"I've been accused of being many things in my long life, Ichi Go: Both pessimistic and optimistic, turning both dark and light, acting both foolhardy and sage, but being a cryptic Force ghost is not one of those. I'm actually a pretty straightforward guy...once you get past those pesky paradoxes."
―Nathaniel Kenobi Solo to Ichi Go
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Nathaniel Kenobi Solo
Biographical information
Biographical information

Unknown Regions


Unknown Regions

Date of birth


Date of birth


Date of death
Date of death
Physical description
Physical description
  • Human
  • Zeltron
  • Note: Nathan suffered from Retconititis, a rare disease given by his father accidentally, but it was treated in secret by the Kaminoans.
  • Human
  • Zeltron
  • Note: Nathan suffered from Retconititis, a rare disease given by his father accidentally, but it was treated in secret by the Kaminoans.





1.86 meters


1.86 meters

Hair color

Dirty blond (when he took on a disguise, his preferred color was red)

Hair color

Dirty blond (when he took on a disguise, his preferred color was red)

Eye color


Eye color


Personal Information
Personal Information
Fighting Style(s)

Form X

Fighting Style(s)

Form X

Chronological and political information
Chronological and political information





New Jedi Order Era


New Jedi Order Era


Nathaniel Kenobi Solo or as he was less commonly known as, Nathaniel Kenobi Solo Clan Fett, was a male Human/Zeltron Jedi. His mother was Abigaile Kenobi and his father's name was Nat-ahn Mandrex, a Clawdite Dark Jedi. His mother did not know of a father, because he had seduced her and used a special plant to make her forget everything.

After the death of his mother on Jomark, Nathan was adopted into the House of Solo. There, he met his future wife, Jaina Solo, and grew in his knowledge of the Force and everyday experiences. After joining the Jedi Academy at the age of eight, he was given his grandfather's holocron, which would later tell him during the Yuuzhan Vong War the mysteries of his past and of the people he was ordained to save.

After finding and killing his father, who had been the threat he was supposed to remove, he became an honorary member of the Novus Kamino Prime Jedi Knights. Through the help of the Ottiumigos Centrality, he was able to save the Galactic Alliance from losing the last battle of the Yuuzhan Vong War and married Jaina. Over the next couple of years, he had children and began to help the Jedi Order police the Galaxy.

After the introduction of the Sith Order of Decreto, Nathan's life as a family man was almost torn asunder when his wife died. Despondent, he went to his honorary home of Novus Kamino Prime and remained there until the war came back to haunt him. Banding together with survivors just like him, he helped to form the Scourges of Those Bad Guy People and the Galactic Commonwealth.

Unfortunately, the Sith would eventually make Nathan lose his life, or so it seemed. Thanks to the help of loyal allies, Nathan was placed into cryostasis, to remain there until he was needed again by the Galaxy. Although he sporadically came out to help several different problems, Nathan remained in cryostasis until the Reaver War.

Helping to lead the Jedi to a temporary victory, he was able to save the remnants of the Fifth Republic, find new love, and protect his descendants. Unfortunately, Nathan died as a result of leading Sith Lord Darth Aemulus back to the light. But even in death, Nathan was useful, helping to lead his family to a brighter tomorrow.


Birth to AdoptionRectify


Nathan grew up in the Unknown Regions, and was immediately taught everything his mother could think of. She had taught him how to duel with a lightsaber at the age of two. She also taught him about his grandfather, Nathaniel Kenobi, and all that he had passed on to her.

When he was two years old, his mother received a vision from Nathan's grandfather, which told her that it was time to return to Known Space. She did so and was prompted to go to the planet Jomark. While here, she encountered Luke Skywalker and the insane clone, Joruus C'baoth. She defended Luke and Nathan from him, but was fatally injured. With her dying breath, she asked Luke to give her son to someone who can take care of him and to give him her father's holocron when the time was right.

Nowhere close to being ready to be a father, Luke gave Nathan to his twin sister Leia and her husband Han, who had just conceived the twins, Jaina Solo and Jacen Solo. He was adopted into the House of Solo and added it to his already long name.

Raised by the two, Nathan was given a father figure for the first time in his life. His new mother also provided some solace whenever he remembered the death of his mother. Thankfully, the Force ghost of his mother came to him one day and told him that she was in a better place and that he would be fine.

Early AdventuresRectify

When he was three years old, the resurrected Emperor Palpatine, had captured his Uncle Luke, and his new parents. Deciding that he needed to help, but not knowing how, he managed to sneak aboard an X-wing and waited for the pilot to fly the starfighter towards his parents. He was actually more of a hindrance than a help, and Palpatine sensed that he held even more power than Anakin did, so intended to use Nathan as the next host of his body.

Han, Leia, and Luke were able to prevent this, however, as Han had shot him in the back. He left his intentions for Nathan behind, as Anakin was closer to him, and attempted to put his spirit into the young Solo, but was intercepted by Empatojayos Brand, who was about to die anyways. Palpatine's spirit was finally put to rest and the Jedi were safe again.


During the period in which Luke Skywalker's body had been put into stasis by the Sith Lord Exar Kun, he helped Jacen save Luke's physical body from being destroyed by Exar Kun's creatures. When Jaina, Anakin, and Jacen were kidnapped by Hethrir, he helped his adopted mother to find them.

He also helped Jaden Korr and Chewbacca during the Mission to Mos Eisley and helped Jaden again during the Mission to Chandrila. Both times he had stowed away to help Jaden, feeling that it was the right thing to do. Both times Luke reprimanded him, trying to teach him the importance of listening to people in leadership positions, he never forgot it, except, he never listened to it.

Jedi AcademyRectify

Two years older than his adopted siblings, he started at the Jedi Academy before them. There he learned of the Jedi and the Sith. He also had learned that the dark side was something that could be used for good, as long as the person who wielded it, was in the right state. During this time, he became adept at Form X, just like his grandfather before him.


Here he received his grandfather's holocron for the first time, but it would not open nor would it give any information at all. He toyed with it for a while and never gave up, but he would have to wait for the Yuuzhan Vong War first.

During the Bothan crisis, Nathan was part of a Jedi apprentice training course near the Remnant and his group was captured by the Imperials and placed in the interrogation wing of a Super Star Destroyer. He resisted interrogation which would have helped Disra and the other collaborators greatly, even when they pulled teeth to gain it, he wouldn't budge.

He escaped and released Tionne and the other captive Jedi. He then proceeded to sabotage Super the Star Destroyer they were aboard, and confronted the Moff in charge, thanking him for pulling the last of his loose teeth for him.

He helped his brother Anakin and his friend Tahiri on their quests and helped bring down the Shadow Academy. He also encountered the crime syndicate known as the Black Sun for the first time. He would later battle an alternative version of the Black Sun. It was during this time that he first developed an infatuation for his "sister", Jaina.

Slave SeedRectify

Before the Yuuzhan Vong War, Nathan would have been like any other Jedi in detecting the Yuuzhan Vong, but, as fate would have it—most likely the Force's intervention—Nathan would meet someone who could, however indirectly, teach him this technique.

Nathan had received reports of a small smuggling operation on the forest moon of Endor, which had been feeding the Imperial Remnant with stolen weapons. He proceeded there and scuttled the operation. Unfortunately, after he had completed his mission, he was struck from behind by someone he hadn't known existed.

The man woke him up later, explaining that as soon as his "fellows" came, the Jeedai would be exterminated. Nathan tried hard to feel him, but could not. The man implanted him with a slave seed and Nathan felt his mind seduced by a strong presence. He and his captor went to meet up with another man who shared the same characteristics as the first on Bakura. Nathan resisted and finally became the seducer, breaking free, he felt his captor in the Force. The man tore off his "skin" and revealed a heavily scarred form.

Unfortunately, the people of Bakura had begun to think the two men were Ssi-Ruuvi spies and attacked the home they were stationed in. Nearby was the residence of the Thanas', so Malinza Thanas was watching from afar. The events afterwards would shape her thoughts on the Jedi and Republic for years to come. After escaping the mob of Bakurans, Nathan sparred with both of the men and eventually killed them, wondering what they were.

Yuuzhan Vong WarRectify

Extragalactic Species and No Force-Sensitivity Don't MixRectify

"Who's next?"
―Nathaniel Kenobi Solo to Yuuzhan Vong warriors on Duro
"I renounce my fear of telling the truth to the one I love! Jaina, I love you."
―Nathan to Jaina Solo during the ceremony above Ithor where the Jedi were told to renounce something "bad" in them.

Nathan accompanied his aunt Mara, his mother Leia, and his future girlfriend Jaina to Rhommamool and was surprised when none of them (except for him) could sense Nom Anor in the Force. When the Yuuzhan Vong invaded the Galaxy, he was one of the first Jedi to encounter them. But he was the only one to sense them.

Nathan, Jaina, Jacen, and Anakin prepped for the defense of Dubrillion and Destrillion. He felt afraid, an emotion not common to him at all. He felt scared that he should be the one who could sense them in the Force. He asked such questions as why should he be the one and not another and was he somehow tied to this new race. Luckily, he remembered the mysterious beings who had captured him a year ago. The one named Provec Acto, who looked strikingly similar to the Yuuzhan Vong.

Instead of pursuing the truth further, he brushed aside his fears and participated in New Republic victories at Dubrillion and Helska. He also blamed himself for Chewbacca's death, since he could have ghosted him away, had he been there. He also participated at the Battle of Dantooine.


A fairly decent pilot, he and Jaina joined the legendary Rogue Squadron, but being the rogue he was, did not stay with them all the time. With Tenel Ka at his side, he began to evacuate the populaces of several planets, on Taris, they were knocked out and transported into a Peace Brigade ship. The Trandoshans in charge were Force-sensitives. In Trandoshan society being Force-sensitive automatically brings down your points with the Scorekeeper.

He managed to convince one of them, Zossk Sadeet, to free him and Tenel. He took Zossk as his apprentice. This also led to a mutual respect between him and Tenel Ka. He once had had feelings for her, but she pointed out to him that his destiny was with Jaina, not her. During the Battle of Ithor, he confessed his love for Jaina. He told her that after everything was over, they would get married, but they had to wait. During the Yuuzhan Vong attack on Duro, he fought through droves of Yuuzhan Vong warriors to save Jacen and Leia from Tsavong Lah.

