These Test Cases were created using

TC01 BasicsRectify

TC0101 Displaying a single pointRectify

TC0102 Showing just a mapRectify

TC0103 Displaying multiple pointsRectify

TC0104 Changing the map sizeRectify

TC0105 Resizeable mapsRectify

TC0106 Selecting a mapping serviceRectify

TC02 Customizing markersRectify

TC0201 Marker title and description (NOT TESTED)Rectify

TC0202 Direct link rather than a popupRectify

TC0203 Settings the marker icon  (NOT TESTED)Rectify

TC0204 Changing the marker icon on clickRectify

TC0205 Copyable coordinates  (NOT TESTED)Rectify

TC0206 Customizing markers (point specific data)Rectify

TC0207 Using templates  (NOT TESTED)Rectify

TC03 Further customizationRectify

TC0301 Maxzoom and minzoomRectify

TC0302 Searching through markersRectify

TC0303 Further customization using various parametersRectify

TC04 Geospatial shapesRectify

TC0401 polygons, lines, rectangles and circlesRectify

TC0402 polygons on hoverRectify

TC05 Google MapsRectify

TC0501 Basic Map Tested in TC01Rectify

TC0502 Map with layersRectify

TC0503 Map using fusion tablesRectify

TC0504 Marker clusteringRectify

TC0505 Small map without controlsRectify

TC0506 Different controlsRectify

TC0507 Different zoom control stylesRectify

TC0508 Different type control stylesRectify

TC0509 Tag syntax and automatic opening of info balloonsRectify

TC0510 Maps with KML (NOT TESTED)Rectify

TC0511 Inline labelsRectify

TC0512 Ground overlaysRectify

TC0513 polygons, lines, rectangles and circles Tested in TC04Rectify

TC0514 polygons on hover Tested in TC04Rectify

TC0515 Maxzoom and minzoom Tested in TC03Rectify

TC0516 Searching through markersTested in TC03Rectify

TC0517 Static mapsRectify

TC0518 Direct link rather then a popupRectify

TC0519 Automatic opening of info windowsRectify

TC0520 Points of interest (NOT TESTED)Rectify

TC0521 Copyable coordinates (NOT TESTED)Rectify

TC06 OpenLayersRectify

TC0601 Basic MapRectify

TC0602 Different controlsRectify

TC0603 Map with layersRectify

TC0604 Searching through markersRectify

TC0605 polygons, lines, rectangles and circles (NOT TESTED)Rectify

TC0606 polygons on hover (NOT TESTED)Rectify

TC0607 Map with custom base layers (NOT TESTED)Rectify

TC0608 Maxzoom and minzoom (NOT TESTED)Rectify

TC0609 Static maps (NOT TESTED)Rectify

TC0610 Changing the marker icon on click (NOT TESTED)Rectify

TC0611 Direct link rather then a popup (NOT TESTED)Rectify

TC0612 Copyable coordinates (NOT TESTED)Rectify

TC07 Map editorRectify

TC0701 Special:MapEditorRectify

TC08 Coordinates and geocodingRectify

TC0801 Coordinate conversionRectify

TC0802 Geocode addressesRectify

TC09 Geospatial functionsRectify

TC0901 Distance conversionRectify

TC0902 Distance calculationRectify

TC0903 Destination calculationRectify

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