I am no expert but I do know that I love lake life very much and spend lots of time at the lake. This is why I consider myself a boarder line subject matter expert in regard to making the best of life at the lake. Below I have outlined my top tips or things to do at the lake. I hope this assists in making your life at the lake as great as it does mine!

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1. When you arrive acknowledge that you have shifter to "lake time" when you at the lake you are on "lake time"; what does this mean you ask? Well in my mind this is half of the pleasure of the lake, you get to complete tasks at a more leisurely rate, and if you don't get to it today it will still be there tomorrow. Now does this mean that is there is a gas leak you can leave it until tomorrow? No. Use your head here people.


2. Try not to plan out the entire time you will be at the lake. This is pretty self explanatory but basically; it is fun to plan a couple of things but you do not want to have to stress out about where you have to be or what you may have to prepare. Let visitors know that you are on lake time and I bet the plans go off without a hitch because it seems anxiety only adds caos.

3. Spend time just relaxing and observe the lake, take time to notice the wildlife, people having a great time etc. I think this helps create an inner calm and peacefulness

4. Get out on that water!! I LOVE to kayak personally especially when there is little boat traffic and calm water. But it doesnt matter if you go float on an air mattress, floating once again create calm and appreciation for the water and it's super fun!! There are so many things you can do on the water just go get out on it.

5. Share your lake life with friends and family. Include friends and family in all of the items above, loving the lake with people you love is point blank the best thing ever! And last but not least; sit around campfires with those people, tell stories, jokes, talk smart or dance around the fire it really doesnt matter. Thats the beauty of it, when you are lake time you are free to express yourself however you chose.

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