Receiving a vision, he felt the need to get Anakin Solo back from the now captured Jedi Academy of Yavin IV, and learned why when he helped Anakin escape. The Shamed Ones were a low caste in the Yuuzhan Vong and were considered inferior to the "higher-ups". He felt burdened by this and accidentally began the Jeedai "Heresy".

He and several other Jedi pilots, helped the Zabrak of Iridonia escape their planet's takeover by the Yuuzhan Vong. He also established communications and brokered a temporary peace treaty with the Chev and Chevin of Vinsoth to help with the Great River project of his uncle's. He even got their leader, Ephant Mon to come out of retirement.

The Redemption of KorribanRectify

"Why don't you go back home and cry to your mother? Oh wait—you don't have one, do you?"
―Nathaniel Kenobi Solo to Darth Mutatos

During the formation of the Great River, he and his idol, Kyle Katarn, initiated the Mission to Korriban, so that they could stop the threat of the Sith alchemist, Darth Mutatos.

The group consisted of several Jedi: Jaden Korr, Tenel Ka, Zekk, Imon Redirnus, Raxe Nuk, Hivrekh'wao'cheklev, Jaina Solo, Zossk Sadeet, Valin Horn, Jysella Horn, Jovan Drark, and Lowbacca. They were accompanied by the Arkanian smuggler Maka Jeth, his Yaka slave Duwingo, the Ryn spacer Orroz, and the Brubb spacer Arboc. They used Maka's personal freighter, Maka's Delight, to infiltrate the now captured planet Korriban.


Maka and Duwingo double-crossed the Jedi and advised a Yuuzhan Vong Sub-Commander, Eatmo Chick'en, to their whereabouts. He and Duwingo were killed by the traitorous Vong, but luckily for the Jedi, Nathan and Zossk initiated their ghosting power, so that they could escape.

In the tombs of Ajunta Pall and other Sith Lords, the Jedi split-up, so that they can cover more ground quicker than usual. During the time, Zekk's group was attacked by mutated shyracks and Imon was killed. Kyle's group also fell under attack by mutated vornskrs and wampas, but they are able to escape into the tomb of Ajunta Pall. Nathan's group was also attacked by Mutatos and Sacul Vao, along with mutated wraids and tuk'ata. Jaina was stabbed by Sacul, Zossk and Raxe were knocked out trying to defend Jysella, while Nathan's vocal cords were almost completely cut off, and his lightsabers were destroyed. He barely had enough time to make a blind ghosting attempt.

He reached Kyle's group and explained what happened via the Force, since it would take some time for his vocal cords to heal. Hivrekh built a makeshift vocabulator for him, but Nathan—though he still used it—disliked it, because it made him sound like Darth Vader. The motley group proceeded to the caverns below to avoid a Yuuzhan Vong patrol.

On the way, the group discovered two beings of unidentifiable origin. The "master", Cornelius, told Nathan of his and San-Props'—the other being—species. He is a Korribanite and San-Props is an Original Sith, as in the original species! Cornelius led them into his species' hideout in the depths of the huge caves that are abundant on Korriban.

The group reached the main city where they were greeted by happy mobs of not only Korribanites and Sith, but former Massassi warriors, and other species that had been captured by the Sith during the Great Hyperspace War. They went to the Council and learned of a prophecy made after Ludo Kressh and Naga Sadow had been defeated by Old Republic forces. It stated that some Humans, a Ryn, a Hapan, a Devaronian, and a Kel Dor would come and save them from a threat that populated their world—Mutatos and the Yuuzhan Vong. To ensure this happened, the three species, along with their former captives, fled to the depths of Korriban, to avoid anything that came along.

It is learned that the only reason they knew that the Jedi would come that day, was because of a Force-sensitive descendant of a former captive, who had a strange Force power, Astral projection. They agreed to help the combined group in saving their homes, but not until Nathan could build some lightsabers to replace the ones destroyed by Mutatos.


They learned of a secret crystal cave that had been found by a Twi'lek spelunker, Arhnell, who had been found as Force-sensitive by Nathan's ancestor the Jedi Exile. The Exile gave Arhnell the location and told him of the terentatek that was there and tasked Arhnell to protect the crystals from her and to protect them for a descendant of hers...Nathan. (The terentatek would have fed off of the Force energies there, which was how she survived after the deaths of her parents by Revan's hand.)

Nathan sent Hivrekh and Orroz on a scouting mission to find out when the captured Jedi were to be sacrificed. He and the others sought out the cave and found the terentatek and killed it with several thermal detonators. After finding Arhnell's Force ghost, Nathan convinces him that he is the one who needs the crystals, Arhnell's spirit fades and becomes one with the Force. It was here where he first gained his two lightsabers, one black, the other white; combined they made a gray double-bladed lightsaber.

After receiving the news that the captured Jedi were to be sacrificed in two days, Nathan told the remaining Jedi that he was going to let himself get captured, and to have the Court of Yun-Coria "sentence" him. He knew of a loophole in their laws that would help the rest of the Jedi free the captured ones and escape on Maka's Delight, provided the combined forces of the underground provide a very big distraction.


He was sent to the Court and made several nonsense claims, so that the other Jedi could rescue the captured ones. His "speech" was stopped by Mutatos, Sacul, their animals, and the captured Jedi, who had been brainwashed by Mutatos. Commander Hooley Krekk and senior creche-judge Eg'roeg Coris were killed in the skirmish and Nathan had to disable Jaina and the other Jedi. Hope came in the form of the combined Sith, Korribanite, and Massassi forces, who destroyed the Court's damutek and while Nathan was battling Mutatos, he was killed by his traitorous apprentice, Sacul.

Sacul attacked Nathan, as the combined forces took out all Yuuzhan Vong and mutated animal resistance. Nathan beheaded her and stopped the battle. All of the Jedi survived and promised to keep the secrets that they had found away from the "outside world". It was during this time that the Yuuzhan Vong decided that Nathan was the goddess Yun-Coria's messenger of avenging that which was made wrong: Yun-Avengane.

The War Drags OnRectify

"May I pass?"
―Nathaniel Kenobi Solo to Ganner Rhysode after killing a lot of Yuuzhan Vong warriors at the Well of the World Brain

During the Mission to Myrkr, he refused to become part of the battlemeld the Jedi had created. He didn't know why, he just didn't like it. This would later help him to not fall under someone else's influence.


He, unlike the other Jedi, did not get captured on Lando's ship. He and Zossk made it look like they were accidentally forced out into space via the garbage chute. Instead, they ghosted onto the Yuuzhan Vong vessel and made the crew uneasy, sometimes appearing as a mythical Yuuzhan Vong space specter. He and Zossk eventually killed the voxyn and the warriors guarding the captured Jedi and helped to gain control of the ship.

When the group went into the worldship he stayed in the front lines, killing as many Yuuzhan Vong as possible, trying to gain his wounded friends some respite. Although Anakin was considered the strike team's leader, Nathan didn't concern himself with such frivolities.

When they encountered the Dark Jedi Lomi and Welk, he was one in favor of leaving them for dead, only based on the reason that he felt something "wrong" about them. This would later come true during the Dark Nest Crisis. When they reached the defunct AT-AT, he used force lightning to charge its blaster cannons for a couple seconds, buying the Jedi some time to escape.

When Anakin was wounded defending Jaina with Nathan—she had been incapacitated by blorash jelly—Nathan carried him so that he could regain his strength quicker. Anakin didn't like the idea, but as Zossk Sadeet put it:

"My Master can be, very persuazive."
―Zossk Sadeet talking about Nathan's influence through the Force.

When Anakin died defending them from the Vong, Nathan managed to get the Yuuzhan Vong's trained voxyn to attack one another, giving the Jedi and Anakin more time. He felt his adopted brother's death, and his sweetheart's anger. Terrified of losing her to something only he knew how to control, he remained by her side constantly, making sure her actions could remain in check. They escaped Myrkr and fled to Hapes.

After, he helped bring Jaina back to the light, because after the death of brother, Anakin, and the disappearance and supposed death of Jacen, she had fallen. During the Borleias mission, he had an urge to help the Shamed Ones. Something kept prodding him to do it, so after a goodbye to Jaina, he went with Luke's striketeam to Coruscant. Here he departed from them and helped create a Shamed underground and also helped bring the "heresy" they had created to bear fruit, as the Shamed watched their "redeemer" help them.


When Jacen Solo and Ganner Rhysode were on the planet, he realized that he was meant to save Jacen, before anything happened to him. With his loyal Shamed One allies, he stormed the Well of the World Brain and prophesied that a former enemy would lead them to greatness. Leaving Ganner behind to keep the Yuuzhan Vong at bay, he assisted Vergere and Jacen in their escape. Shortly after, Nom Anor, who unknowingly had fulfilled Nathan's prophecy, took over his duties teaching the Shamed as the Prophet.

"I believe the word she was looking for gentlebeings, was fire."
―Nathan to the crew of the Ksstarr, after surprising Jaina.

While Jacen and Vergere were leaving to Mon Calamari, he ghosted to the captured Yuuzhan Vong cruiser, Ksstarr and Jaina. She was busy directing the battle, when she felt something kissing her: It was Nathan making as dramatic an entrance as possible. They won and he returned to Mon Cal and was voted as an ulterior member of the new Council, taking the place of a missing Council member, which he did several times.

He participated in the Battle of Ebaq 9. When the Jedi were forced to land on Tarkin's Fang, he "coerced" a furious Jaina to flee into the tunnels while he held the Yuuzhan Vong off.

Twin Suns Squadron (of which he was a founding member) was assigned to protect his parents, while they were attempting to re-establish communications across the GFFA. So he joined them, but only for a while. He was captured by the Yuuzhan Vong when his XJ lost power in a small skirmish above Raxus Prime. Luckily, he was able to escape and destroyed the cruiser he had been taken to before it could transport him to Coruscant to be sacrificed.


After the excursion to Bakura, he was messing with his grandfather's holocron, while Jaina and Zossk entered his room. He finally managed to get it to work and was dazzled by his ancestor's exploits following the end of the great Jedi Purge.

