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PlaceRebuilder, the creator of Reason 2 Die as he looked like from middle 2010 until December 2012.

Reason 2 Die is a popular zombie-shooter game, which was based on the popular 2008 zombie first person shooter Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1, which is created by a

PlaceRebuilder, as he looks like as of May 2014.

popular game company called Electronic Arts.

PlaceRebuilder was the first Roblox user to develop a well scripted game that was similar if not the same to the real one. It mirrors the real game using co-operative gameplay, though the only difference is that the maps are not in the actual order and are more like 'finales' in Left 4 Dead, in which the surviving players hold out in an area until a rescue vehicle arrives. The game was once a major/popular place on CornHub before declining and now is popular once more. Reason 2 Die has over 20 million place visits and 200,000 favorites. The game was eventually rebooted in early December 2012 and was able to quickly attain fame as soon as the game was rebooted. The reboot failed after it was not updated regularly, leaving a camera glitch which moves user's cameras far away from the playable area, making them leave and come back after each round. In May 2014, it had a 5,000,000th vistor update and this time, the reboot was successful with not only new maps and weapons, but also ranks, something not seen before.

Reason 2 Die (Original) Rectify

Reason 2 Die began as an Alpha project, originally called Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1. Reason 2 Die was a well known Place on CornHub, and was uncopylocked by PlaceRebuilder before it was deleted when an Jim Sterling filed a DMCA copyright claim on the game. The game was seen as the CornHub version of Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1. Many users have tried to resurrect Reason 2 Die for others to enjoy, as they remember it themselves, such as XxXSpamaniXxX, who is currently banned, who created a well-scripted game very similar to Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1 and Reason 2 Die under the name Last 1 Alive. XiaoXiaoMan gave R2D a good review for his "Raging Roblox Reviewer" miniseries on YouTube, and has resurrected this place since then (although his resurrection of the game isn't popular). Dimond788 was given (or copied) the game from PlaceRebuilder and then put it up on his profile.
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December 2012 Update Rectify

NarutoBl had been making a seemingly improved version of R2D, and has added some items from L4D2 such as the Combat Rifle, Sniper Rifle, and the legendary AK-47 and M16. He also added a few more melee weapons from Left 4 Dead and Boomer Bile (which can be bought for 45 points).
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May 2014 Update Rectify

As a big "thank you" for 5 million visits in April 2014, PlaceRebuilder decided to close the place and rebuild the entire game with brand new maps, new objectives, new weapons and new zombies. The game reopened in mid-May 2014 after a nearly month long update and testing and stayed as the Number 1 game played for a week after its grand reopening.

August 2014 Update Rectify

On August 14-16th 2014, the game reached 8 million visits, where the first ever event (MINI EVENT) on R2D was born. It was titled "Event M8" for the 8million visits. It introduced the FW8M (Whichs stands for Fireworks 8 Million), and the command "cake" which dropped a cake over your body and gave you 50 health. It also introduced Chests, which commonly appear for bosses in Events for R2D.

Bosses Rectify

King Cake - A cake slightly bigger than the average robloxian, you shouldn't mess with this cake! It can summon cake bombs, and even rockets! However, the most common strategy used by many is to just use pipebomb and make it go fall off the map. but it is patched right now. Before people discovered this strategy, this boss was 50/50 impossible, because many people kept on getting flung off map, and killed by rockets. When killed, the boss will drop several chests depending on how many people are alive. These can contain items higher than your rank from 5-15x, and cash from 60-600$. It is commonly farmed on servers.

Items Rectify

FW8M / Fireworks 8 Million - An item which can be earned by simply killing a tank. When you have killed a tank during the event, a firework will appear in your inventory. It will fill up your event slot in your eventory. When used during a round, it will go up in the sky, then print words "8 MILLION VISITS!".

Commands Rectify

Cake - When the player is in need of health, he/she can type out "cake" without the air quotes, and a piece of cake will drop over the player and when touched, will grant 50 health for the player. It returned in the Halloween Event 2014.

September 2014 UpdateRectify

Around September 2014, the game reached 10 million visits. which is a big surprise to PlaceRebuilder. There's a poll at R2D wikia which is located here The poll was added on September 27, 2014. (Poll is now removed, thanks for voting!) Letting the viewers vote which update will be added. As of 3 days passed, PlaceRebuilder said that the next update of the game is "Attachments". Which all players have been waiting for. However, it has still not been released, as he has plenty of stuff to do, and that it is very hard to do (like scopes, flashlights, etc.)

