The Javanese is a recognized breed of breeds. Javanese have a long, silky coat, that comes in a variety of colors. Javanese cats, like their Siamese (cat) relatives, are noted as being very intelligent and talkative. Similar in coat style to the Balinese (cat), Javanese are pointed cats that fall outside of the typically accepted point colors seen in Balinese cats (seal, blue, chocolate and lilac). Instead, Javanese are referred to as colorpoint cats, showing odd or rare colors, such as red or white, as well as patterns such as tabby and tortie. As they are directly related to Siamese and Balinese cats, they can suffer from some of the same genetic defects. Generally, these defects are bred out of the active lines and are becoming rare. They are very social cats which can become Depression (mood) if they are left alone too often. They are generally very playful pets, and are markedly good at jumping. However, they do have a tendency to become overweight if they do not receive adequate exercise. Javanese are also quite vocal, and most will "talk" for no particular reason.


Javanese Adult and Kitten

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