Explanations About the PastRectify

"So this is my family history. Finally, I can do what I was born to do. I must save the colony my grandfather built to protect the Jedi. Nothing will get in my way."
―Nathan on his purpose in life

The trio watched as Nathan's grandfather explained his story. He told of The Vandal Wars and the Battle of Jrack. He told of how Ferus Olin and Anakin Skywalker were his greatest friends. He told of the betrayal and pain he felt at discovering that Anakin had betrayed them.

Nathan Sr. had gained two apprentices earlier that day, one was named Ada Fey'lya and the other was Udo Rand. He had found both strong in the Force and could not decide which to pick, so he chose both of them. He and another friend named Jak Virtus had tried to defend the younglings, but to no avail. He managed to sneak out by utilizing his ghosting power, taking Udo and Ada with him.

Thanks to Bail Organa, they escaped and fled to Belsavis. Unfortunately, they could not reach it, as they were stopped Gilad Pellaeon. They changed plans and went to Kamino, seeking to destroy the cloning facilities.

Nathan was told of the evacuation of Kamino and the love his father had found in a woman who looked exactly the same as his own: Abigaile Jade. He was told of the founding of Novus Kamino Prime and the Jedi his grandfather had trained to defend them. The Ottiumigos Centrality intrigued him, as well as the rogue Yuuzhan Vong Commander who had attacked them: Hooley Krekk.


His grandfather's determination to destroy the Imperials matched his own fervor in destroying the Yuuzhan Vong's hold on the Galaxy. He watched as his grandfather lied to his grandmother, driving her to leave for Tatooine.

He watched the dead man's despair and his renewed spirit searching for a wife he had never wished to hurt. He watched as he was told—again—of a bad decision he had made to help the smugglers Maka Jeth and Duwingo.

He watched the Emperor and Darth Vader fight his descendant and witnessed his grandmother's death. He watched as they fled Wayland for parts unknown. He noticed that the Jedi were still there on Novus Kamino Prime and that his grandfather had made a prophecy concerning the colony's future. That they would be freed from adversity by his descendant, in other words Nathaniel Kenobi Solo.

Nathan watched as the holocron shut off and thought gleefully. Particularly about the group of sizable Jedi still left on the colony of Novus Kamino Prime. Seeing an opportunity to help strengthen the already low Jedi morale, he kissed Jaina goodbye and promised to marry her after he was done.


"Did my grandfather intend for the colony he established to be so mired in apathy, that they would execute one of their own?"
―Nathaniel Kenobi Solo to the members of the Novus Kamino Prime Council about the interrogation of Wakdraxon

Nathan's adventure was to take a turn for the worst, when a Rodian Peace Brigade member, Eutrus, passed on this classified information to his Yuuzhan Vong superior, Vlek Shai. The Yuuzhan Vong quickly made plans to kill the unsuspecting Jeedai of the colony, before they could adapt as the Jedi of the GFFA had done. Zossk Sadeet learned of this and went to Nathan's last known coordinates to warn him.

Nathan arrived in the Ottiumigos Centrality and found his long-lost father, but learned that not only was he the false messiah, he was a Clawdite Dark Jedi. Thanks to the efforts of Ada Karr, Derran Karr, Kla, Olos Nah, Rozix, Tireal, Crash, Sneaky, and Flyboy, Nathan was able to escape Ottiumigos Prime, but unfortunately, Flyboy and Kla were killed.

Nathan then met his grandfather's old friend, Doc, and got an update on the Colonies' situation. He then proved that he is the savior by ghosting. Prime Minister Taun We and Jedi Masters Plett and Pandraxon then granted him partial control of the fleet and colony. Nathan assumed his grandfather's role as Slag One and began campaigns against the Traitors.

After a month of endless hit and run strikes, Nathan had had enough: now would be the time to hurt his father. In this period of time, Nat-ahn had conceived a child by his Zeltron concubine Dina, named Dal-tone Mandrex. Now unafraid that his line would end, he authorizes deadly force against his estranged son.

Disobeying Brashus' orders, Nathan attacks his father's fleet in a space battle and wins. Impressed, Brashus offers him his position, but Nathan refuses, saying that he is here to save them, not gain a position that would encumber them.

When the victorious Jedi return to Novus Kamino Prime's Jedi Temple, they discovered it was ablaze and under attack by the invading Traitor Dark Jedi. One is captured and was tortured for information. When the captured Dark Jedi's—Pandraxon's daughter Wakdraxon—condition is revealed to Nathan by Doc, he stopped the interrogation and uses a simple mind probe and sees Kelakus' slaves.

Zossk, meanwhile, encounters the Yuuzhan Vong above the world of Toola, whose native Whiphids had suffered grievous losses in battle. She fought the advance agents and manages to flee to Nathan, warning of the Yuuzhan Vong. Nathan, to the surprise of Zossk, laughs and thanks her for the concern. He has already had his troops combat-ready for the Vong, equipping them with weapons supplied by his soon-to-be wife Jaina Solo, and the Colonies had already manufactured many anti-Yuuzhan Vong weapons beforehand, fearing that the Treaty of Novus Kamino Prime might be broken.


Nathan devises a plan to end the war once and for all: while the main battlefleet, under Brashus, focuses on the Yuuzhan Vong, and another on Ottiumigos Prime, he will lead an assault on the manufacturing world Kelakus. The plans were drawn, the battles begun, the end in sight. The Yuuzhan Vong attacked Novus Kamino Prime, but thanks to Zossk and Brashus, they were easily defeated. Partial thanks was given to the fact that several Jedi had trained themselves to be ready for the Yuuzhan Vong to return. Sensing defeat, Supreme Commander Vlek Shai, jumped to the Kelakus system. Intent on causing as much destruction as possible.

The feint at Ottiumigos Prime was semi-successful, because Nat-ahn fled when he realizes that is not their intended target. He finds his son on Kelakus and threatens his new child's life, unless Nathan comes and lets them finish it once and for all. Even though he followed the Potentium, the scared cries of his half-brother resonated through the Force, so Nathan accepted the challenge: winner take all.

Not the best lightsaber duelist, Nat-ahn used his shapeshifting and guile to try to win Nathan over. A chance mind probe on his part, revealed whom Nathan loved and Nat-ahn promised to take very...special care of her. Since he had been holding back until then, Nathan let loose the fury of all nine Corellian hells.

Vlek Shai came into the fray and attacked the two Force-sensitives. Evenly matched, Vlek and Nat-ahn ganged up on Nathan. The two foes almost subdued him, but remembering the promise he had given Jaina, and the cries of Dal-tone, Nathan found all the willpower he needed and conquered his opponents. Slicing the duo in six neatly cut pieces.

With their leader dead, the Traitors surrender and receive a full pardon. Nathan takes most of the Jedi and clones to the Core, so that they can help in the retaking of Coruscant. He and Jaina also adopted Dal-tone. Unfortunately, Dal-tone was born with a defection, his heart and lungs were not large enough to support his tiny body. He died the following year and was buried with honor on Ottiumigos Prime. Or, that's what people wanted them to think.

The Battle of CoruscantRectify

"This is it, boys. The one to finish it all. If we lose, they win the war. But if we win, then you better believe we'll send them back where they came from."
―Nathan trying to boost the morale of his troops.

After the Battle of Novus Kamino Prime, Novus Kamino Prime had begun issuing scientists and soldiers to study everything Yuuzhan Vong. This led to better knowledge of their ships and they were able to receive weapons left behind on Ottiumigos Prime and train their soldiers on how to best them in battle. This led to the creation of the Amphistaff Legion, which specialized in killing them.

These troops proved very effective during the Battle of Coruscant, as they were a surprise to the Yuuzhan Vong they fought, seeing as they used their own weapons against them. Nathan led them to the heart of Shimrra's fortress, along with Jaina, Jacen, and Luke. They fought the Slayers and Nathan held off most of them while Luke went for Shimrra.

He felt Jaina collapse in the Force as she pursued Onimi and realized she had been captured. He watched Jacen head after her and followed. The two brothers conquered the would-be conquerer and finished the battle.

But thanks to the treachery of Nom Anor, they weren't out of trouble yet. That was when he revealed that everything Nom Anor had done, had been something he already knew about. The portrayal of Yu'Shaa, the poisoning of Zonama Sekot, and the "betrayal" of his family on Shimrra's former escape vehicle. Knowing this, Nom Anor escaped and was presumed dead.

Calm Before the StormRectify

Post Yuuzhan Vong War: NabooRectify

"It's bad enough you had to fight Vader and lose. Didn't you get it then? There is no dark side, only fools and idiots, such as you!"
―Nathaniel Kenobi Solo to Darth Maul's resurrected spirit

After the final battle and the retaking of Coruscant, Nathan and Jaina married. It was a splendid ceremony and many remarked that it mirrored the marriage of Han and Leia Solo several years earlier in size. Their honeymoon took place on the planet Naboo.


While attempting to land there, their ship—which was a wedding present from Talon Karrde—was shot down and they had to get to the escape pods and in the process got separated from each other. Nathan awoke to the strange city of Otoh Gunga and was met by an old Gungan, who told him of some Jedi that had helped him and his fellow Gungans out in the past.

Jaina awoke to an even stranger setting. She did not know who or what she was! A man came into the room and informed her that she was to be his bride in a few days and that he was a Sith Lord and she would be his second-in-command. His name was Darth Pravus. Nathan agreed to help the Gungans and Humans who had been exiled by the Sith Lord for treason, on the condition they help him find his wife.

Darth Pravus went back into his chambers and conversed with the Force ghost of Darth Maul. He told him everything was in order and was going to plan. Maul smiled and thanked the Sith for helping to bring about more glory to the name Sith.


On an espionage mission, Nathan found out that all of the droids that had been left behind after the Trade Federation's invasion had been reactivated. And even worse, they were building ships to threaten the already weakened Galactic Federation of Free Alliances. During the mission, he spotted Jaina and attempted to bring her back into the light. She feigned it and stabbed him in the stomach. Leaving him for dead, she returned to her new Master.

Thanks to the help of the Gungans, Nathan was able to escape and plan the destruction of the droids. But thanks to an information tap, he was able to discover that Pravus was to leave for the planet Rakata Prime, more specifically to the "reborn" Star Forge, so that they could create another droid army. Contacting the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances, Nathan was able to receive a battlefleet to destroy the Sith.

