Your chosen race determines which set of jobs are available to you. Job transfer refers to an opportunity you are given to choose your next job type.

There is no overbreeding before 1st Job transfer.
You may overbreed up to JLv50 before your 2nd job transfer.

Your character's job determines the skill tree you have access to. Some armor is restricted for use by a certain race, job class or job.

Asura Deva Gaia
Beginner Stepper Guide Rogue
Warrior 1st Strider Holy Warrior Fighter
2nd Assassin Knight Champion
Shadow Hunter Soldier Archer
Caster a.k.a. Mage or Magician 1st Dark Magician Cleric Kahuna
2nd Chaos Magician Priest Battle Kahuna
Warlock Bishop Druid
Summoner 1st Sorcerer Breeder Spell Singer
2nd Battle Summoner Soul Breeder Evoker

Job Level (JLv) ProgressionRectify

Your character's JLv is a measure of the progress you have made unlocking the skill tree. JLv should not be confused with plain Lv. Your character's Lv increases (or decreases) automatically as you gain (or lose) Experience Points. Your JLv however, must be increased manually by your choosing to spend JP on the next JLv rather than spending JP on a next higher skill level for one of the already unlocked skills in your skill tree.

See: Job Level Table

Basic Job InformationRectify

All Races begin as a specified Base Job class. Once you reach character Lv10 you are invited to choose a 1st Job transfer. You have the option to choose between the Race's Warrior Class, Caster Class (a.k.a. Mage or Magician Class), and Summoner Class.

At Lv50 you are given the opportunity to further specialize by selecting a 2nd Job transfer.

Job TypesRectify

click on race to view individual jobs available.

  • Asura - The Race of Dark Angels.
  • Deva - The Race of Light Angels.
  • Gaia- Human Beings.
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