{{Structure Infobox |image = File:Crock Pot Build.png |ingredient1 = Cut Stone |multiplier1 = 3 |ingredient2 = Charcoal |multiplier2 = 6 |ingredient3 = Twigs |multiplier3 = 6 |tab = Food |tier = 1 |perk = Allows the player to make unique food. |spawnCode = "cookpot" |description = Make better food. }}

{{Quotes |wolfgang=Empty pot make Wolfgang think hungry thoughts. |wilson=It makes me hungry just to look at it. |willow=I could put food in it and fire underneath it. |woodie=It seems a waste to just leave it sitting there, empty. |maxwell=Just the thought makes my mouth water. |wendy=As empty as my soul. |woodlegs=Th'pot be empty. |wickerbottom=It looks derelict when it's not cooking something. |webber=Food goes in, other food comes out. |warly=Empty pot, empty heart. |wx78=I CAN REFINE MEATS AND VEGETABLES INTO MORE ROBUST FORMS |walani=My kind of cooking... Just dump everything in and wait! |wigfrid=Nöthing in there. |choose=wilson }} The '''Crock Pot''' is a [[Food Tab]] [[structure]] that is used to [[Cooking|cook]] various [[food]] [[items]]. It requires a [[Science Machine]] to prototype, and costs 3 [[Cut Stone]], 6 [[Charcoal]], and 6 [[Twigs]] to craft.

There are 46 recipes available (including DLC recipes) for Crock Pot.

Despite its relative high cost in early game, rushing a Crock Pot may provide a boost to any players as it greatly enhances the value and efficiency of food items to players, for example, it can turn a Monster Meat into a very efficient food item by combining with 2 Meats and 1 Carrot. [[Wet Goop]] may be produced if wrong ingredients are input which results in an unsuccessful cooking process (read more recipes below).

{{pic|32|Icon Tools}} Usage Rectify

A Crock Pot has four [[food]] item slots which must be filled in order to begin the cooking process. Only one item can be placed in each slot. Most recipes take 10-20 seconds to cook (exact times are listed in each individual recipe). All Crock Pot dishes can be stacked to 40, and actual Crock Pot meals cannot be added to a Crock Pot slot. [[Food#Food Spoilage|Spoiled Food]] used in a Crock Pot has a chance to result in [[Rot]]; the spoilage value is averaged among the ingredients, then halved.

Cooked meals in the vanilla game will not begin to spoil until the player removes them from the Crock Pot. In other words, Crock Pot meals will remain on the Crock Pot until either the player removes it, a [[Lureplant]] "eats" it, or the pot is destroyed.

Food categories Rectify

Crock Pot recipes differentiate between the following 9 food categories:

  • {{pic24|Meats}} [[Meats]]
  • {{pic24|Monster Meats}} [[Monster Food]]
  • {{pic24|Fishes}} [[Fishes]]
  • {{pic24|Eggs}} [[Egg]]s
  • {{pic24|Fruit}} [[Fruits]]
  • {{pic24|Vegetables}} [[Vegetables]]
  • {{pic24|Sweetener}} [[Sweetener]]s
  • {{pic24|Dairy product}} [[Dairy]] ([[File:Reign of Giants icon.png|24px|link=Reign of Giants]])
  • {{pic24|Fat}} [[Fat]] (unimplemented)

Some foods do not fall into any of these categories (e.g. {{pic24|Butterfly Wings}} [[Butterfly Wings]]). Some foods may also act like a meat or vegetable/fruit when fed to [[Pigs]], but do not count as that category for Crock Pot recipes.

Ingredients Rectify

Valid Ingredients Rectify

The following items can be used in a Crock Pot:

{{pic24|Meats}} [[Meats]] (Raw or Cooked)
{{pic24|Monster Meats}} [[Monster Food]] (Raw or Cooked)
{{pic24|Fishes}} [[Fishes]]
{{pic24|All eggs}} [[Egg]]s (Raw or Cooked)
{{pic24|Fruit}} [[Fruits]] (Raw or Cooked)
{{pic24|Vegetables}} [[Vegetables]] (Raw or Cooked)
{{pic24|Dairy product}} [[Dairy]]
{{pic24|Sweetener}} [[Sweetener]]s
{{pic24|Fat}} [[Fat]] (unimplemented)
{{pic24|Twigs}} [[Twigs]]
{{pic32|Mandrake}} [[Mandrake]]
{{pic24|Butterfly Wings}} [[Butterfly Wings]]
{{pic24|Roasted Birchnut}} [[Roasted Birchnut]]s ([[File:Reign of Giants icon.png|24px|link=Reign of Giants]])
{{pic24|Moleworm}} [[Moleworm]] ([[File:Reign of Giants icon.png|24px|link=Reign of Giants]])
{{pic24|Wobster}} [[Wobster]]s ([[File:Shipwrecked icon.png|24px|link=Shipwrecked]])

Invalid Ingredients Rectify

The following items can not be used in a Crock Pot:

{{pic32|Rot}} [[Rot]]
{{pic32|Seeds}} [[Seeds]] (Raw or Cooked)
{{pic32|Petals}} [[Petals]] / {{pic32|Dark Petals}} Dark Petals (including {{pic32|Garland}} [[Garland]])
{{pic32|Rotten Egg}} [[Rotten Egg]]s or {{pic32|Hatching Tallbird Egg}} Hatching [[Tallbird Egg]]s
{{pic32|Cooked Mandrake}} Cooked [[Mandrake]]
{{pic32|Koalefant Trunk}} [[Koalefant Trunk]] / {{Pic32|Winter Koalefant Trunk}} Winter Koalefant Trunk (Raw or Cooked)
{{pic32|Deerclops Eyeball}} [[Deerclops Eyeball]] or {{pic32|Rhino Horn}} [[Guardian's Horn]]
{{Pic32|Batilisk Wing}} [[Batilisk Wing]] (Raw or Cooked)
{{Pic32|Leafy Meat}} [[Leafy Meat]] (Raw or Cooked)
{{Pic32|Foliage}} [[Petals|Foliage]]
{{Pic32|Light Bulb}} [[Light Bulb]]s or {{Pic32|Glow Berry}} [[Glow Berry|Glow Berries]]