In a fierce lightsaber duel, he managed to retrieve his wife and kill both the Sith Lord and Maul's force ghost, which had manifested itself in Pravus' body. and Admirals Gilad Pellaeon and Traest Kre'fey were able to destroy the Star Forge. The happy couple continued their honeymoon elsewhere, somewhere safer, like Nar Shaddaa.


"Many famous people have come from Sullust, padawan. Though few things have ever happened here. Some people go as far as to say it is a "dead planet". Which makes it the perfect target for these criminals."
―Nathaniel Kenobi Solo to Grapper

Following the aforementioned events, Nathan and Jaina had two children: Mariz Kenobi Solo (a variation of Mara) and Anakin Kenobi Solo. (For his dead adopted brother.) He also relocated the Whiphids because of the devastation caused on their homeworld, Toola by the Yuuzhan Vong.

In 24 ABY, Falleen and Sullustan thugs Reckz and Klic Niuv witnessed the downfall of Black Sun at the hands of the Jedi Knights. They were able to escape by altering their retinas and fleeing to Sullust, of which Black Sun did not have a base located at. They plotted to resurrect it, but under a different name and purpose: Black Nova. They intended it to be for the fueling of the anti-Yuuzhan Vong movement, so that while the GFFA and the Jedi were occupied with that, they could begin to plunge the Galaxy into civil war, selling weapons to both sides.


They were not in this alone, a Dark Jedi named simply, Pelis Helrote, a Givin, had given instruction on the matter, sensing an opportunity to revive the Sith's control over the Galaxy. Luckily for the Galaxy, Jedi Masters Jaina Solo and Nathan intercepted their plans on a smuggling bust. Nathan alerted his former apprentice, now Jedi Knight Zossk Sadeet and her apprentice, a female Clatear named Clig'orh, so they joined them in destroying it from within.

The Bothan leader, Reh'mwa, had contacted the Black Nova and agreed to deal with them. Nathan's Sif'krie apprentice, Grapper, found out and alerted her Master. Nathan arranged to have his group scheduled to "guard" the shipment.

More than halfway through, Nathan felt a dark influence and told the others to start without him. He followed the presence, awaiting a trick or a trap. It was sprung, but thanks to his logic and danger sense, he was able to avoid the Givin's attack. He asked why the Dark Jedi was attacking him and why he hated the Yuuzhan Vong.

The Givin replied that he didn't care, except that it would advance his own needs. Nathan and the Dark Jedi battled, while Jaina and the rest of the Jedi sabotaged the mission. Unfortunately, Reh'mwa had prepared for this and ordered a group of Bothan Assault Cruisers to attack them.

When Nathan realized how close they were to Sekot, he left the Dark Jedi alone and went to the bridge. The two crimelords were about to release the coordinates of Sekot, when Nathan killed them unmercifully with Force crush.

His plans falling all around him, Reh'mwa left the Jedi alone, provided his name was kept out of the ordeal. The Jedi would later deal with him during the Swarm War. Meanwhile, the Givin Dark Jedi charged the Jedi, but he was struck down by a blastershot from behind, Nathan had had enough.

The Jedi's mission successful, the rest of the Order sent the surviving members of the Black Nova into prison. Nathan and Jaina took a well deserved break, which ended up with the conception of their youngest child, Jacen Kenobi Solo.

Swarm WarRectify

"Miss me?"
―Nathaniel Kenobi Solo to Welk

When Raynar's call came Nathan did not receive it. For he had not been part of the battlemeld. Even though he did not feel it, he went to find his wife. Following clues, he was led to a strange planet, filled with blue Killiks, which attacked him. After defeating them, he saw an old "friend", Welk. Engaging him in a lightsaber duel, he was about to be killed, when out of nowhere, he was pulled from there and brought to the past.

Astonished, he noticed his grandfather, grandmother, and his mother, accompanied by another woman, albeit alien, named Asajj Ventress. She told him that he was not dead and that it was not time for him to die either. She taught him more long-lost Force powers that would become relevant later.

He learned several lost techniques from older Orders of the Jedi. Such as Force stasis, Psychometry, Battle Meditation, Force Storm, and the ability to use his lightsaber's energy to flow over him, making himself practically invulnerable. Unfortunately, this could only be used sparingly, as it caused severe scarring after a while.

When his aunt Mara and uncle Luke were fighting Gorog, he ghosted back and ignited his lightsabers, except they didn't come from the blades. He had become the lightsaber. With a quick strike, he apparently killed Welk.

During the Qoribu incident, he stayed away from his wife and Zekk, as he didn't know how to deal with their present situation as Joiners. He also assisted in the Battles of Nickel One and Thyferra, but they were temporary annoyances to him, because he knew his wife was in danger.

While his wife and Zekk were trapped on Tenupe, he, Anakin, and Mariz got into their Stealth-Xs and went out to rescue them. Jaina and Zekk had enough problems on their hands, though; Welk had not died, but had come back for more! He captured them and told them that they were merely the bait. Nathan came regardless and with the help of his children—and a couple well-hidden YVH droids—slew Welk for eternity. Thus ending the Dark Nest, because Luke had killed Lomi Plo and redeemed Raynar.

The Dragon SlayersRectify

On the Outer Rim world of POC3, a group of freedom fighters were desperate. Their world was slowly being taken over by the assassin droid HK-78 and his "subjects", the firewelder-droids, or "Dragons". The resistance was called the The POC3 Dragon Slayers. They petitioned the Alliance for help and Jedi Masters Nathan and Jaina answered the plea.

They organized them better and brought along some old friends who would know how to deal with droids: the clonetroopers of Novus Kamino Prime. With the help of the clones, the Jedi were able to deal with the droids much more effectively than if they were not there.

The assassin droid had learned of his "family's" history and had decided to make his own mark—so he decided to follow in the path of the first droid to have the name HK: HK-01. He would lead the droids against the Galaxy and kill the Yuuzhan Vong for daring the deactivate them. Still suffering from scars of the Yuuzhan Vong War, Nathan almost let them set out to continue on their quest, but realized that his selfishness would cause the deaths of millions.

Luckily, Nathan, Jaina, the resistance, and the troopers were more than a match for him, deactivating him and restoring the firewelder-droids' memories back. The droids then resumed their normal duties. The native populace of POC-3 heralded them as heroes and they left back to Coruscant with the remains of HK-78. Better to keep one's enemies closer than to let them be resurrected.


On a diplomatic mission to Mandalore, Nathan and Jaina were met by Brek, a former friend of Nathan's from Novus Kamino Prime, who had left the Colonies for Mandalore. They were honored guests of the Mandalorians, because of the ties they had with them, notably their last names. They had also brought Anakin and Mariz so that they could gain experience in diplomacy.

The mission was doomed to failure when insurgents within the Mandalorian ranks attacked the party planned for the talks. Brek was killed and all hope lost for the Kenobi Solos to escape Mandalore alive.


In the confusion, Nathan lost his lightsabers and all he had left was his malfunctioning blaster, a result of not repairing it. Having never visited Mandalore before that date, Nathan's ghosting power was almost useless, but he got them out of the dining hall before it exploded. Without their usual equipment, the Jedi were stumped on what to do next. They eventually decided to go through the rain forest.

Trekking through the planet's rain forests, the Jedi were sieged by the planet's flora and fauna, and were being tracked by the most skilled hunters in the Galaxy. The Mandalorian insurgent's leader, Kaji Ordo, made their assassination his top priority. He sent bounties on them that covered Mandalore.

Nathan and Jaina managed to deal with most of them, including the capture of a Force-sensitive Togorian Mandalorian. Her name was Jaki Grawn. Because of their ties to the Mandalorians, she agreed to help give them safe passage off Mandalore, so that the GFFA could be alerted to their situation. He was also helped by Goran Beviin, who became a friend and confidante during the Alliance-Confederation War.

They succeeded in escaping and Nathan regained his lightsabers, but due to the honor code of the Mandalorians, he fought Kaji with two vibroblades. He killed the Mandalorian and the insurgents followed his command. These Mandalorians would later prove useful to the Galactic Commonwealth in the Battle of Ruusan.

Those Pesky CorelliansRectify

Corellian Insurrection: BetrayalRectify

"If you must..."
―Nathaniel Kenobi Solo speaking to Jacen Solo through the Force about his "fall."

While Jaina was busy on Corellia, he, Mariz, and Anakin went to Balmorra to investigate illegal weapons sales. After learning that Jacen Solo and Ben Skywalker had been attacked in a similar situation, he and his children fled the weapons complex, but not before setting charges to destroy the droid shipments going to the Corellians.

Unfortunately, he and his children were met by a collaborator, a Force-sensitive one at that. Someone only known by the term given by Mariz, "Vongerella". Nathan dueled with her while his children fought off the security guards. Neither fighter could subdue the other, so he escaped with his children to report this to Master Luke.

They regrouped with the other Jedi and discussed what to do next. Thinking it was only an isolated incident, no immediate plans to find the Sith were enacted and Nathan never encountered the Sith again. He then attended the peace talks at Kuat and decided not to go with Jacen, seeing that his presence was not required. Later, he felt Jacen seemingly "fall" to the dark side, but he knew better. It was what he and Jacen were all along—the truth.

Corellian Insurrection: BloodlinesRectify

Nathan continued to work for the Jedi, often helping improve Jacen's image in the Order. When Ben Skywalker was helping to disrupt a riot, he, Anakin, and Mariz joined. Luckily, with his help, many lives were saved because of his ability to find the protesters with malcontent on their minds.

Curious as to how an earlier bombing had occurred, he and his children went into the criminal underworld, seeking the information that could help end all of the anti-Corellian/Coruscanti movements. He found that a Gotal crimelord, one Frent, had instigated it, since a major business rival of his, Corellian incidentally, had been located in the vicinity of the blast.


Nathan chased him and cornered him next to one of the gigantic craters created during the Yuuzhan Vong War. Rather than admit his guilt, the crimelord jumped, only to find out that during the time it has taken for Nathan to catch up to him, had given his pursuer the chance to localize his genetic code and ghost him to an Alliance cell.

Even Nathan grew disturbed by Jacen's behavior, so he would often conceal himself and follow his adopted brother, he witnessed the flowwalk to the Raid on the Jedi Temple and found that Jacen was trying to justify his role as a future Sith Lord. Smiling, he left him alone, but agreed during a conversation with Jaina to keep him under his very attentive eye. His original feelings on Jacen began to falter, but not enough for him to confront his adopted brother.

