here's the rules

 don't post bad commentsRectify

don't make a bad comment because i will add a bad bad comment to you

account jokerRectify

when you think my account is a joke i will add a really bad bad bad comment

adding good commentsRectify

remember add a cool comment  because i will add a cool comment to you

no  copy's of my pagesRectify

if you add pages please don't  copy them

anon testRectify

most of all, NO ANON TEST or else i will make a really bad bad bad comment and report to the vstf

no hacking peopleRectify

if you hack a user you get hacked by me.

edit. i'm not jpl

no copy's of commentsRectify

remember kids... don't copy a commentsssssss


if you say that f*ck you

no swearing to a userrrrrrrrrRectify

don't say stuff like  shit fuck  god damn it dang it and more.....

ok that's all rules bye bye....;]

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