: {{Pic32|Birchnut}} [[Birchnut]]s (only when raw, roasted ones ''can'' be added) : {{Pic32|Coconut}} [[Coconut]]s (only when whole, halved and roasted ones ''can'' be added) : {{Pic32|Dead Wobster}} [[Wobster|Dead Wobsters]] (Dead or Cooked - alive ones ''can'' be added) ([[File:Shipwrecked icon.png|24px|link=Shipwrecked]])

{{Pic32|Dead Swordfish}} [[Swordfish]] ([[File:Shipwrecked icon.png|24px|link=Shipwrecked]])

''Note: Most recipes accept the "Cooked" versions of foods as ingredients, with the exception of the following:''

{{pic32|Turkey Dinner}} [[Turkey Dinner]]
{{pic32|Mandrake Soup}} [[Mandrake Soup]]
{{pic32|Melonsicle}} [[Melonsicle]] ([[File:Reign of Giants icon.png|24px|link=Reign of Giants]])
{{pic32|Guacamole}} [[Guacamole]] ([[File:Reign of Giants icon.png|24px|link=Reign of Giants]])
{{Pic32|Banana Pop}} [[Banana Pop]] ([[File:Shipwrecked icon.png|24px|link=Shipwrecked]])
{{Pic32|Mussel Bouillabaise}} [[Mussel Bouillabaise]] ([[File:Shipwrecked icon.png|24px|link=Shipwrecked]])
{{Pic32|Sweet Potato Souffle}} [[Sweet Potato Souffle]] ([[File:Shipwrecked icon.png|24px|link=Shipwrecked]])

Filler Rectify

Most recipes call for less than four specific ingredients, but the Crock Pot always requires four items to cook. In this case, the remaining slots can be filled with "filler" ingredients.

Any item that can be used as an [[Crock Pot#Ingredients|ingredient]] can be used as filler, though many recipes explicitly prohibit certain foods from being used as filler. For example, {{pic24|Dragonpie}} [[Dragonpie]] requires only one {{pic24|Dragon Fruit}} [[Dragon Fruit]], but cannot have any {{pic24|Meats}} [[Meat]] as filler.

Unless prohibited, the otherwise-inedible {{pic24|Twigs}} [[Twigs]] can be used as a filler. This is commonly considered the "most efficient" filler. Despite being edible, {{pic24|Seeds}} [[Seeds]] (and {{pic24|Toasted Seeds}} [[Toasted Seeds]]) cannot be used as filler.

Monster Food Rectify

If too much [[Monster Food]] is used as ingredients (including Filler), the recipe will produce {{pic24|Monster Lasagna}} [[Monster Lasagna]], unless [[Twigs]] have been added or higher priority food is available.

The following is considered Monster Food:

{{pic32|Monster Meat}} [[Monster Meat]] (Raw or {{pic32|Cooked Monster Meat}} Cooked)
{{pic32|Monster Jerky}} [[Monster Jerky]]
{{pic32|Durian}} [[Durian]] (Raw or {{pic32|Extra Smelly Durian}} Cooked)
{{pic32|Dead Jellyfish}} [[Dead Jellyfish]] (Raw or {{pic32|Cooked Jellyfish}} Cooked)
{{pic32|Dried Jellyfish}} [[Dried Jellyfish]]

Food values Rectify

[[File:Crock Pot Foods.png]] {{Clr}}

{{See also|Food}}

Food value can be defined as a food's usefulness, potency, or strength in regards to how well it can fulfill a particular recipe.

Meat value Rectify

Different Meats have different Meat values: : ''Meat value = 0.5'' : [[File:Morsel.png|link=Morsel]] [[File:Cooked Morsel.png|link=Cooked Morsel]] [[File:Drumstick.png|link=Drumstick]] [[File:Fried Drumstick.png|link=Fried Drumstick]] [[File:Frog Legs.png|link=Frog Legs]] [[File:Cooked Frog Legs.png|link=Cooked Frog Legs]] [[File:Small Jerky.png|link=Small Jerky]] [[File:Fish.png|link=Fish]] [[File:Cooked Fish.png|link=Cooked Fish]][[File:Cooked Eel.png|link=Cooked Eel]] [[File:Eel.png|link=Eel]][[File:Moleworm.png|link=Moleworm]] [[File:Shark Fin.png|link=Shark Fin]] [[File:Dead Dogfish.png|link=Dead Dogfish]] [[File:Raw Fish.png|link=Raw Fish]] [[File:Fish Steak.png|link=Fish Steak]] [[File:Tropical Fish.png|link=Tropical Fish]] : ''Meat value = 1.0'' : [[File:Meat.png|link=Meat]] [[File:Cooked Meat.png|link=Cooked Meat]] [[File:Jerky.png|link=Jerky]][[File:Monster Meat.png|link=Monster Meat]] [[File:Cooked Monster Meat.png|link=Cooked Monster Meat]]  [[File:Monster Jerky.png|link=Monster Jerky]]

As seen above, the following examples all hold true:

(1) {{pic24|Cooked Meat}} Cooked [[Meat]] has a Meat value of 1.0.
(1) {{pic24|Meat}} Meat + (1) {{pic24|Drumstick}} [[Drumstick]] has a total Meat value of 1.5.
(1) {{pic|24|Morsel}} [[Morsel]] + (1) {{pic|24|Morsel}} Morsel + (1) {{pic|24|Morsel}} Morsel has a total Meat value of 1.5.
(2) {{pic24|Morsel}} Morsels are equal to the Meat value of (1) normal piece of {{pic24|Meat}} Meat (Meat value = 1.0).