Corellian Insurrection: TempestRectify

Nathan was granted the title of Blademaster for the Coruscant Academy after showing Master Skywalker that he had learned every single known form of lightsaber combat. He helped to construct a training pad for recruits and for the Masters.

He trained Ben Skywalker before his "duel" with his father. Without even moving, he disarmed Ben in their practice battle. After Ben had fought Luke, Nathan asked for a chance to fight him. Luke accepted. Nathan said he'd go easy on his elder, saying he'd only use one lightsaber.

"They were going so fast, even I could not view the whole thing"
―Mara commenting on the "fight".

Nathan and Luke were about evenly-matched. But Nathan noted that Luke seemed to be holding back, so he used some of his famous taunting. He told Luke of how he had become a failure. How he was worthless, how if he had any worth, he would have saved Lumiya years ago.

Luke, angered after a while, attacked with such a fury and rage, even Mara was getting scared. Nathan had employed his favorite weapon—the Dun Möch—to full effect. Luke was getting careless and soon found himself also severed from his blade. Luke smiled and thanked Nathan for helping him realize it wasn't his fault for how things were going and that he needed to find Lumiya before anything else could happen.

When he saw Tenel and Allana in terrible trouble in a vision, he raced against time to the Hapes Cluster. He killed the assassins, who were hired by the Corellians should Aurra Sing fail, and helped the Queen Mother and Allana escape.

Nathan later joined up with Jacen and the GAG Star Destroyer Anakin Solo, so that he could protect Tenel and Allana better. He protected them against Aurra Sing again and helped to make her flee.

Corellian Insurrection: ExileRectify

After these events, Nathan and his children went to the planet Jrack. Jrack was the the only other source of meleenium—an element used in to make durasteel—besides Af'El. Corellian Separatists were sent to gain Jrack's succession from the Galactic Alliance and to get a contract working to get the meleenium. Nathan was able to stop this when he found out that they were planning to take it anyways.

Nathan and his children would then join up with Jaina, Jagged Fel, and Zekk to bring down the crazed Sith Alema Rar. He grew extremely jealous of the fact that the other two men would dare have feelings for his wife, especially since she was married to him still.

Their journey led them to the Errant Venture and into a minor conflict with Alema and joined Jacen in the stalemate at the Gilatter VIII. Fighting off droves of Confederation forces, he was able to save the lives of many people. He did, however, start to notice the growing darkness in Jacen and began to fear that he had been wrong all along.

Instead of following up that lead when the battle discontinued, he instead reunited with Jaina, who wanted to find Alema Rar as soon as possible. She said that if they were not careful, then the crazed Twi'lek could end up killing millions of people, Jedi included. These words later turned out to be semi-prophetic when Alema was implicated in the death of Mara Jade Skywalker.

Corellian Insurrection: SacrificeRectify

"Very funny, Jedi. Now leave.
No joke,
Mand'alor. Your call said for all Mandalorians to come and here I am. Ta-da."
―Boba Fett and Nathan on his joining the Mandalorians.

Nathan became increasingly worried about Jacen's behavior. He even began to wonder if he had been wrong about what Jacen intended to do. He's relationship with his wife was faltering because of this and his children were becoming distant to him. That's was when he heard of the call for all Mandalorians to return to Mandalore.

Intrigued, and suspicious at what Fett planned to do, Nathan talked with Jaina, which ended up being more of an argument, as she was much more temperamental these days. She reluctantly agreed to let him, Mariz, and Anakin go to Mandalore. Nathan hoped to spy on them and figure out what exactly they were planning to do. When he arrived and announced his intentions, he actually made Boba Fett chuckle.

Perplexed at this development, Boba asked why he thought he could become a Mandalorian. Nathan replied that since he had inherited his grandmother's Fett surname, he was entitled to be a Mandalorian. He also said that the rules about joining up were a little vague anyways.

Convinced, Boba allowed him to become a member of the "Mandalorian council" he had formed at the local bar. Nathan added insight into how Jacen thought and how the Galactic Alliance would be the least of their worries if the Sith returned. He was granted the title of Jetiise Vod Be Gra'tua Bal Ijaa—Jedi brother of vengeance and honor in Basic.—by his fellows and he and his children were given Mandalorian armor. He also became quite fluent in Mando'a at this time.

He oversaw the treaty between the Mandalorians and Verpine and told Fett that he would accompany them to Roche and eventually Murkhana, but he would not be party to a genocide. Fett assured him that there would be no such thing. Before that could occur, however, Mara Jade Skywalker was murdered and Nathan went to Hapes for the funeral service, taking Mariz and Anakin with him. There he met Jaina and his other son and told her that he was unsure of what to do next. She said the only thing they could do was to kill the ones responsible: Lumiya and Alema. With Lumiya dead, Alema was the only one left. But Nathan and Ben both had a pretty good idea who the real killer was: Jacen Solo, joint Chief of State with Cha Niathal. They agreed to kill him if he went too far.

Corellian Insurrection: InfernoRectify

"With all my power...I couldn't save them! Why couldn't I save them?"
―Nathan commenting on the deaths of the younglings on Ossus

Attending Mara Jade Skywalker's funeral in place of Jaina, Jag, and Zekk, Nathan was able to help thwart the Galactic Alliance Guard's attempt to capture his adopted parents. This soon earned him a spot on Jacen's future most wanted board, especially since he refused to acknowledge Jacen at the funeral, and left when Jacen made his abrupt arrival halfway through the service.

Returning to Ossus, where he reunited with the team in charge of tracking down Alema. However, a GAG guard who had formerly been controlled by him when he had initially joined Jacen, Salle Serpa, had come to Ossus on behalf of his real master. Growing increasingly annoyed by Jacen's activities of late, he forcibly "told" Salle that he would never give up his lightsaber to them and would instead undermine their authority in any way possible.

In response to this, Salle told several of his troopers to follow Nathan wherever he went, making sure he wasn't doing anything that would destroy their position on Ossus. However, instead of the fight they had figured would inevitably occur, they watched in awe as Nathan only remained his quarters, meditating as if they held no meaning to him whatsoever. Nathan, meanwhile, was using the time they so graciously gave him to lockdown on each of the Academy's young students, preparing to ghost them out at the first sign of trouble.

On the night of the invasion of Ossus, Nathan was in his room, meditating, when he felt a disturbance in the Force. Figuring it was the GAG troopers about to strike, he began to seek out the students, but, to his horror, he found them blocked off from him by ysalamir. (Although Nathan himself was immune from the ysalamir's power, he couldn't sense things in the Force where they were located unless he was there as well.) Fearing the worst, Nathan left his quarters, and drained the life from his "captors."

Racing to find the younglings, he felt the deaths of the Jedi Knights who were being taken down covertly by the GAG. Reaching for his comlink, he was about to wake Jaina up when he felt her presence fighting off the effects of coma gas. Reassured by her that she was alright and that the GAG had taken the younglings as hostages, he simply walked into the room where they had been taken to and stared down Salle.

Noting that Jaina, Jag, and Zekk were alright and ready to attack on a moment's notice, Nathan told Salle to let the younglings go. When Salle refused, Nathan reached out and charred the life out of him and his subordinates in the room. With their leader gone, the rest of the GAG guards fell easy to prey to the Jedi, but Nathan, after the fight was over, began to weep, because he had been unable to save the majority of the Jedi stationed there, including Master Kam Solusar, although he was later found alive and was treated for his wounds.

Unfortunately for Nathan's feelings, the war would not let up, and he joined Jaina and the others to meet Luke Skywalker on Kashyyyk. Asking to be the one to go and kill Jacen, Nathan was furious when Luke still felt that his nephew couldn't have turned to the dark side and was simply making bad decisions. To add insult to injury, he refused Nathan's request to attack Jacen, as he felt Nathan was the one in danger of falling to the dark side.

Nathan begrudgingly accepted his uncle's advice and accompanied Jaina and Luke in a StealthX attack on the Anakin Solo. Unfortunately, a stray shot from Jaina's StealthX seemingly killed Luke in an explosion planned by Jacen. Furious at the death of his adopted uncle, Nathan was about to ghost onto the bridge of the Anakin Solo when he felt a voice warning him from doing such. Figuring Jacen would have used a more suggestive way of making him back off, he began to think that Luke was warning him from beyond the grave.

Unknown to Nathan, Luke had faked his death, and had boarded the Anakin Solo and was attacking Jacen Solo, who had kidnapped Ben. Luke, fearing for his son's growing addiction to the dark, left the Anakin Solo and returned to the Jedi, and an astonished Nathan. Realizing that he wasn't as powerful as he had thought before, Nathan rated himself as only a quarter of the Grand Master in sheer power to his wife.

Not wanting to join the Confederation, Nathan suggested that the Jedi make up their own side. In this part, he was joined by fellows Ada Karr, Ichi Go, Renton Thur'ston, and Zossk Sadeet. After a group consensus was made, Luke Skywalker decided to vote in favor of Nathan's decision and join neither the Alliance or Confederation.

Corellian Insurrection: FuryRectify

"Jacen isn't the only menace we have to face now. I'm afraid these will be difficult times for all of us."
―Nathan after discovering the existence of more Sith than Jacen.

Following Jacen's miraculous escape from Kashyyyk, the Jedi regrouped on Endor, except for Nathan, who had taken Ichi Go and Renton Thur'ston with him to the Halla Sector, where they had received reports of a Dark Jedi roaming the planets in the sector. Before that, however, Nathan asked to be a part of the Jedi striketeam that Luke had set up to find and attack Jacen. His request was denied and he told Luke that if he didn't go, people would lose their lives.

Although his prediction came true, the mission had been a success anyways, though Kyle Katarn's acting nearly got him killed by Jacen. Nathan also began to wonder if he had made a mistake in not telling his family about Jacen's relationship with Allana, wondering if he would be bold enough to attack Tenel Ka to get her. Nathan eventually decided on telling his family, but was distracted by the Halla mission, where the trio had discerned that the Dark Jedi was making daily rounds killing off those who opposed the Confederation's presence in the sector. Deciding to follow and track the anti-Confederation Senators and bureaucrats, they soon found their quarry: a male Human named Dlorah Redual.