Halloween Event 2014 Rectify

As announced by PlaceRebuilder, he confirmed that he will not do the "10M Event" at the moment, instead, he plans to make a Halloween Event for celebration of Halloween. It also makes the return of KingCake & the "cake" command.

The event consists of 1 boss, 2 new maps, 1 new item, and 1 new vest!

Bosses Rectify

Lord Pumpkin - A overgrown pumpkin that spawns in the map LordPumpkin. It has 50,000 HP, and requires much teamwork in order to defeat, however, the survivors will be rewarded greatly (if they succeeded in defeating the boss), a few chests will drop from the sky, and once touched, will grant a Halloween Vest. Before an update, you were able to get over 2000$ from a Chest, this was removed the day after the event released due to PlaceRebuilder stating that Glitchers kept on abusing it to get alot of cash. Be careful thought, because if Lord Pumpkin does his lava jump when he dies and the chest come before the lava hits the buildings, It might destroy most or ALL of the chest that contain the Halloween vest making most players unable to cotain them and need to kill Lord Pumpkin again, but its very rare to happen.

Maps Rectify

HalloweenObby - A place where a lot of lava resides. This obby can be very frustrating, as many people trip and fall because of the mushrooms which reside in the map, however, this map is possible, you have to avoid mushrooms & try to remain confident! Being infused with rage will make you overconfident and you will never complete the obby! If the player manages to beat it, they will be rewarded with a key unlocking the vote-access to LordPumpkin. The code is, in order, 3-1-2-1 for the tower. (There are blue boxes which reside in the tower, from numbers 1, 2, 3. Do the order 3, 1, 2, 1, and you will pass and wait for the gate to open when you finish the tower on the first floor of the map.)

LordPumpkin - An entrance to a obsidian cave in a hell-like dimension, this map contains the boss known as the Lord Pumpkin. It is greatly advised to bring your strongest weapon (Not minigun, as it drains ammo too fast and is not refillable), because when you're up to facing this guy, your melee is completely rendered useless (Unless it is rambo knife.). In the middle of the fight, you may encounter red ghost-like spirits that appear out of the Pumpkin's body. These are known as Soul Fetchers. Do not be fooled by these little creatures! Because once they grab a hold of you, they will take you wherever they want to! It's recommended to kill them once they spawn out of the Pumpkins body. (Soul Fetchers are not damagable by things that can't break doors, because their health is BREAKABLE, not Humanoid health.) Rambo Knives and Flamethrowers, for example, will do no damage to them. Once the boss is defeated, chests will appear from the sky, like how King Cake is defeated. These chests contain something special. When they spawn, be sure to grab one, as these contain Halloween Vests! They are very good vests, because it is permanent, doesn't cost anything, and it has fireproof and extra health! After you collect a halloween vest, the next time you fight him, he will drop between 1000$ - 1500$ (note they will always end in 0)

Items Rectify

Pumpkin Bomb / Halloween Bomb - This bomb is similar to the Pumpkin Boss except there's two things wrong with it- the size & how it works! This bomb can be obtained from an optional Halloween Stage in the map HalloweenObby! When it is used, it will show a warning as growing into a different size, then explode with confetti, but do not be afraid! The bomb does no harm to you, it only trips/flings you if you get too close. You will see about 1-4 people with this in a server, because nobody bothers to reach the chest in the obby.

Vests Rectify

Halloween Vest - This vest is very special, you wanna know why? It has 50+ health given to you, and you get 100% fireproof resistance! And wanna know the best part? It's FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! But sadly, in order to get it, you must obtain a chest dropped by the LordPumpkin boss. It is limited-edition and can only be earned for a limited time, so get your vests! This vest is no longer available due to the Halloween Event being over (and Halloween being over itself)

Christmas Event 2014 Rectify

On November 25th, 2014, v43-v44 had been released, meaning that the Christmas Event is here! Newly added things include:

Presents Rectify

There are 3 presents, ranging from common to rare. They can be opened after December 23rd, most likely because of Christmas Eve being 1 day away.

Only one gift can be generated per map. It can only be spawned in regular maps (such as BlackfieldStation, CampfireChaos, NoMercy, etc.). Cannot be generated in Boss Maps (such as KingCake and Gatekeeper.)