The term "meatiness" is sometimes used to describe Meat value. Hence, the total meatiness of ingredients added, is the sum of individual Meat values.<br />

If {{pic|24|Honey Ham}} [[Honey Ham]] requires a Meat value greater than (>) or equal to 2.0, then (2) {{pic|24|Meat}} Meats can be used, or (1) {{pic|24|Meat}} Meat and (2) {{pic|24|Drumstick}} Drumsticks could be used, but not (1) {{pic|24|Meat}} Meat and (1) {{pic|24|Drumstick}} Drumstick.

Note that Tropical Fish provide 0.5 units of meat value when uncooked, but none when cooked (as they give a Cooked Fish Morsel when cooked).

Fish/Seafood value Rectify

There are different types of fish and seafood that add to fish and seafood value:

Fish Value = 0.5 : [[File:Crabbit.png|link=Crab]] [[File:Fish Morsel.png|link=Fish Morsel]] [[File:Cooked Fish Morsel.png|link=Cooked Fish Morsel]] [[File:Limpets.png|link=Limpets]] [[File:Cooked Limpets.png|link=Cooked Limpets]] [[File:Mussel.png|link=Mussel]] [[File:Cooked Mussel.png|link=Cooked Mussel]]

Fish Value = 1 : [[File:Raw Fish.png|link=Raw Fish]] [[File:Fish Steak.png|link=Fish Steak]] [[File:Shark Fin.png|link=Shark Fin]] [[File:Dead Dogfish.png|link=Dead Dogfish]] [[File:Dead Jellyfish.png|link=Dead Jellyfish]] [[File:Cooked Jellyfish.png|link=Cooked Jellyfish]] [[File:Dried Jellyfish.png|link=Dried Jellyfish]] [[File:Tropical Fish.png|link=Tropical Fish]] [[File:Fish.png|link=Fish]] [[File:Cooked Fish.png|link=Cooked Fish]] [[File:Eel.png|link=Eel]] [[File:Cooked Eel.png|link=Cooked Eel]]

Fish Value = 2 : [[File:Wobster.png|link=Wobster]]

Note that Tropical Fish provide 1 full unit of fish value when uncooked, but only 0.5 when cooked (as they give a Cooked Fish Morsel when cooked).

Fruit value Rectify

: ''Fruit value = 0.5'' : [[File:Berries.png|link=Berries]] [[File:Roasted Berries.png|link=Roasted Berries]] [[File:Coffee Beans.png|link=Coffee Beans]] : ''Fruit value = 1.0'' : [[File:Pomegranate.png|link=Pomegranate]] [[File:Sliced Pomegranate.png|link=Sliced Pomegranate]] [[File:Durian.png|link=Durian]] [[File:Extra Smelly Durian.png|link=Extra Smelly Durian]] [[File:Dragon Fruit.png|link=Dragon Fruit]] [[File:Prepared Dragon Fruit.png|link=Prepared Dragon Fruit]][[File:Cave Banana.png|link=Cave Banana]][[File:Cooked Cave Banana.png|link=Cave Banana]] [[File:Watermelon.png|link=Watermelon]] [[File:Grilled Watermelon.png|link=Grilled Watermelon]] [[File:Cooked Coffee Beans.png|link=Roasted Coffee Beans]] [[File:Halved Coconut.png|link=Halved Coconut]] [[File:Cooked Coconut.png|link=Roasted Coconut]]

[[Berries]] only count as half a [[Fruit]] (Fruit value of 0.5). Recipes requiring Fruits will require at least 2 Berries to fulfill the requirement. Note, that [[Durian]] also counts as Monster Food as well as 1 fruit.

Vegetable value Rectify

: ''Vegetable value = 0.5'' : [[File:Red Cap.png|link=Red Mushroom]] [[File:Cooked Red Cap.png|link=Cooked Red Cap]] [[File:Green Cap.png|link=Green Mushroom]] [[File:Cooked Green Cap.png|link=Cooked Green Cap]] [[File:Blue Cap.png|link=Blue Mushroom]] [[File:Cooked Blue Cap.png|link=Cooked Blue Cap]] : ''Vegetable value = 1.0'' : [[File:Carrot.png|link=Carrot]] [[File:Roasted Carrot.png|link=Roasted Carrot]] [[File:Corn.png|link=Corn]] [[File:Popcorn.png|link=Popcorn]] [[File:Pumpkin.png|link=Pumpkin]] [[File:Hot Pumpkin.png|link=Hot Pumpkin]] [[File:Eggplant.png|link=Eggplant]] [[File:Braised Eggplant.png|link=Braised Eggplant]] [[File:Lichen.png|link=Lichen]] [[File:Cactus Flesh.png|link=Cactus Flesh]] [[File:Cooked Cactus Flesh.png|link=Cooked Cactus Flesh]] [[File:cactus Flower.png|link=Cactus Flower]] [[File:Sweet Potato.png|link=Sweet Potato]] [[File:Cooked Sweet Potato.png|link=Cooked Sweet Potato]] [[File:Seaweed.png|link=Seaweed]] [[File:Roasted Seaweed.png|link=Roasted Seaweed]] [[File:Dried Seaweed.png|link=Dried Seaweed]]