Saving the life of Bimm Senator Parkus in the process, the trio managed to thwart the Dark Jedi, who called himself a Sith. Following the trail of Dlorah, they arrived on Corellia, where they soon go caught in another political upheaval and almost lost their lives when the populace discovered their true identities. Luckily, though, they were able to escape with their lives and found that Ust had relocated to Onderon.

Onderon had been in a heated debate as to whether or not they should support the new regime in the Galactic Alliance, join the Confederation, or wait the course of the war out. One of the more vocal supporters for staying with the Alliance was a young Human named Kral Romanii. He stated that even though it had been unlawful for Jacen Solo and Cha Niathal to take over the Alliance in a coup, the Jedi would undoubtedly come back and make things right again.

Dlorah was about to kill Kral during a speech, but was once again stopped by the trio of Jedi. The three then began to duel, with Dlorah hopelessly outmatched by the sheer power he faced. Beaten, battered, and near death, his last words were to reveal that he was not alone and that others would be coming soon to help fight the Jedi and Jacen, who had kidnapped Allana, much to Nathan's chagrin. (Luckily, though, the Jedi were able to save her from staying a captive by rescuing her in a daring starfighter face off.)

Not knowing what to make of the dying Sith's words, they buried the body and returned to Endor, where Nathan talked to Jaina about what had happened in the past few days. During her exploits, Jaina had decided that she would be the only one to kill Jacen and she needed Boba Fett's help to do so. Having already killed Alema Rar and blown up her asteroid lair for good measure, the Jedi were now entirely focussed on Jacen. Alema was nothing but a bad memory now. Nathan consented and told her that he would make going to Coruscant and finishing Jacen a priority, so that she would not have to do it. But he also felt a slight premonition in the Force that the power of the light was slowly being tipped away by the dark.

Corellian Insurrection: RevelationRectify

"The Sword of the Jedi is needed to rid the Galaxy of Jacen's evil and I have finally realized that I am not that person. Jaina will be the one to kill Jacen and I will not. However, that doesn't mean I can't help blow up a couple things on the way there."
―Nathan discussing the role of his wife in defeating Darth Caedus

Nathan followed through on his threat to fight and kill Jacen by barging onto the Anakin Solo and destroying several of the ship's vital turbolasers. Nathan "parked" his StealthX on top of the bridge of the Anakin Solo, while ghosting inside to deal with his wayward sibling. Nathan boldly stated that Jacen's reign of terror was over and that the Galaxy could finally return to the way it was supposed to be after he died.

The two dueled on the Anakin Solo, causing massive internal damage on the well-built Star Destroyer. The crew began fearing for their lives, but Nathan sent a message of calm into their minds and they could only watch as the two mighty Force wielders battled for the fate of trillions. After cutting part of Jacen's beard off, Nathan ghosted away, masking his presence in the Force. Jacen grew very paranoid and began to think that the voice of Tebut, who he'd killed with the Force earlier, had returned, ready to seek revenge.

Regaining his senses, Jacen pushed through the illusion, while Nathan, who'd been trying to gain an edge on Jacen, attacked, uncertain as to whether or not his ruse had helped him at all. Eventually, Nathan's control over the crew diminished and some officers gained enough of their original minds to shoot at Nathan, causing him to fight a two-way battle. A stray blaster shot hit his shoulder, while Jacen slashed Nathan's throat, which had always been his weakest spot, ever since the first time it had been damaged, during the Mission to Korriban. Knowing if he remained he would die, Nathan ghosted back to the StealthX and punched in the hyperspace coordinates for Mandalore, where he knew Jaina would be.

He arrived on Mandalore, where he found that his three children had also followed, as they'd felt their father's pain in the Force. Before meeting up with Jaina, Nathan allowed himself to be healed by his son Jacen, who was specially attuned to that aspect of the Force. Nathan asked his son if he had any regrets after being named after Nathan's adopted brother, but the younger Jacen said that names were meaningless when a person's actions should be what people thought about. Proud of his son, Nathan hugged him and they went to see Jaina, who had been training with Boba Fett and Beviin.

Although not fully healed, Nathan remained on his feet and helped out where he could. He had a premonition of a death within the Imperial Remnant and covertly contacted Gilad Pellaeon, who, already fearful for his own life, alerted an unlikely friend: Natasi Daala, who would back him up after an inevitable assassination attempt, although he died anyways, through the intervention of Tahiri Veila, Caedus' secret apprentice. Nathan was devastated by Pellaeon's death, but was unable to do anything, as he wanted to help train Jaina along with Fett and Beviin, so she could be the one to destroy Jacen, as he knew that it was not his place to kill Jacen anymore.

After a successful training session, Jaina, Nathan, their children, and the Mandalorians joined Cha Niathal's forces in attacking Jacen at Fondor. Although neither Jaina or Nathan got the opportunity to attack Jacen, they knew he would eventually find them, or vice versa, and the end would come. Nathan also was instrumental in getting ex-Jedi Knight Bardan Jusik and his son to heal Sintas Vel, with the approval of Fett. However, even a happy moment like that couldn't overshadow what he and Jaina had to do now: Kill their brother.

Corellian Insurrection: InvincibleRectify

"This sure feels like a copout."
―Nathan on the ending of the war between the Jedi, the Galactic Alliance, Imperials, and Confederation.
Warning: The following section contains spoiler. [Skip]

While Jaina left with the Mandalorians to attack Imperial Remnant forces at Nickel One, Nathan and his three children—accompanied once more by Ichi Go and Renton Thur'ston—arrived at Corellia to witness a broken populace. The once stubborn and proud backbone of the Confederation had splintered into little more than vagabonds. Seeking to find an explanation before anything could interrupt, Nathan checked out the minds of the populace, finding that a Force user of immense strength had willed them into thinking that way. Before he could further investigate the presence of the Force-sensitive, Nathan received a cryptic vision from his grandfather and Asajj Ventress and decided that the mission to Corellia should not be completed by him, so he left his children with Ichi and Renton, heading to Nickel One, where he felt the presence of his dark brother.

Nathan reached the conflict just as Jaina entered the fray against Caedus, using their Force bond to help empower her along with Grand Master Skywalker. Using various illusions, Nathan was able to convince Caedus that the "Luke" he fought was but one of many Jedi coming to take him down, and forced him to reconsider his tactics, allowing Jaina to slice his arm off. Following the loss of an arm, Caedus realized that Jaina had been in the room as well and went to go find "Luke", escaping both Mandalorian and Galactic Alliance attacks.

Reuniting with Jaina at the secret Jedi base in the Transitory Mists: Shedu Maad, Nathan forced her to rest before she went after Caedus again, as she would certainly not survive another encounter without some healing. After some training on the art of shatterpoint—of which, Nathan was the Jedi's master—Jaina prepared to leave to hunt down Jacen, but through the usage of Dathomiri techniques, Caedus located Jaina and the secret Jedi base, forcing them to quickly ally with the Hapans to protect themselves.

While Nathan piloted a Stealth-X, Jaina went straight to Caedus, marking him for death. Utilizing his knowledge of Imperial ships from the Yuuzhan Vong War, Nathan attacked the Megador and boarded the vessel, forcing the crew to evacuate or be killed. Nathan then brought in several Alliance commandos who piloted the ship while he focused on using the ship's power and his own battle meditation to help Jaina against Caedus. Nathan reached out through the Force to contact his wayward brother, trying one last time to ask him to stop what he was doing.

Having failed to prevent Caedus from his own destruction, Nathan ordered the Alliance commandos on the Megador to fire at the Anakin Solo, while he forced himself in Caedus's mind, annoying him with useless conversation. Caedus tried to block Nathan from entering his mind, but the arrival of a bloodthirsty Jaina forced him to deal with both her physical attacking and Nathan's mental crusade. In the course of the battle, both Caedus and Nathan received a premonition regarding Tenel Ka and Allana, seeing their mutual deaths as the result of the Imperial nanovirus. Asking Nathan for a chance to help Tenel Ka, Caedus used his last words to warn the mother of his child about the plot and died at the hands of Jaina, ending his reign of terror.

The battle a success, the Jedi regrouped and assessed the costs of the war. The Galactic Alliance had fallen under the thrall of Daala, while the Imperials had been taken over by Jagged Fel. The Confederation had all but splintered and the Jedi had nowhere to call home. With a murky future ahead of them, Nathan and Jaina reunited and promised one another to make up for their mistake of not trying to stop Jacen from turning to his own darkness. Secretly, the Force-sensitive who'd changed the minds of Corellia's citizens met with her master and was instructed to spread more chaos in the Galaxy.


Crazy TimesRectify

Sith CrusadeRectify

"You-you're a Jedi! Y-yo-you don't k-k-kill people!
Perhaps...and perhaps not, it's all you monsters deserve!
―Nameless Sith trooper and Nathaniel Kenobi Solo

Nathan and Jaina stayed happily married for the next few years, until the Battle of Dathomir. Jaina was killed controlling the Jedi attack force there. She had been personally slain by Darth Micail. Grieving for his lost wife, Nathan took his family to Novus Kamino Prime and prepared them to fight against the Sith.

Taking the initiative, he went to Dathomir, using only a broken-down, almost defunct StealthX to get there. He came with one and only one purpose in mind: to find his wife's body. No Sith Knight stationed on Dathomir could stop him in his almost mindless charge. (They weren't really many there, as most of them were helping Abeonis elsewhere.) He came across the Dathomiri prison where he saw both the Nightsisters and Singing Mountain Clan interned there. Soon, it seemed to him, that finding Jaina's body was both pointless and irrelevant. Hadn't she known how to become one with the Force? He'd been a fool.

Using his knowledge of slicing computers—not one of his better known traits—he hacked into the prison mainframe and was able to release the "witches". They joined up with him and, after he saw Jaina's Force ghost instructing him to keep his family on Novus Kamino Prime, he knew that the Sith must be stopped. He wondered, though, if even the Jedi and fleets stationed there would be enough to stop the immense power of the Sith.

Battle of Novus Kamino PrimeRectify


The Sith arrived in 63 ABY, and even after two years of intense training, the Ottiumigos Centrality and the Colonies still fell to the Sith in the Battle of Novus Kamino Prime. Nathan managed to escape with his children, some Jedi and Dathomiri witches, and the last of the clonetroopers.

