcher impact will cause the game to believe that the core and the accelerators suffered critical damage, triggering the end of the mission.
    • A swipe of the Tactical Laser System to the central area will destroy all major components of the SOLG and completely rip apart the accelerators, leaving the weapon as a gigantic cylinder. A TLS impact will elicit a "hold fire" message; something strange considering the objective of the mission. However, this may be interpreted as an order to "hold the fire button" to activate the weapon camera, thus giving the player a good view of the satellite's destruction.
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