Egg value Rectify

: ''Egg value = 1.0'' : [[File:Egg.png|link=Egg]] [[File:Cooked Egg.png|link=Cooked Egg]] [[File:Doydoy Egg.png|link=Doydoy Egg]] [[File:Fried Doydoy Egg.png|link=Fried Doydoy Egg]] : ''Egg value = 4.0'' :  [[File:Tallbird Egg.png|link=Tallbird Egg]][[File:Fried Tallbird Egg.png|link=Fried Tallbird Egg]]

=== [[File:Reign of Giants icon.png|24px|link=Reign of Giants]] Dairy Product value === : ''Dairy Product value = 1.0'' : [[File:Electric Milk.png|link=Electric Milk]] [[File:Butter.png|link=Butter]]

Priority Rectify

Also known as "importance", the Priority rating decides the result of a particular cooking session based on the ingredients used. The recipe with the highest rating will always be chosen. If there are several recipes with the same importance, a random recipe will be chosen. Some recipes have importance of 0 or below, which means they will never be chosen over other recipes. Such as, Wet Goop, which is ''always'' a valid result, but never chosen over anything else due to having -2 importance. The only exception is 0 importance recipes [[Fist Full of Jam]], [[Fruit Medley]] and [[Ratatouille]], which appear to always get chosen in that order.

Each recipe requires certain items to be present, for example [[Meatballs]] requires at least 1 piece of [[Meats|Meat]]. Some recipes may also have hidden exclusions, for example [[Dragonpie]] excludes Meats.

The Crock Pot always requires 4 food items to begin cooking, however some recipe requirements can be fulfilled with less than 4 items. In such recipes, the remaining slots can be filled by any cookable item that doesn't affect the original recipe or produce a different recipe. For example, [[Meatballs]] requires a Meat value between 0.5-2.5 (a Meat value of 3.0 or higher will make Meaty Stew); if 1 [[Morsel]] is added, then the remaining three slots are considered "Filler", so adding 3 more Morsels, or 3 [[Berries]], or 3 [[Butter]] would be acceptable. However, adding [[Twigs]] will result in [[Kabobs]], as they are a higher Priority than the Meatballs.

If there is more than one matching recipe for given ingredients the game will pick one with the highest "Priority". If there is more than one recipe with highest priority the game will pick at random.<br />E.g.: (1) {{pic32|Monster Meat}} Monster Meat + (1) {{pic32|Monster Meat}} Monster Meat + (1) {{pic32|Egg}} Egg + (1) {{pic32|Egg}} Egg has a chance to produce {{pic32|Bacon and Eggs}} Bacon and Eggs or {{pic32|Monster Lasagna}} Monster Lasagna.

Here is a final example; adding (1) [[Fish]], (1) [[Frog Legs]], (1) [[Corn]], and (1) [[Twigs]] to the Crock Pot fulfills the requirements of four (4) different Crock Pot meals. Only one (1) Crock Pot meal can be made, and its determined by the meal with the highest Priority (see Table below). {| class="wikitable" style="text-align:left; font-weight: bold; width:50%" ! Outcome ! Priority ! Requirements* |- |[[Fishsticks]] | align="center" | +10 | align="center" |[[File:Fishes.png|32px|link=Fishes]]×1 [[File:Twigs.png|32px|link=Twigs]]×1 |- |[[Fish Tacos]] | align="center" | +10 | align="center" |[[File:Fishes.png|32px|link=Fishes]]×1 [[File:Corns.png|32px|link=Corn]]×1 |- |[[Kabobs]] | align="center" | +5 | align="center" |[[File:Meats ava.png|32px|link=Meats]]×0.5 [[File:Twigs.png|32px|link=Twigs]]×1 |- |[[Froggle Bunwich]] | align="center" | +1 | align="center" |[[File:Frog Legs ava.png|32px|link=Frog Legs]]×1 [[File:Vegetables ava.png|32px|link=Vegetables]]×0.5 |} : <nowiki>*All Food values</nowiki> are shown with decimal points. The result is a tie between Fishsticks and Fish Tacos, both with a Priority of +10, which means the final result will be [[Fishsticks]] 50% of the time and [[Fish Tacos]] 50% of the time.

{{Anchor|recipes}}Crock Pot recipes Rectify

The following is a list of Crock Pot recipes.