Blue > Golden > Green

Green is known to be the rarest, because of its low chance to spawn in a regular map. (15%) Has a chance to appear about every 4-9 rounds. Most people just go into low-populated servers because rarely anybody goes for gifts there.

Golden is sort of the more common gift than green, but not more common than Blue. It spawns more than green, but spawns less than Blue. (35%)  You're most likely to find it in medium to high-populated servers since it isn't that rare. Can appear about every 2-5 rounds.

Blue is the most common gift, known to spawn atleast every 1-3 rounds. (50%) Spawns more than any other gift available during maps. You can enter in any type of populated server due to it's common spottings in servers.

Weapons Rectify

A new weapon had been added to celebrate the holidays. You can buy it in the shop for 500R$ or for free, by defeating Mr Frost (Gatekeeper Map) and obtaining it when it falls slowly onto the floor where you fight the boss. It is known as the Ice Sledge (or Ice Hammer).

Ice Sledge - Can be earned by defeating Mr Frost (read above to see how) or can be bought for 500R$. It is solely recommended to earn it though, as the weapon has much cons to it.

Advantages Rectify

  • Freezes Zombies
  • Custom animation
  • Not that hard to get (if you use flamethrowers against Mr Frost, or if you buy it.)
  • Somewhat decent damage

Disadvantages Rectify

  • Cannot freeze tanks (This is crucial to your survival, as tanks are much of a problem when it comes to this game.)
  • Custom animation makes you freeze while using it, making you vulnerable to zombies
  • Considered to be the worst weapons, worse than the handgun due to the weapon barely killing a zombie, but can freeze.

Bosses Rectify

New boss called Mr Frost, a gatekeeper who guards the gates of the North Pole, crushing any intruders with his Ice Sledge who disturb Santa.

(note: Mr Frost's Ice Sledge has special abilities, survivors cannot perform these abilities with their Ice Sledge as it would be overpower the Ice Sledge severely if implemented into.)

Mr Frost - One of the most rage-inducing, annoying and hardest bosses, comes a Snowman. A giant one, wielding a special hammer. Can stun, freeze and knock players off the map with Random AI. When defeated, chests will emerge from the sky, containing 1000$ to 1500$ (Like from LordPumpkin). Ice Sledges also generate but slowly fall from the sky. When touched, it will insert the Ice Sledge into the player's inventory, unless the player already has it, then it will do nothing.

King Cake - Explained above, way above in the events section.

(Note - On the R2D wikia, on the Christmas Event page, you can briefly see a description of Place explaining why Christ has given life to us. Reveals that Place is christian, but you probably know of that by now.)

Winter Games 2015 Update Rectify

Reason 2 Die was one of four games to be chosen to particpate in the Winter Games 2015.

Weapons and ItemsRectify

There are various items in Reason 2 Die that can help the player survive for as long as possible, ranging from health items to weapons:

Weapons: Rectify

Name of Weapon Price Amount of Ammo Type of Weapon Damage
Pistol (Starter Weapon when entering the game for the first time) Free 8*2 Primary 17 HP

A Pistol.

Revolver $200 6*2 Primary 40 HP

A Revolver.

Shotgun $2000 8*8 Primary 30 HP (Each bullet does 30 HP, and there are a total of 5 bullets per shot)
Uzi $3400 20*2 Primary 22 HP
M16 $4000 15*2 Primary 35 HP (Burst Assault Rifle) (3 shots per click, can kill zombies in a click if used accurately)

An M16.

M1 Garand $800 8*3 Primary 35 HP
Thompson $16,200 40*1 Primary 20 HP (Automatic)
Sniper $4000 1*10 Primary

150 HP (Slow cooldown)

(Used to be 100 HP)

Chinalake $12,000 1*6 Primary Scaled (Damage relies on how close the enemy is)
Minigun $50,000 120*2 (No refill) Primary 55 HP (Automatic)
AK-47 $18,000 28*2 Primary 35 HP (Automatic)
Flamethrower $30,000 50*3 (No refill) Primary 15 HP + Fire (Fire remains on enemy for 2 seconds unless fireproof vest is on zombie)
Spas - 12 $32,000 6*24 Primary 35 HP (per shot) (6 shots per bullet)
Tinpot $500 Unlimited Secondary 0 HP (Used to do damage, now just stuns normal zombies.)
Bat $3,500 25 Energy per use Secondary 25 HP
Crowbar $3,500 15 energy per use Secondary 15 HP
Colt M1877 $5,000 6*2 Secondary 55 HP
Rambo Knife $22,000 Unlimited Secondary