The past few years had been hard on him, but this year had been the one that had broken the bantha's back. Almost losing the very core of his being, Nathan tried to gain an advantage, so he ghosted onboard the Sith's flagship, hoping to kill Micail for killing his wife. Even though he had almost snapped, Nathan tried, in vain, to convert Micail back to the light, something few ever thought he was capable of doing, considering his views on the Force. He failed, but vowed to destroy Micail, even if he had to renounce everything he was, which some noted as Nathan being more like Nathan.

The next few years weren't getting any better for Nathan, but, with the help of some valued friends, he started a group that would strike fear in the heart of the Sith: the Scourges of Those Bad Guy People. They were named when a young apprentice had forgotten the name of the organization that wanted to wipe them out of the Galaxy, which Nathan found amusing, so he decided to christen the new group of renegades with that name.

They fought many a battle and skirmish against the Sith, and, eventually, they garnered support from many sources. The biggest boon was the Mandalorians who had come under the leadership of an old friend: Jaki Grawn. Many soldiers and mercenaries joined because Nathan's group was the only one doing anything about the Sith, with the Galactic Alliance mired in apathy and inner problems. The Scourges of Those Bad Guy People soon found themselves at the mercy of the Sith, however, while they were attempting to free Almania.

Almanian AngstRectify

"Can I quote you on that?"
―Nathan to Folapii on the Fallanassi's unwillingness to fight

Over the years, Nathan became a figure of legend and fear to the Sith, who, in private conversation, gave him the moniker Scourge of Decreto. He also became known as a psychological strategist, which made the Sith Admirals and Commanders who were sent to find him apprehensive, because no one knew what he would do in a battle to gain victory. Nowhere was this seen more than the world of Almania.

Nathan had gone to Almania to destroy a Sith taskforce and succeeded. The native populace of Almania, eager to please their saviors, allowed them to use Pydyr as their base of operations. This would prove to be their undoing, as the Sith soon found out, thanks to a Fallanassi informant, and Abeonis ordered a fleet to be sent under his command to end the menace of Nathan.

Nathan, meanwhile had gone to the Fallanassi to get them to work more actively against the Sith. Their leader, Folapii, said that Nathan had no business being there and that the Sith could come and lose against his people. Nathan sarcastically replied:


The Sith soon arrived, with Abeonis in the lead with his ship The Soiyo, and both sides agreed to talk aboard the Sith flagship. The talks proved inconclusive and the battle began. Meanwhile, the Fallanassi natives had grown tired of Folapii's stagnant rule, and ousted him a bloodless revolt. They secretly talked with Nathan and he told them to await for his orders to engage. They got them when the Scourges of Those Bad Guy People began to suffer tremendous losses, so Nathan gave them the order to attack, along with another hidden fleet of Galactic Alliance vessels.

In the end, however, the battle proved to be more of a stalemate, with both sides acknowledging the futility of fighting, Nathan's fleet left and Almania and Pydyr were evacuated before the Sith could get to them. It did help the end several feuds that dated from as far back as the Black Fleet Crisis.

Toils and PainRectify

Galactic CommonwealthRectify

"It's time to show these Sith what we're made of."

After the battle, Nathan and his three children wandered the cosmos, helping those in need and destroying anything that flew under Darth Abeonis' banner. He finally settled down with the surviving Jedi at the newly-formed Galactic Commonwealth. He and Kyp Durron became the Grand Masters of the Order and attacked the Sith at Ruusan, to prove they were a threat to be taken seriously. He and Tenel Ka attacked the rogue Sith Lord Darth Dimicatio and Micail. Nathan was the first to strike, killing his wife's murderer instantly. Tenel took care of Dimicatio and they returned to Hapes.


It was suspected that since Jacen Solo had disappeared, Tenel and Nathan may have begun a relationship, but no biological offspring have ever been recorded, so the validity of this remains open to debate. During this timeframe, Nathan and several other Jedi members of the Commonwealth were awarded with the title of Jedi Over-Master. This meant that Nathan was responsible for helping a planet's economy, infrastructure, and the like. Many just said he wanted the title to annoy people who thought he had more sway in the government than was needed, which could have been a plausible assumption. It is known, however, that he treated the job like anything else and fulfilled his duties to the best of his abilities.

The planet he asked for was Hapes, and, through a long and hard voting process, got what he wanted, although he alienated the Hapan nobles by doing so. Unknowingly, they were doing exactly as he had intended: plotting to kill Tenel Ka and himself, so he sent them to prison as soon as they attempted to assassinate the Queen Mother. This helped to weed out the bad nobles and to keep the ones Tenel and he could trust.

Hutt SpaceRectify

"Not one of my better-known victories...kinda."
―Nathan on the Hutt situation

Seeing that any campaign against the Galactic Commonwealth would be costly and foolhardy, Abeonis ordered the invasion of Hutt Space, because of a recent alliance the two groups had made, which consisted of weapons deals and other traded goods.

Seeking to destroy the traitorous Hutts, he sent a massive battlefleet there to destroy them. He also kept a sizable force near the borders of the Commonwealth, just in case the Jedi got any ideas about defending their new allies.

Using special Fallanassi training he had received, Nathan tricked the Sith into believing that the Commonwealth's fleet was staying put, rather than going to assist the Hutts. They reached Nal Hutta and the battle began. Nothing really happened and the three groups agreed to a ceasefire. Provided that the Hutts would sell to both sides and that the Sith would recognize the Galactic Commonwealth as a government.

The Undead LiveRectify

"Falsified, eh? You think the reports were falsified? I'll tell you who helped "falsify" those reports. The teachers and scientists of this Galaxy who only accept what they know for truth and discourage the advancement of knowledge. If Master Skywalker had listened to people like you a long time ago, we never would have found Zonama Sekot, and the Galaxy would be under the control of the Yuuzhan Vong. I may be a senile, old has-been, but I know what is and what isn't. I haven't spent seventy-eight years of my life in stupidity. I know they exist and anyone who wishes to argue otherwise can see themselves out the nearest airlock!"
―Nathan to the doubters on Rutsenafos

Following the debacle at Hutt Space, the Commonwealth began hearing cries of help throughout resistance cells that were supposed to keep quiet until the Commonwealth could act to liberate them. All of the messages were the same: UNKNOWN MALE, TALL AND WRAPPED IN A CLOAK. ALSO HAS LARGE TEETH, LOOKED LIKE AN ANZA—ARRRGGGHHH!!!

Baffled, the Commonwealth sent Jedi Masters Zossk Sadeet, Raynar Thul, and Zeferi to investigate. Two days later, Zeferi returned to Hapes' Jedi Temple with the bodies of Zossk and Raynar, the victims of severe loss of blood. Zeferi was barely able to escape with her life, but even she could give very little information on their attacker, in fact, the only new information she brought was that there was a lack of bodies at the building.

Nathan then walked into the room saying he may have figured out who the attacker really was. He told of how, years ago in the Battle of Coruscant, he had served along a man who shunned the light and was very similar to the descriptions given. The man's name was Faust, and he was a Rutsenafo, not an Anzati.

Most people in the room laughed at him, saying that all those stories about vampire races were falsified and the Nathan needed to get back to his memory pills before all was lost. Angered, he lashed out at them with words that would have sent the bravest, most fearless Knight to the floor. He then proceeded to scare the kriff of out the people stationed there. Tenel Ka then entered the Temple's hangar bay to quiet him down. She admonished him for losing his temper, stating that they were only children compared to them and that they would have time to learn of their mistakes.

Nathan merely grunted in reply and left for his quarters. He meditated to calm himself and began using the Force to channel his ability to astrally project himself to one of the worlds under "siege" from the Rutsenafo, Nirauan. Since it was very near the Unknown Regions, the location of the Rutsenafo's homeworld.

In his astral travels, he went to the Commonwealth's resistances' headquarters on the planet, and saw that it was ablaze. Curious, he went into the building. He saw a young Kreevaaki male lying on the floor. He searched the being's health and noticed the man was almost a void in the Force.

Then Nathan heard a voice chanting in the background. He recognized some of the words, but couldn't translate any of them. The voice finished the chant and, to Nathan's horror, the Kreevaaki male stood up, except, there was no signs of life in him, he was a zombie.

The man turned to where Nathan's astral form was and laughed. Nathan was shocked, as very few Jedi could even tell he was there in his astral form. Nathan got a glimpse of the man's face and fled back to his body, which was safe at Hapes. He could have sworn it was Faust, but doubt remained in his mind. Why would Faust be helping the Sith? He had always been a staunch supporter of the Alliance and Jedi from what he had seen fifty years ago. Then again, fifty years was a very long time, and anything was possible.

With that realization, Nathan's train of thought was interrupted by his children walking into his room. They had talked amongst each other before coming and had agreed to believe what their father had said, and also had agreed to accompany him, as they knew he would leave at the first chance he got to prove he was right. Touched, Nathan laughed and told them to get the ship prepped for launch. They were going to follow the man across the Galaxy if they had to.

Unfortunately, that trail led them to the capital of the Sith Empire: Korriban. Disguising themselves as smugglers, they were able to enter Korriban without any problems. Though there were Sith Knights stationed throughout the planet, Nathan was able to mask their Force-sensitivity. They also attacked and knocked out four Sith Knights for their uniforms.

Nathan stopped them as they were away from the planet's spaceport, he had sensed something very similar to the man he had seen on Nirauan. Carefully, they searched the area, until Nathan heard a yell from one of the Korribanite slaves nearby. Pretending to be one of the many Knights, they went to the source of the disturbance.

Nathan's fears were confirmed, the man was a Rutsenafo, but, yet, he was different somehow. The figure moved into the shadows, away from the Jedi. Nathan called out to it to show itself. The figure replied that Nathan looked a whole lot older than when he last saw him. Angry at the admonishment, Nathan charged the specter.

The two struggled in the darkness, Nathan couldn't ignite his lightsabers, because he knew it would be a dead giveaway if anyone saw him. Not many lightsaber wielders had black and white crystals giving them their color. The Rutsenafo flared his teeth and Nathan went back into the light just in time. There was a pause where both men gathered there strength.