{| class="wikitable sortable" style="text-align:center; font-weight: bold; width:100%" |- align="center" ! rowspan="2" scope="col" width="0px" | Food ! rowspan="2" scope="col" width="150px" | Name ! rowspan="2" scope="col" width="0px" | DLC ! rowspan="2" scope="col" width="0px" | [[File:HealthMeter.png|28px|Health]] ! rowspan="2" scope="col" width="0px" | [[File:HungerMeter.png|28px|Hunger]] ! rowspan="2" scope="col" width="0px" | [[File:SanityMeter.png|28px|Sanity]] ! rowspan="2" scope="col" width="0px" | [[File:Rot.png|28px|Perish time (days)]] ! rowspan="2" scope="col" width="0px" | [[File:Crock Pot.png|28px|Cook time (sec)]] ! rowspan="2" scope="col" width="0px" | [[File:Priority.png|24px|Priority]] ! colspan="2" | Recipe |- !Requirements* !Filler<br />Restrictions |- |[[File:Bacon and Eggs.png|48px|link=Bacon and Eggs]]|| align="left" |'''[[Bacon and Eggs]]'''|||| +20|| +75|| +5||20||40||10 |[[File:Meats ava.png|32px|link=Meats]]×1.5 [[File:All Eggs.png|32px|link=Eggs]]×2.0 |no [[File:Vegetables ava.png|32px|link=Vegetables]] |- |[[File:Banana_Pop.png|48px|link=Banana Pop]]|| align="left" |'''[[Banana Pop]]'''||[[File:Shipwrecked icon.png|24px|link=Shipwrecked]]|| +20|| +12.5|| +33||10||10||20 |[[File:Banana.png|32px|link=Banana]] [[File:Ice.png|32px|link=Ice]] [[File:Twigs.png|32px|link=Twigs]] |no [[File:Meats ava.png|32px|link=Meats]][[File:Fishes.png|32px|link=Fishes]] |- |[[File:Bisque.png|48px|link=Bisque]]|| align="left" |'''[[Bisque]]'''||[[File:Shipwrecked icon.png|24px|link=Shipwrecked]]|| +60|| +18.75|| +5||10||20||30 |[[File:Limpets.png|32px|link=Limpets]]×3 [[File:Ice.png|32px|link=Ice]] | |- |[[File:Butter Muffin.png|48px|link=Butter Muffin]]|| align="left" |'''[[Butter Muffin]]'''|||| +20|| +37.5|| +5||15||40||1 |[[File:Butterfly Wings.png|32px|link=Butterfly Wings]]×1 [[File:Vegetables ava.png|32px|link=Vegetables]]×0.5 |no [[File:Meats ava.png|32px|link=Meats]] |- |[[File:California Roll.png|48px|link=California Roll]]|| align="left" |'''[[California Roll]]'''||[[File:Shipwrecked icon.png|24px|link=Shipwrecked]]|| +20|| +37.5|| +10||10||10||20 |[[File:Seaweed.png|32px|link=Seaweed]]×2 [[File:Fishes.png|32px|link=Fishes]]×1.0 | |- |[[File:Ceviche.png|48px|link=Ceviche]]|| align="left" |'''[[Ceviche]]'''||[[File:Shipwrecked icon.png|24px|link=Shipwrecked]]|| +20|| +25|| +5||10||10||20 |[[File:Fishes.png|32px|link=Fishes]]×2.0 [[File:Ice.png|32px|link=Ice]] | |- |[[File:Coffee.png|48px|link=Coffee]]|| align="left" |'''[[Coffee]]'''||[[File:Shipwrecked icon.png|24px|link=Shipwrecked]]|| +3|| +9.375|| -5||10||10||30 |[[File:Cooked Coffee Beans.png|32px|link=Roasted Coffee Beans]]×3 |only {{pic|32|Dairy product}}{{pic|32|Sweetener}}[[File:Cooked Coffee Beans.png|32px|link=Roasted Coffee Beans]] |- |[[File:Dragonpie.png|48px|link=Dragonpie]]|| align="left" |'''[[Dragonpie]]'''|||| +40|| +75|| +5||15||40||1 |[[File:Dragon Fruit ava.png|32px|link=Dragon Fruit]]×1 |no [[File:Meats ava.png|32px|link=Meats]] |- |[[File:Fish Tacos.png|48px|link=Fish Tacos]]|| align="left" |'''[[Fish Tacos]]'''|| || +20|| +37.5|| +5||6||10||10 |[[File:Fishes.png|32px|link=Fishes]]×0.5 [[File:Corns.png|32px|link=Corn]]×1 | |- |[[File:Fishsticks.png|48px|link=Fishsticks]]|| align="left" |'''[[Fishsticks]]'''|| || +40|| +37.5|| +5||10||40||10 |[[File:Fishes.png|32px|link=Fishes]]×0.5 [[File:Twigs.png|32px|link=Twigs]]×1 |maximum [[File:Twigs.png|32px|link=Twigs]]×1 |- |[[File:Fist Full of Jam.png|48px|link=Fist Full of Jam]]|| align="left" |'''[[Fist Full of Jam]]'''|| || +3|| +37.5|| +5||15||10||0 |[[File:Fruits ava.png|32px|link=Fruits]]×0.5 |no  [[File:Meats ava.png|32px|link=Meats]] [[File:Vegetables ava.png|32px|link=Vegetables]][[File:Twigs.png|32px|link=Twigs]] |- |{{pic|48|Flower Salad}}|| align="left" |[[Flower Salad]]||[[File:Reign of Giants icon.png|24px|link=Reign of Giants]]|| +40|| +12.5|| +5||6||10||10 |{{pic|32|Cactus Flower}}×1 {{pic|32|Vegetables}}x2.0 |no [[File:Fruit.png|32px|link=Fruit]] [[File:Meats ava.png|32px|link=Meats]][[File:All Eggs.png|32px|link=Eggs]][[File:Sweetener.png|32px|link=Sweetener]][[File:Twigs.png|32px|link=Twigs]] |- |[[File:Fresh Fruit Crepes.png|48px|link=Fresh Fruit Crepes]]|| align="left" |'''[[Fresh Fruit Crepes]]'''||[[File:Shipwrecked icon.png|24px|link=Shipwrecked]]|| +60|| +150|| +15||10||20||30 |[[File:Fruit.png|32px|link=Fruit]]×2.0 [[File:Butter.png|32px|link=Butter]]x1 [[File:Honey.png|32px|link=Honey]]x1 |Cooked in {{pic|32|Portable Crock