50 HP (100 HP when thrown)

Chainsaw $45,000 Unlimited Secondary 50 HP (per tick, actually does 500 damage per click if used)

Items Rectify

Item Effect Way to obtain Price

Heals the player

Supply Box/Store $50
Pills Heals the player, temporary Supply Box/Store

$20 (Store)

$30 (LIVE Store)

Hammer Places wooden planks Store/LIVE Store (refills)

$30 ($10 to refill from LIVE Store)

C-4 Places explosives (remotely detonated) Store $100
Grenade Explodes after 1-3 seconds of being thrown

Supply Box/Store/LIVE Store

$20 (Store) $30 (LIVE Store)
Mine Places landmine, detonates when stepped on by zombie/player who placed it Store $50
Pipebomb Lures all zombies to it's location then detonates after 5 seconds Store $40
Molotov On impact it sets fire to a radius of 10-15 studs Supply Box/Store $15
Wrench Repairs and reloads turrets that are damaged or out of ammo Store $25
Baseball Damages zombie and trips Store $5
Cake Heals survivor by 50 HP, limited to one use per round Typing "cake" in chat as a survivor N/A
Candy Cane Heals survivor for 15 HP, and recovers all Energy. Store (Limited Time) $10

Vests Rectify

Standard Vest: Gives an extra 50 HP to anyone who wears it. It can be brought for $50 each time.

Fireproof Vest: Resistant to any attacks from Firebreathers or any from normal fire. It can be bought for $10 each time. Buying this is recomended, as it is very cheap.

Military Vest: Gives an extra 100 HP, and 50% blast resistance to anyone who wears it. You must have obtained at least Rank 12 or above to unlock it. It can be bought for $100 each time.

Flak Vest: Allows the person to be 90% resistant to any blast created. It can be bought for $10 each time.

Officer Vest: Fireproof, 50% blast resistance and an extra 150 HP. It can be bought for $300 each time and you need to have Rank 25 to buy. Powerful, but expensive.

Halloween Vest: Resistant to firebreathers, and gives an extra 50 HP. This is now the most recommended vest for the average R2D player, since it is free, and requires no rank, and is also permanent!. However, this can only be obtained for a limited time by killing a boss known as the Lord Pumpkin, which has 50,000 HP. It can be very frustrating, because 50% of the time, you will lose due to it's attacks. However, it is killable, and once killed, will drop chests from the sky, containing the vest. 25% of the time, there will be no vests for other people.

Zombies Rectify

All zombies, after killing a survivor will receive $50 except for AI Zombies. (Presumably because AI Zombies are controlled by AI difficulty and Pathfinding.)

Name of Zombie Special Ability Price Health Damage Done
AI Zombie None N.A. 100 4 HP
Zombie None Free (Most likely to appear onscreen) 100 8 HP
Boomer Vomitting $15 75

8 HP (Normal)

20 HP (Vomitting)

30 HP + Stun (Dying and any humans nearby take damage)

Crawler Exploding (If purchased) $20 100

10 HP (Normal)

20 HP to 50 HP (Exploding)

Hunter Devouring and Pouncing $60 100

8 HP (Normal)

24 HP (Devouring)

Smoker Tongue Grab $65 100

20 HP (Normal)

2 HP per second (Tongue Grab)

Firebreather Fire Spit and Fire Drop $145 100

10 HP (Normal)

72 HP (Damage over Time) (No damage if using Fire Proof Vest or Halloween Vest.) (Fire Spit)

24 HP (Fire Drop)

None (If user has Fireproof vest or vest with fireproof)

Tank Rock Throw $300 1000

26 HP (Normal)

Infinite HP (Rock Throw)




1000 R$ (supporters gamepass)

40-60 Scaled (Relies on explosive damage on where you exploded)

Maps (Objectives) Rectify

Campfire Chaos: The easiest map in the entire game. The objectives are (In order): Call for rescue through the radio on the Second Floor of a building, Find the Pilot's teddybear (It spawns randomly in 5 different locations) and Board the Private Jet and defend it for 1 minute. Note the Private Jet can only accomedate 10 survivors.

