Extracts from Tone Glow's interview of Caesar & Loui (AUGUST 8, 2017)
  • "Singing in the Rain" was written during a songwriting camp called "Camp Awesome" that gathered The Kennel's producers Caesar & Loui (Daniel Caesar and Ludwig Lundell), Ollipop, Cage (Karl-Oskar Julius Gummesson) and Oneye.
The idea of the camp is to write great songs together during a whole week and end it with a listening party. It’s a really fun and creative way of writing songs and all of us can come in and give feedback during the process of the song-making.

[Singing in the Rain] was found rather fast by LOONA, it took only a few months until they wanted to record the song.

— Caesar & Loui, toneglow interview
  • The song is a mashup of two different productions that were made and re-produced before the camp.
    • The drop part - made by Caesar & Loui in 2014-2015They re-produced the idea right before the camp.
    • The other part of the production (verse-beat and the part before the drop) - made by Oneye right before the camp.
During the session of making the song we thought, let’s put the productions together, and it worked! After that we top-lined the track and came up with the title "Singing In The Rain".

–Caesar & Loui

I think the main idea of the song was to create something groovy and danceable. It felt like LOONA really understood that, the video and the dance moves looks great.
— Caesar & Loui
  • The robotic voice in the song''s second chorus is from the demo version of the song. It’s Ludwig Lindell's voice "pitched down to make it sound like some kind of a robot".
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