Pot|link=Portable Crock Pot}} |- |[[File:Froggle Bunwich.png|48px|link=Froggle Bunwich]]|| align="left" |'''[[Froggle Bunwich]]'''|| || +20|| +37.5|| +5||15||40||1 |[[File:Frog Legs ava.png|32px|link=Frog Legs]]×1 [[File:Vegetables ava.png|32px|link=Vegetables]]×0.5 | |- |[[File:Fruit Medley.png|48px|link=Fruit Medley]]|| align="left" |'''[[Fruit Medley]]'''|| || +20|| +25|| +5||6||10||0 |[[File:Fruits ava.png|32px|link=Fruits]]×3.0 |no [[File:Meats ava.png|32px|link=Meats]][[File:Vegetables ava.png|32px|link=Vegetables]] |- |{{pic|48|Guacamole}}|| align="left" |[[Guacamole]]||[[File:Reign of Giants icon.png|24px|link=Reign of Giants]]|| +20|| +37.5||0||10||10||10 |{{pic|32|Cactus Flesh}}×1 {{pic|32|Moleworm}}×1 |no [[File:Fruits ava.png|32px|link=Fruits]] |- |[[File:Honey Ham.png|48px|link=Honey Ham]]|| align="left" |'''[[Honey Ham]]'''|| || +30|| +75|| +5||15||40||2 |[[File:Meats ava.png|32px|link=Meats]]×2.0 [[File:Honey.png|32px|link=Honey]]×1 |no [[File:Twigs.png|32px|link=Twigs]] |- |[[File:Honey Nuggets.png|48px|link=Honey Nuggets]]|| align="left" |'''[[Honey Nuggets]]'''|| || +20|| +37.5|| +5||15||40||2 |[[File:Meats ava.png|32px|link=Meats]]×0.5 [[File:Honey.png|32px|link=Honey]]×1 |Less than[[File:Meats ava.png|32px|link=Meats]]×2.0 no [[File:Twigs.png|32px|link=Twigs]] |- |[[File:Ice Cream.png|48px|link=Ice Cream]]|| align="left" |'''[[Ice Cream]]'''||[[File:Reign of Giants icon.png|24px|link=Reign of Giants]]||0|| +25|| +50||3||10||10 |{{pic|32|Dairy product}}×1.0 {{pic|32|Ice}}×1 [[File:Sweetener.png|32px|link=Sweetener]]×1 |no [[File:Meats ava.png|32px|link=Meats]][[File:All Eggs.png|32px|link=Eggs]][[File:Vegetables ava.png|32px|link=Vegetables]][[File:Twigs.png|32px|link=Twigs]] |- |[[File:Jelly-O_Pop.png|48px|link=Jelly-O Pop]]|| align="left" |'''[[Jelly-O Pop]]'''||[[File:Shipwrecked icon.png|24px|link=Shipwrecked]]|| +20|| +12.5||0||3||10||20 |[[File:Jellyfish.png|32px|link=Jellyfish]] [[File:Ice.png|32px|link=Ice]] [[File:Twigs.png|32px|link=Twigs]] | |- |[[File:Kabobs.png|48px|link=Kabobs]]|| align="left" |'''[[Kabobs]]'''|| || +3|| +37.5|| +5||15||40||5 |[[File:Meats ava.png|32px|link=Meats]]×0.5 [[File:Twigs.png|32px|link=Twigs]]×1 |maximum [[File:Twigs.png|32px|link=Twigs]]×1<br />maximum [[File:Monster Food.png|96px|link=Monster Food]]×1 |- |[[File:Lobster Bisque.png|48px|link=Lobster Bisque]]|| align="left" |'''[[Lobster Bisque]]'''||[[File:Shipwrecked icon.png|24px|link=Shipwrecked]]|| +60|| +25|| +10||10||10||30 |[[File:Wobster.png|32px|link=Wobster]][[File:Ice.png|32px|link=Ice]] | |- |[[File:Lobster Dinner.png|48px|link=Lobster Dinner]]|| align="left" |'''[[Lobster Dinner]]'''||[[File:Shipwrecked icon.png|24px|link=Shipwrecked]]|| +60|| +37.5|| +50||15||20||25 |[[File:Wobster.png|32px|link=Wobster]][[File:Butter.png|32px|link=Butter]] |no [[File:Meats ava.png|32px|link=Meats]][[File:Ice.png|32px|link=Ice]] |- |[[File:Mandrake Soup.png|48px|link=Mandrake Soup]]|| align="left" |'''[[Mandrake Soup]]'''|| || +100|| +150|| +5||6||60||10 |[[File:Mandrake.png|32px|link=Mandrake]]×1 | |- |[[File:Meatballs.png|48px|link=Meatballs]]|| align="left" |'''[[Meatballs]]'''|| || +3|| +62.5|| +5||10||15|| -1 |[[File:Meats ava.png|32px|link=Meats]]×0.5 |no [[File:Twigs.png|32px|link=Twigs]] |- |[[File:Meaty Stew.png|48px|link=Meaty Stew]]|| align="left" |'''[[Meaty Stew]]'''|| || +12|| +150|| +5||10||15||0 |[[File:Meats ava.png|32px|link=Meats]]×3.0 |no [[File:Twigs.png|32px|link=Twigs]] |- |{{pic|48|Melonsicle}}|| align="left" |[[Melonsicle]]||[[File:Reign of Giants icon.png|24px|link=Reign of Giants]]|| +3|| +12.5|| +20||3||10||10 |{{pic|32|Watermelon}}×1 {{pic|32|Ice}}×1 [[File:Twigs.png|32px|link=Twigs]]×1 |no [[File:Meats ava.png|32px|link=Meats]][[File:All Eggs.png|32px|link=Eggs]][[File:Vegetables ava.png|32px|link=Vegetables]] |- |[[File:Monster Lasagna.png|48px|link=Monster Lasagna]]|| align="left" |'''[[Monster Lasagna]]'''|| || -20|| +37.5|| -20||6||10||10 |[[File:Monster Food.png|96px|link=Monster Food]]×2.0 |no [[File:Twigs.png|32px|link=Twigs]] |- |[[File:Monster Tartare.png|48px|link=Monster Tartare]]|| align="left" |'''[[Monster Tartare]]'''||[[File:Shipwrecked icon.png|24px|link=Shipwrecked]]|| +3|| +37.5|| +10||10||20||30 |[[File:Monster Foods.png|32px|link=Monster Foods]]×2.0 [[File:Eggs.png|32px|link=Eggs]]x1.0 [[File:Vegetables.png|32px|link=Vegetables]]x1.0 |Cooked in {{pic|32|Portable Crock Pot|link=Portable Crock Pot}} |- |[[File:Mussel