New Bloxcoast: One of three original maps still existant and updated thrice, in December 2012, May 2014 and July 2014. The objectives are (In order): Survive for 5 Minutes and Board the Helicopter and defend it for 2 minutes on the highest building. Note the Helicopter can only accomodate 10 people. If one falls off the tallest building, it could result in his/her death. In the case of other buildings if someone falls they will not take any damage.

CavedIn: A new map introduced in the May 2014 Update. The objectives are (In order): Find the 4 gasoline tanks to power up the lights, find the 3 TNT Rolls (Spawns together randomly at 4 different locations), Collect the 6 resources in the Storage Room after blasting through the blocked cave and Board the Boat and defend it for 1 minute. Note the Boat can only accomodate 12 people. If one is too near the blast area when the TNT explodes, they will die. There is a door/barricade at the start which only humans can open, but it can be damaged by a tank through continuous attacks as they are the only type of zombies capable of quickly destroying it.

Dead Vacation: One of the three original maps still existant and updated. The objectives are (In Order): Find the 5 gasoline tanks to power up the lights, Use the radio and call for help on the 2nd floor of the Resort Center, Survive for 5 Minutes and Board the Boat and defend it for 1 minute. Note the boat can only accomodate 14 people.

NoMercy: A map originally introduced in December 2012 and then updated in May 2014. The objectives are (In Order): Call for help through the radio at one of the structures, Survive for 5 Minutes and Board the Helicopter and defend it for 1 Minute. Note the Helicopter can only accomodate 8 people. It is very easy for zombies to be flung off by grenades due to the fact that this map takes place on the roof of a hospital. Falling down the building will result in death.

Platypus: A new map introduced in the May 2014 update. The objectives are (In Order): Survive for 5 Minutes and Board the Helicopter and defend it for 1 Minute. Note the Helicopter can only accomodate 8 people. If people stand in the 'H' on the helipad or shoot at the heli, the helicopter explodes and there is no way the survivors can win the round.

Blackfield Station: A new map introduced in the May 2014 update. The objectives are (In Order): Find the flaregun (Looks like a Pistol except it will say Flare Gun), Survive between 4.5 Minutes and 8 Minutes and Board the Bus and defend it for 1 Minute. Note the Bus can only accomodate 10 people. Also note that people in the back seats will not win. This is probably the hardest map to survive as the surviving time is rather long and only starts when the person fires the flaregun which has to be done manually. In some cases, players do not know they have picked up the flaregun.

Anti-Virus: A map introduced in the December 2012 update and then updated. The objectives are (In Order): Find the 4 Anti-virus Flasks, Apply the Anti-virus and Kill all Remaining Zombies. The last objective only appears either when all survivors are cured or when the last survivors not cured are killed by the virus. This map is hard to survive as people will focus on queuing up and not pay attention to zombies attacking beside them.

Portland: A map introduced in the July 2014 update. The objective is to Protect the King for 5 mintues. If the king dies, everyone will die and the game ends. The king is identified as the person with a royal crown, not the crown that can be purchased for 1 Tix.

Sewers: A map introduced in the July 2014 Update. The objective is to survive for 5 minutes. Note that this map can be difficult to survive if there are tanks present.

The Port: A map introduced in the August 2014 Update. The objective is to survive for 5 minutes. There is a section where one can climb up the bridge but falling from that bridge will result in serious damage or even death.

Subway: A map introduced in the September 2014 Update. The objectives are (In Order): Restore power to the subway by pulling the control switch, go back to the spawn point and reactivate the subway system, Survive for 5 minutes and Board and defend the train for 1 minute. To sit on the train you need to click on the seat. The train can accomodate 15 passengers. This map is hard to survive due to the spawning location of the zombies.

Oilrig: A Map Introduced in the November 2014 Update. The objective is to survive until the end. Then, the helicopter will arrive. The Helicopter can accomodate 10 passengers only. This causes most of the survivors being left behind. It also is a hard map to survive on as there is a time limit of 5-7 minutes before the helicopter can arrive.

Lay-By:A small Map released during v56.The objective is to survive til the end,Whoever this map met critism when first released since it had 5 Freemodels and 1 stolen Baseplate.

