Rappybucks is the official currency of FANDOM.

Etymology Rectify

The first part of the word "Rappy" derives from Rappy 4187, who is one of the planet's global technicians who is part of focusing on the planet's technology and structure. Old English, partly from buc ‘male deer’ (of Germanic origin, related to Dutch bok and German Bock ); reinforced by bucca ‘male goat’, of the same ultimate origin.

Appearance Rectify

It takes the same appearance as a US dollar, except that there is Rappy instead of George Washington, the Rubik font is used and instead of "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA", there is "FANDOM POWERED BY WIKIA".

Currency value Rectify

The currency value of a rappybuck is 0.29$ US dollars, meaning that at least 4 rappybucks make 1 US dollar (to be exact, 4 rappybucks = 1.16$).

Area Rectify

Since this is the official currency of FANDOM, it is used on that same planet.

Obtaining Rectify

Rappybucks are obtained by working often in building buildings and cities around the planet.

Spending Rectify

Rappybucks can be spent by shopping, going to FANDOM University, by eating at restaurants and more. It is also spent by creating cities. A city requires a bunch of resources such as a sleek main entrance design, a screen showing the recent fixes and buildings to the city and all of that, which is found on the East coast of the Central FANDOM Island (it is technically not an island, just some landed surrounded by a slightly wide river). It doesn't cost much for what it is worth: It costs 400 rappybucks (116$) along with a verification that you're a citizen in the planet.

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