Bouillabaise.png|48px|link=Mussel Bouillabaise]]|| align="left" |'''[[Mussel Bouillabaise]]'''||[[File:Shipwrecked icon.png|24px|link=Shipwrecked]]|| +20|| +37.5|| +15||10||20||30 |[[File:Mussel.png|32px|link=Mussel]]×2 [[File:Vegetables.png|32px|link=Vegetables]]x2.0 |Cooked in {{pic|32|Portable Crock Pot|link=Portable Crock Pot}} |- |[[File:Pierogi.png|48px|link=Pierogi]]|| align="left" |'''[[Pierogi]]'''|| || +40|| +37.5|| +5||20||20||5 |[[File:All Eggs.png|32px|link=Eggs]]×1.0 [[File:Meats ava.png|32px|link=Meats]]×0.5<br />[[File:Vegetables ava.png|32px|link=Vegetables]]×0.5 |no [[File:Twigs.png|32px|link=Twigs]] |- |[[File:Powdercake.png|48px|link=Powdercake]]|| align="left" |'''[[Powdercake]]'''|| || -3||0||0||18750||10||10 |[[File:Corns.png|32px|link=Corn]]×1 [[File:Honey.png|32px|link=Honey]]×1 [[File:Twigs.png|32px|link=Twigs]]×1 | |- |[[File:Pumpkin Cookies.png|48px|link=Pumpkin Cookie]]|| align="left" |'''[[Pumpkin Cookie]]'''||||0|| +37.5|| +15||10||40||10 |[[File:Pumpkin ava.png|32px|link=Pumpkin]]×1 [[File:Honey ava.png|32px|link=Sweetener]]×2 | |- |[[File:Ratatouille.png|48px|link=Ratatouille]]|| align="left" |'''[[Ratatouille]]'''|| || +3|| +25|| +5||15||20||0 |[[File:Vegetables ava.png|32px|link=Vegetables]]×0.5 |no  [[File:Meats ava.png|32px|link=Meats]][[File:Twigs.png|32px|link=Twigs]] |- |[[File:Seafood Gumbo.png|48px|link=Seafood Gumbo]]|| align="left" |'''[[Seafood Gumbo]]'''||[[File:Shipwrecked icon.png|24px|link=Shipwrecked]]|| +40|| +37.5|| +20||10||20||10 |[[File:Fishes.png|32px|link=Fishes]]×2.5 | |- |[[File:Shark Fin Soup.png|48px|link=Shark Fin Soup]]|| align="left" |'''[[Shark Fin Soup]]'''||[[File:Shipwrecked icon.png|24px|link=Shipwrecked]]|| +40|| +12.5|| -10||10||10||20 |[[File:Shark Fin.png|32px|link=Shark Fin]]x1 | |- |{{pic|48|Spicy Chili}}|| align="left" |[[Spicy Chili]]||[[File:Reign of Giants icon.png|24px|link=Reign of Giants]]|| +20|| +37.5||0||10||10||10 |[[File:Vegetables ava.png|32px|link=Vegetables]]×1.5 [[File:Meats ava.png|32px|link=Meats]]×1.5 | |- |[[File:Stuffed Eggplant.png|48px|link=Stuffed Eggplant]]|| align="left" |'''[[Stuffed Eggplant]]'''|| || +3|| +37.5|| +5||15||40||1 |[[File:Eggplant ava.png|32px|link=Eggplant]]×1 [[File:Vegetables ava.png|32px|link=Vegetables]]×0.5 | |- |[[File:Surf 'n' Turf.png|48px|link=Surf 'n' Turf]]|| align="left" |'''[[Surf 'n' Turf]]'''||[[File:Shipwrecked icon.png|24px|link=Shipwrecked]]|| +60|| +37.5|| +33||10||10||30 |[[File:Meats ava.png|32px|link=Meats]]×2.5[[File:Fishes.png|32px|link=Fishes]]×1.5 |no [[File:Ice.png|32px|link=Ice]] |- |[[File:Sweet Potato Souffle.png|48px|link=Sweet Potato Souffle]]|| align="left" |'''[[Sweet Potato Souffle]]'''||[[File:Shipwrecked icon.png|24px|link=Shipwrecked]]|| +20|| +37.5|| +15||10||20||30 |[[File:Sweet Potato.png|32px|link=Sweet Potato]]×2 [[File:Eggs.png|32px|link=Eggs]]x2.0 |Cooked in {{pic|32|Portable Crock Pot|link=Portable Crock Pot}} |- |[[File:Taffy.png|48px|link=Taffy]]|| align="left" |'''[[Taffy]]'''|| || -3|| +25|| +15||15||40||10 |[[File:Honey ava.png|32px|link=Sweetener]]×3 |no [[File:Meats ava.png|32px|link=Meats]] |- |{{pic|48|Trail Mix}}|| align="left" |[[Trail Mix]]||[[File:Reign of Giants icon.png|24px|link=Reign of Giants]]|| +30|| +12.5|| +5||15||10||10 |{{pic|32|Roasted Birchnut}}×1 [[File:Berries ava.png|32px|link=Berries]]×1 [[File:Fruits ava.png|32px|link=Fruits]]×0.5 |no [[File:Meats ava.png|32px|link=Meats]][[File:All Eggs.png|32px|link=Eggs]][[File:Vegetables ava.png|32px|link=Vegetables]]{{pic|32|Dairy product}} |- |[[File:Turkey Dinner.png|48px|link=Turkey Dinner]]|| align="left" |'''[[Turkey Dinner]]'''|| || +20|| +75|| +5||6||60||10 |[[File:Drumstick.png|32px|link=Drumstick]]×2 [[File:Meats ava.png|32px|link=Meats]]×0.5 ([[File:Vegetables ava.png|32px|link=Vegetables]] or [[File:Fruits ava.png|32px|link=Fruits]]) ×0.5 | |- |[[File:Unagi.png|48px|link=Unagi]]|| align="left" |'''[[Unagi]]'''|| || +20|| +18.8|| +5||10||10||20 |[[File:Eel ava.png|32px|link=Eel]]×1 [[File:Lichen.png|32px|link=Lichen]]×1 | |- |[[File:Waffles.png|48px|link=Waffles]]|| align="left" |'''[[Waffles]]'''|| || +60|| +37.5|| +5||6||10||10 |[[File:Butter.png|32px|link=Butter]]×1 [[File:All Eggs.png|32px|link=Eggs]]×1.0 [[File:Berries ava.png|32px|link=Berries]]×1 | |- |[[File:Wet Goop.png|48px|link=Wet Goop]]|| align="left" |'''[[Wet Goop]]'''||||0||0||0||6||5|| -2 |Any invalid recipe | |} : <nowiki>*All Food values</nowiki> are shown with decimal points.