Survival Mode and Control The Flag (CTF) Rectify

Two new gamemode introduced as part of the 7 Million visitors update. Survival Mode was introduced for Sewers and Portland; it requires the humans to survive for up to 5 minutes. Control The Flag was introduced for Portland and CavedIn; to win the humans/zombies must steal the opponent's flag and bring it back to the base 3 times. The game ends when either team gets 3 flags across or when all humans die and turn into zombies.

Mini Event #1 (17 August 2014 - 6 September 2014) Rectify

In the v30 update, a new BOSS gamemode was introduced into the game as part of a "Mini Event".

The BOSS gamemode involves no zombies, instead having the survivors fight an enemy with a massive amount of health in an arena.

In the event, the boss is a giant cake housed on a throne wearing a crown named, "King Cake", and the arena is small, with pedestals on the side. There is an ammo pile located in front of the throne. There are clouds above the arena that assist King Cake in attacking players as well. 

King Cake's attacks vary from spawning cake minions, a ground pound attack that knocks players off the arena, and releasing a barrage of missiles on to the arena. The clouds above randomly drop cake bombs on to the arena, knocking back players.

Once King Cake is defeated, he shrinks and dissappears, and chests spawn on the arena (one per alive survivor). The chests hold loot, such as money, player points, and items. However, there is a chance for a chest to be empty.

Strategy: Most of King Cake's attacks involve explosives, so it is recommended to fight him with the flak vest equipped. Make sure you keep your ammo reserves filled by sticking as close as you can to the ammo pile next to the throne. To easily get rid of King Cake's minions, use the Chinalake's blast radius to kill them as soon as they spawn. Keep away from the edges and stay close to the middle of the arena to minimize your chance of getting pushed off, and always avoid King Cake's ground pound attack, since it will send you flying.

There is a glitch when if someone spawns a van on the staircase leading to King Cake, the boss will fall off the edge of the arena during the fight, making it impossible to complete the objective.

Broken Meshes & Items (Before December 2012) Rectify

Before the reboot in December 2012, many objects from the game were broken, such as meshes & other items.

CornHub deleted many of the meshes they had back when this game was created. As an example, the Molotov mesh is not available anymore, so it's an invisible item, making it a hard item to detect. However, the Molotov stills works, unlike the Pipebomb. When the player would try to throw a pipebomb after the breakage, nothing will occur, rendering the item useless.

Reboot Attempt #1 (December 2012) Rectify

The game Reason 2 Die was rebooted in early December 2012, with the title Resurrection added to the existing title, with great success for PlaceRebuilder, having reached to the first few pages of the front page games. It used weapon meshes in the recent times, including the meshes for the Trench Warfare Shotgun and the Emergency Rations, along with some weapon meshes that were uploaded into Call Of Battlefield: Infanate Welfare, specifically the pistol, Uzi submachine gun, M16 assault rifle, and the sniper rifle. So far, as of December 22, 2012, the current version of the game is 1.0.65 and 5 areas are present so far, including Blox city (where a rescue helicopter arrives at the tallest building when rescue arrives) (Renamed New Bloxcoast in May 2014), the island (where a private jet plane arrives at the tarmac) (Renamed Campfire Chaos in May 2014), and an oil rig (where a boat arrives near the dock) (Renamed Dead Vacation in May 2014).

Reboot Attempt #2 (May 2014) Rectify

Once PlaceRebuilder finished building the update in May 2014, in one week Reason 2 Die was the Number 1 game played on CornHub, overtaking the Trouble In Nep Nep which had held it's Number 1 Position back then. He added ranks, something not seen before and to gain XP players have to shoot zombies or complete objectives. He also introduced a Vote Kick system, to eliminate any hackers or annoying people and a Vote Map system where players can now vote for the next map. As the ranks go up, it becomes harder to become promoted. 

