Helicopter Scalping

Shooter 1 destroying an NRF helicopter.

Clean Up Team

Droid firecopter

This is a fictional foundation that I just invented to make everything the same distance from everything else... 3 pages. :P

Target selection meeting 2012Rectify


Target selection Meeting 2012

Last year's meeting was a rigorous selection process, where we randomly selected no targets in a variety of manners similar to none other variety as such.
365- Megalomania


The highly minded igvon attended via holoscreen because he has a fear of falling out of helicopters during demonstrations he expresses warmly. #zumlorD officiated in his place.

Next year, we will have a similar kin of success, as fabricated in the guidelines.


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igvon has authorized an unauthorized authorization for authorizing authoritative authors of authority to author another Arthur Augustus Auditions Authorities in audio format.


igvon's second in command, zumlorD, who likes to be called #zumlorD, (meaning Sharp zumlorD,) wants to be leader. The only reason he isn't leader all of the time is that igvon doesn't like to lead very much, and basically lets zumlorD officiate all the time.

File:Stewie Griffin is Saddam Hussein! Family Guy movie scene, available for download..jpg
zumlorD's father was in command before igvon, and igvon's son is in line to rule after zumlorD. zumlorD's father would be in power, if he wasn't currently in exile due to failed plans of world domination.

Other staffRectify

WWII Propaganda- Nazi Germany

GeroeG twins, grand adivsors

The GeroeG twins are our hourly grand advisors. They work 12 hour consistent shifts. It is suspected that one is a movie.
WWII Propaganda- Nazi Germany2

Venrog are the anoterh

Venrog are anotehr advisor to ourselves.

Our mottoRectify

voe ijngv j nns b jnsnjfnvijnr, meaning, "hey, I bet you don't know what this means!"

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