While there was a pause in the battle, the Rutsenafo told Nathan that he remembered him from Coruscant, not Nirauan. Nathan suddenly remembered a man named Faustus Van Nolmbet who had helped defeat the Yuuzhan Vong. Faust elaborated, saying that he was after a rogue Rutsenafo, named Crie Krobos, who had allied with Darth Abeonis to destroy several Galactic Commonwealth cells across the Galaxy. While Nathan pondered this, his children finally came to help him, but he told them to wait.

Nathan thought about it and stated that he thought Crie was using the bodies for his own army. Faust then explained that the man was a genetic abnormality and could survive through the day without a cloak and that he was testing the bodies for some other purpose. Notably trying to enforce his special genetics into the entire Rutsenafo race. Nathan then proposed an alliance, to which Faust agreed.

The two men joined forces and they infiltrated the Sith palace. Watching from a secret hideout constructed by Abeonis for his men to watch for anything unusual. The "anything unusuals" had turned the tables and beaten the watchmen behind Abeonis' back.

Abeonis had a visitor, the Rutsenafo Nathan had seen on Nirauan: Crie Krobos. The two were talking about Krobos' recent success at Nirauan. They then went on about how Krobos' research was going well. They then turned around and stated that they knew where the Jedi were. Nathan and Faust then attacked.

The duo lashed out at Nathan, his children, and Faust. Crashing out of the door to Abeonis' office came seven highly-trained Sith Knights. Nathan fought Abeonis, while his children fought the Knights, and Faust brought Krobos into the shadows. Nathan and Abeonis began to talk to one another while battling, each attempting to use persuasion on the other to make them fail somehow.

"Abeonis, you're a kriffin' fool.
Oh, really? How so?
Because your little vampire buddy is using you for his own needs.
Is that so? It wouldn't be the first time someone dared to trick me. That includes you!
―Nathan and Abeonis

With that, Abeonis kicked Nathan into the wall, while Faust managed to claw Krobos back into the darkness.

"The I guess the joke'll be on you, buddy. When there's over thirty billion of him coming for your throat in broad daylight."

Abeonis stopped as he pondered Nathan's words. Could he really have been so foolish as to let the Rutsenafo betray him? Could his enemy really be trying to help him?

"Don't listen to him, Dark Lord. He's using some Force power you can't overcom—
You would dare say the Dark Lord of the Decreton Empire could be overcome by a mere Force power! You will not live to see the end of this day, cretin.
―Crie and Abeonis

Realizing that he had no more allies in the room, Krobos reached into his pouch and dropped a grenade, except instead of incinerating everyone, it had caused the room to turn into a black void. Faust attempted to stop him, but Krobos sent him flying with Abeonis' desk before he could reach him.

Nathan and Abeonis then used the Force to sweep away the murky residue from the grenade so that they could see. The two looked at each other with glares that could have ignited a supernova a thousand times over. Abeonis extended his hand to Nathan and said that he would allow them to leave this one time for their help. He also informed them that he would help only if Krobos was on a world in the Empire. Nathan then "thanked" Abeonis for nothing.

Nathan, his children, and Faust left Korriban and debated their next course of action. Mariz and Jacen wanted to go back to the Commonwealth for reinforcements, while Faust and Anakin wanted to go to Tianascalve immediately, while Nathan was patiently waiting for one to win him over, which was a very odd thing for him to do.

Faust said that if they didn't go now, then Krobos would have already started his experimentation on the beings he had captured and Anakin insisted that they could take anything the Rutsenafo threw at them because they all knew how to use the Force to manipulate the light. Mariz and Jacen argued that they couldn't take on an entire race, and they needed Commonwealth, or maybe even Sith help to win the coming mission.

That was the final straw for Nathan. No one was going to suggest working with the Sith as an alternative for as long as he was in command. They were going to the Rutsenafo all gun's blazing.

Slipping into the planet during noon—a very rare occurrence on the planet—they landed near the planet's only spaceport. (Faust was wearing a heavy cloak to prevent the sunlight from harming him.) There they met the leaders of a mining corporation. They had come there with specific orders from Abeonis to search the world for any raw materials. Growing suspicious, Nathan checked the Force-sensitivity of each man, but found that his senses had been numbed by the heavy concentration of dark side energies on the planet.

A holler arose from the surrounding valleys and plains. Upon further investigation, the source of the yelps and screams came from a large group of reanimated skeletons, or the Skatons. Faust then sarcastically remarked that Crie was a Cihl. Anakin, Jacen, and Mariz entered a Force meld and brought their thoughts to one purpose: causing a mini-earthquake to take down a significant portion of the Skatons.

Nathan and Faust meanwhile were making sure the miners were prepared for the assault. The leader of the miners, a Makurth, then took off his uniform and revealed the uniform of a Sith Knight. The rest followed suit, showing that there were five more Knights and eight Sith Troopers.

The leader spoke:

"My Lord sends his thanks and his embarrassment. We didn't know where the planet in question was, so we followed you here. We are here to help you in anyway possible.
Figures he'd wait till someone did his dirty work for him. Fine then, the Troopers will follow my children, while the Knights are with Faust and I. We're going to find this freak and make sure he stays dead.
―The Makurth and Nathan

One of the Troopers said something to the other, which caused the leader to strike him with his hand. Faust asked for an explanation, but the Makurth shot it down, stating that a vampire like him should be eliminated as soon as possible. Faust then made a remark about the Makurth's mother.

Angered, the leader explained that they had been given orders to perform a Base Delta Zero on the planet if they failed in their task. Nathan then asked how they were going to perform that feat, when the leader further clarified that The Soiyo was there to enact it.


Mariz, Jacen, and Anakin were finally able to create the mini-earthquake, sending many Skatons to the depths of Tianascalve. But a large portion still remained. Nathan ignited his lightsabers and the others followed suit.

For an hour, the group managed to hold off seemingly endless droves of Skatons, then the Tianascalve zombies came to reinforce the Skatons. Getting really annoyed, Nathan finally said, Enough! and ghosted the majority of the Sithspawn into space, where they fell back into the atmosphere and were incinerated on impact.

The few who were left retreated back into the catacombs and caverns carved by the planet's inhabitants.

The Jedi and Sith regrouped and counted their losses. Nathan, Mariz, and Anakin had suffered from minor wounds. Faust had accidentally been exposed to sunlight and had been scarred, but was recovering. One Sith Knight had succumbed to his injuries and four of the Troopers had died.

During the battle, Nathan had been trying to hone onto Krobos' location. He had found that it was only a half hour walk from where they were. The Makurth expressed his fears that the Rutsenafo would come out, as it was nearing night on Tianascalve. Faust said that most of his people were against the madman's plans, but would do nothing to stop him, or even aid them against him, so they had no reinforcements coming except The Soiyo, which was going to blast them into oblivion as soon as it showed up. Jacen then stated that the more time they wasted talking, the more closer Krobos was getting to perfect his experiments, so they agreed to march on.

With a couple of minutes to spare, they reached his complex and charged into the facility. What they saw horrified them: hundreds of Commonwealth spies and enlisted men were slowly dying and were being subjected to Krobos' "treatments".

The "doctor" himself entered the room and told them that it was foolish to come here. He unleashed the Skatons, Tianascalve zombies, and Rutsenafo loyal to him at the attackers. The group was able to finish them off and raced after Krobos through his harem. (Besides experimenting on his own people and others, he intended to get his rare gene into his species' genetic code the old fashioned way.)

At the end of his rope, Krobos was cornered in his harem. He demanded that he be left alive. Faust stepped forward and declared that the only way he could get out alive was to duel with him.

Faust stood on one side of the room, while Krobos glared at the other. For a long time, the two just stood there, but Krobos made the first move and found himself on the ground, with Faust's knee in his face. Krobos recovered and pushed Faust off, he began to use his Rutsenafo powers to make the women in his harem to follow his every rule, but found himself blocked by a stronger presence, that of Nathan's.

At the brink of insanity, Krobos unleashed his trump card: the zombies of Zossk Sadeet and Raynar Thul. The two had been following Nathan ever since he'd left the Commonwealth. If they hadn't of kept comm silence and reported to the Commonwealth, then they would have known that the duo's bodies had disappeared.

"Farewell, Jedi."

With his two new creations under his command, the Jedi and Sith strike team began to falter. Another Sith Knight and Trooper lost their lives to the cause. The Makurth's comlink buzzed and ran a schematic: The Soiyo was there to finish the job. Having no choice, Faust decided to use his species' most deadly power: Force Depletion. Instantaneously, both Zossk and Raynar fell to the floor, rid of the Rutsenafo's control. Faust began to focus his power towards Krobos, but was about to be hit with the madman's own version of Stagnate. Luckily, Nathan was able to get Faust out of the way with his ghosting power.

"I have had enough!"

With those last words, Nathan gathered up the growing rage and anger throughout the room and hurled it towards Krobos in the form of Electric Judgment. The impact almost killed the man outright, but he was an old Rutsenafo, older than Faust, and he could survive such things. Taking advantage, Nathan ignited his lightsabers and cut Krobos' heart out, effectively ending the madman's short reign as leader of the Rutsenafo.

The Makurth then remarked that Nathan's time was up and that they would be leaving this world soon. Nathan then told the Makurth that The Soiyo would soon be having problems of its own and that the Base Delta Zero would never come. Anakin then revealed that the Commonwealth had come to back them up.

Nathan's children initiated their battlemeld again and were quick to slice the life out of the remaining Troopers and another Sith Knight. Nathan and Faust continued into Krobos' private chambers, which led to a secret passageway to the cloning room.

"How'd you know he had clones?
I know his type. Their cowards who pretend to be the big, bad leaders until it comes to dying. I wouldn't be surprised if he pulled a Palpatine and had a lot more than needed.
―Nathan and Faust

The cloning chamber was indeed filled with the remnants of Krobos' machinations. On first count there were over thirty clones and three on their way. Faust began to smash the equipment supporting the clones' life cycles, when Nathan shouted:

What? What?
This is the part of the show where we're supposed to discuss how it's morally wrong to kill them and deal with our inner demons...okay, I'm through. It's clobbering time!
―Nathan and Faust

No clone escaped their notice, all died that day on Rutsenafo, with no chance of return for either, for Nathan had destroyed every one of the datapads holding Krobos' genetic code. Nathan then asked Faust what he was thinking. Faust didn't answer, he had turned his back to Nathan. Nathan asked him what

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