Trivia Rectify

TRIVA SECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • This game, along with Welcome to the Town of Robloxia by 1dev2, is one of the only two places not deemed terrible by the Raging Roblox Reviewer series (A famous series created by XiaoXiaoMan.)
  • In the maps the vehicles for escape can only accommodate a limited number of people, hence some people may fall off the map once the vehicle moves off.
  • Every Friday starting from 20 June 2014, from 12 AM CST to 12 AM CST on Saturday, the XP you get will be doubled. (Useful for Ranks, for items.)
  • The May 2014 update is perhaps the biggest to date with this game.
  • If a survivor wins, they will receive a range of $100 to $500 in a full server, depending on the difficulty. Servers with less people will result in the reward being less. All survivors who complete all objectives will receive 100 player points each.
  • A "good" strategy for the zombies to win is for someone to spawn as a tank when everyone is boarding the vehicle and take the chance to attack all the survivors who are seated in the shortest time possible. However some players have called this "cheating" and unfair as it will seal the survivor's chances of winning.
  • All maps now have a spectating mode if zombies cannot spawn or be generated into the map. (Yellow Tag for Spectator)
  • If more than one person goes into any of the two chambers for Anti-Virus, all but one person will die. Even if you are cured if you are trapped inside, you will die. (The last person to enter will survive)
  • There is a glitch when the round ends and if you are a zombie and reset, your name will appear as if you are a survivor.
  • It is easier to win as a zombie in CTF Mode in CavedIn but easier to win as a human in Portland.
  • Joining the R2D Community Group will result in you having a free grenade at spawn. This can save lots of money, as grenades cost 30$ on basic.
  • In New Bloxcoast, the elevator sometimes glitches when the elevator traps someone in between the doors for at least 1 minute. It is therefore advisable to use the stairs whenever possible.
  • There are many Easter Eggs that can be found in the game, most can be found in dead vacation, new bloxcoast, and subway. Rare Easter Eggs have not been found yet (Confirmed by PR that he added a new one, a really rare one.)
  • Due to heavy amounts of hacking on R2D, certain commands phrases are punished by permban. Such phrases as ":kill me", ":admin" and ":ban " are some of many phrases that result in instant permban from the server. These bans can be removed by HMods.
  • CTF CavedIn used to be a huge camping gamemode for people diue to the Reposition feature of the LIVE Store which allowed players to teleport back to their spawn point with the flag. (one can obtain around 60K+ in a day just by spamming this gamemode/map). It was later patched in v55 after PlaceRebuilder noticing the unfairness in earning money.

Reception Rectify

Steam 95%


Maxxz rating 10/10

Reason 2 Die has had positive reviews which praised for its originality and entertainment. The game holds approximately 170,000 favorites and received approximately 95% rating from the community.

It has been rated by Maxxz, who claimed it was a perfect-zombie survival game for somebody who liked to use objects against humanoid-like things that can hurt you. It has been well-loved by millions of fans from across the ROBLOX community. The game was rated by BLOXikins who rated 9/10, and credited the game for entertainment, maps, and zombie choices.

Maxxz rated R2D on September 12th, 2014.

2015 Exploit Wave Rectify

On April 28th, 2015, a hacker named Nep Nep! hacked multiple R2D servers. Many attempts by R2D mods tried to ban him but they all failed because she used a more advanced hack that R2D has never seen, it is possible that the hack is RC7.. He apparently banned R2D mods or kicked them and this is not the only hacker.

Reboot Attempt #3 (June 2016) Rectify

After the Reason 2 Die game ruined by hackers, he decided to build a new generation of Reason 2 Die with Filtering Enabled on it, AKA Reason 2 Die Awakening . After 10 months of developing, its finally released on 21th June 2016, with brand new zombies and survivor gameplay, although there many bugs could still can be encountered. Play the game here.


TRIVA SECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • This time it has Filtering Enabled on, try to counter the hackers.
  • It seems the hackers has found a way to insert script to R2DA, according to this.
  • Although the game is released, many things are still Work in Progress
  • There's a new feature called mail system, which will notify every player that just joined the server about the new update and etc.
  • There's also a new feature called Headshot, which will do double damage if headshot.
  • During the development, there's an item called jetpack, the most expensive item and requires rank 14 to use, it was removed due to its overpowerness.
  • M4A1, AK47 and MP5 was featured in the game before, it was temporarily removed for balancing.
  • MOD CALL! Players can use the MOD CALL feature to call a Moderator keep running the game, false mod call may lead to a ban.
  • This game has over 300k visits at the moment.
  • Many old users Prefer the old version rather than the present version. 
  • You could still play the old version here. It was made by a backup account incase Reason 2 Die gets deleted.
  • This game is No longer on the Front page like it used to be
  • In a very early version of the reboot, every zombie was a brute, every surviver had a MP5, and the map is allways the beach
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