{{pic|32|Gift Icon}} Downloadable Content Rectify

In the ''[[Reign of Giants]]'' (RoG) and ''[[Shipwrecked]]'' (SW) DLCs, items left in the Crock Pot will start to [[Rot|spoil]] before they are collected, and they spoil even quicker if it is [[rain]]ing. Some existing recipes gain the ability to warm or cool the player and new recipes have been added which can lower or raise the player's temperature. The Crock Pot itself also generates heat when cooking, which can possibly [[Overheating|Overheat]] the player during [[Summer]] and [[Dry Season]].

In SW, the following new food items are added:

* [[Coconut ]](1 fruit, 1 fat) [Fat is a type that seems to be unimplemented. It shares this type with butter.] * [[Coffee Beans]] (0.5 fruit uncooked, 1 fruit cooked) * [[Crabbit]] (0.5 fish) * [[Dogfish]] (0.5 meat, 1 fish) * [[Doydoy Egg]] (1 egg) * [[Fish Morsel]] (0.5 fish) * [[Jellyfish]] (1 fish, 1 monster) * [[Limpets]] (0.5 fish) * [[Mussel]] (0.5 fish) * [[Raw Fish]] (0.5 meat, 1 fish) * [[Seaweed]] (1 veggie) * [[Shark Fin]] (0.5 meat, 1 fish) * [[Sweet Potato]] (1 veggie) * [[Swordfish]] (0.5 meat, 1 fish) * [[Tropical Fish]] (0.5 meat, 1 fish) * [[Wobster]] (2 fish)

If a regular or RoG save file has been set to be compatible with SW, any recipes added by SW will also be available in such a file. Consequently, recipes such as Surf 'n' Turf can be created to easily restore large amounts of Health and Sanity in the Ruins by combining 2 Monster Meats with 2 Eels.

{{pic32|Prototype}} Tips Rectify

* The light emitted by an active Crock Pot is enough to keep [[Charlie (Night Monster)|Charlie]] away. * [[Warly]] has his own [[Portable Crock Pot]] * Some Crock Pot dishes give fewer [[Hunger]] / [[Health]] points than the sum of their components.

For example, it's better to eat four {{pic24|Roasted Carrot}} [[Carrot|Roasted Carrots]] (+12 [[File:HealthMeter.png|24px]] / +50 [[File:HungerMeter.png|24px]]),
versus using them to make {{pic24|Ratatouille}} [[Ratatouille]] (+3 [[File:HealthMeter.png|24px]] / +25 [[File:HungerMeter.png|24px]]).

:: However, most Crock Pot recipes restore 5 '''[[File:SanityMeter.png|24px]]''', which may be desirable.

{{pic|32|Mosquito}} Bugs Rectify

* In the ''Reign of Giants'' DLC, sometimes meals left unharvested on the Crock Pot will turn into Rot quicker than they should. * In the ''Shipwrecked'' DLC, the controller compatibility does not show an option to cook in the Crock Pot interface.

External links Rectify

*[ Don't Starve Food Guide] (Crock Pot simulator) *[ Crock Pot Simulator for mods]

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<gallery captionalign="center"> Crockpot interface.png|The Crock Pot interface. Crockpot cooking.gif|A Crock Pot in action. Crock Pot harvest.png|A Crock Pot with Meatballs in it, ready to be obtained. Crock pot light at night.png|Faint light from a cooking Crock Pot. Burnt Crock Pot.png|A burnt Crock Pot from the ''Reign of Giants'' DLC. </gallery>

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